Funny Random Information About Girls

November 11, 2012 by Dosik009  
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Funny Random Information about Girls.

Women are strange, captivating creatures, high are many funny random information about girls. Whether you’re wondering about their own health, their brains, or just want some interesting dirt around the opposite gender, this information can really be handy for any guy.

Origin of Girl If you’re buying a random funny fact about girls, the saying “girl” itself once described a younger person of either gender. In the 1500’s, the word begun to be devoted to just young females.

Information on Boobs Girls’ breasts can supply many random funny facts. Most women have different-sized twins. The difference is often hardly noticeable except towards the woman herself, but other times it might span a complete cup size.

More details on Boobs Compared proportionately along with other mammals, for women who live the best breasts in the Animalia. It truly is believed that greater size developed being a form of sexual selection to draw in males to reproductive-ready women. They have clearly worked.

Mental faculties No guy has to hear more common truth that people are wired differently. However, there are lots of random funny information about girls’ brains. Individuals’s differences have a scientific basis, since women’s brains are bigger than men’s from the areas of emotion, problem-solving, and decision-making. Men’s brains, however, are larger in the regions of space perception, social behavior, and sexuality. So there’s your backing for why men should handle the directions in a vehicle.

Reality Check If Barbie was obviously a real women, her measurements would read 39-23-33. This will make the doll pretty much anatomically impossible to attain in real life. It might be described as a more depressing fact about girls than it is funny for some men. 

Bridezillas If you want a random fact about girls and marriage, about 95% of U.S. ladies who have reached age of 55 have tied the knot before. Divorce rates might be rising, but women will still be engaged and getting married at breakneck speeds.

Contraception Over 40% of condoms are bought by women. So step up men, if you do not’re looking to spread your genes (and possible diseases)

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