Four ‘white Lies’ is Often Done by Women to Their Partner

January 3, 2012 by arifwijaksono  
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Four "white lies" are prices goods are bought, phone numbers, time, and i’m fine only.

Lying is a negative thing to do, especially in romantic relationships. But for some cases, women sometimes do lie for a good cause, the term popularity of so-called ‘white lies’. The purpose of this lie is not to maintain a relationship with her partner, or that the lover is not angry and hurt.
Small lies are also often carried them to shy away from men who think they are less attractive. Here’s a list of these lies, quoted from the All Women stalk.

1. Prices Goods are bought
Many women who lie to their partners about the actual price of goods bought. Usually the woman will say that the goods are cheaper or on sale, but not necessarily true. This is done to avoid an argument or advice of a partner because their spending habits are like extravagant.

2. Phone Numbers
Usually this is done as a refusal to be smooth. Most people do not like rejection, so that is not too painful, many women who forged the numbers 1-2 as they give me her number in men who did not attract their attention.

3. Time
“10 minutes, I was almost there,” This is one example of a lie that is very often heard from women. Undeniably women need more time to conduct any activity, such as dressing up. This was done to calm the couple a while when they are not getting ready, while his girlfriend was a long wait at the appointment.

4. “I’m Fine Only”
When a woman says “I’m fine,” this is a trick to convey feelings of upset and angry with their partner. In such situations women actually are in the most fragile that they prefer to cover up his feelings. However, the most they expect after they say this is a direct partner to understand, trying to provide support or hold her.

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