For My Sisters

August 5, 2010 by CrystalMarie  
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Explores the reason behind insecurities of women…their lack attitude…the reason we fall short of sisterhood.


Why do you hold on so tight to your Love? Why do you threaten his breath, his vitality? Why do you attempt to hold him prisoner to your love? Why do you seek to lay sole claim to his compliments and smiles…his affections and healing abilities? Why do you hold yourself in a perpetual state of apprehension…dreading the day, the hour, the minute…the moment he is drawn to another.

Is it because you have not yet grasped your own uniqueness? Because you feel that your Love’s love and appreciation of another somehow diminishes your beauty and talents…his love for you? Is that it Sister? Do you bring this same mentality into your other relationships as well…friendships, workships? So afraid that somehow you’ll be replaced with someone better, smarter, prettier?

Lovely, silly girl.

Do you remember that woman you saw that day…at the festival? Of course you do…she was not one to be easily forgotten. Remember how beautiful you thought she was….how you tried and tried to pinpoint the source of that beauty. She had a pleasant face…and a pleasant smile. She was a healthy weight. She was dressed comfortably…in a white shift dress and flat sandals. Her hair was pulled back from her face and secured in a ponytail. She was well-spoken. But none of these things alone or combined justified or explained why men, women, and children alike seeemed to flock to and around her. It didn’t explain how she drew them in…with no effort and by no design. It didn’t explain why and how she appeared to be lit from within…completely aglow.

Could it be that it was her confidence? Her knowledge of Self? That she was fully aware of her uniqueness? That this awareness went beyond physical attributes? That it was soul deep? Could it be that she understood that one could travel the world and multi-verses over and never find another with her unique beauty and blend of talents and personality… her way of being? 

Could it be that she understood that while she did not stand above anyone else,  or any other woman…she unmistakably, undeniably stood apart. Not apart as in separated, but apart as in distinguished. And maybe…just maybe…because she had this understanding of her Self…it affected her perception of those around her. Maybe she could see plainly their individuality, their exceptionally wonderful uniqueness…and instead of her being awashed with feelings of insecurity, jealousy, envy, unworthiness, she was overcome with a feeling of deep appreciation and connection that she celebrated with laughter, smiles, hugs, compliments. 

Perhaps because she was so secure within her Self, so grounded in her knowing…it made her absolutely weightless. Maybe this explains why the others, including yourself, were so drawn to her. How could one not be drawn to such a person?

Do you see where I’m going with this Sister?

If every woman was to grasp intellectually and emotionally her uniqueness, her special gifts, powers, and talents and really understand that nothing or no one can diminish who she is….if every woman would understand that we are, each of us, distinguishable, but so very complimentary to each other then we’d not only positively affect every aspect of our individual lives, we’d also be able to promote and  enjoy a level of sisterhood that goes leagues beyond our current shallow concept of the word…and consequently change the planet. 

My sweet, beautiful Sister…you who are reading this…this is my vision for you, for myself, for my daughter. Let’s grow and shine together.

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