Five Things Women Need in Relationship

November 18, 2009 by CRYSTAL EVANS  
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Women need security in a relationship and that’s the reason why we are attracted to men who appear to have financial stability. We need a man who can pay the bills, take care of our off springs and play the role of the breadwinner. We appreciate a man who fits his masculine role in the traditional sense.


                      Starting a relationship is becoming far easier than it is to maintain one. Women are finding it increasingly difficult to communicate to their spouse and prospective partner what their relational needs are.   Men assume that women want certain things and women credits that men do not know what women want. These disparities have lead to broken homes, divorce and couples resenting each other. I have compiled a list of what women really need in a relationship for the Neanderthals who still harbor archaic notions of relationships to get up to speed on what women really need in a relationship.

       Even though we need a friend, we would like a partner, who will fulfill our enchanted fantasy of prince in shining armor. Many men cease pampering their spouse the minute the relationship has moved past the honeymoon phase. I am not saying that women should be showered with champagne  and expensive dinner ( if you can afford to pamper her everyday go ahead) but every once in a while display how much she means to you  and that she still means the world to you. Women often remember earlier days of relationships and wonder what happened to the treatment they recieved at the initial phase.  Do not let your wife or significant other feel that familiarity has bred complacency and that she is now being taken for granted.  Relationship is a not a race, it is a journey.  Women validate actions, therefore do something special today and say I love you still.


       We treasure honesty. We may not like what we hear but in most cases we prefer to hear it from you than from someone else or having to figure it out.  Please do not suggest that we remain good friends whenever you have sealed the deal and decide that you do not want a relationship with us or rather suddenly feel mature enough to admit that you faux commitment just to get into our panties. We have sufficient female friends to tell our problems, have fun with and to sit and chit- chat. Additionally why men tell a woman that he wants to be friends, when few if any men maintain social friendship with their discarded one night stands and conquests.   Please do not insult our intelligence.

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