Five Things to Do When He is Abroad

November 13, 2009 by Kay Brix  
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He is your lover, your husband, your boyfriend. His status doesn’t matter since the moment you have closed the door after him. Knowing that you’re not going to see each other during the following three weeks. He is on his way to the airport, and you’re left alone in an empty apartment, staring at his things, checking out the walls, wandering somewhere between the kitchen and the toilet… holding up your tears?

You’ve got to spend twenty lonely nights. Twenty one lonely waking ups, twenty one lonely morning coffees, twently one lonely TV shows in the evening. Poor thing!

Here are five great things you could do without him. Don’t let yourself become a frustrated zombie, counting the steps in the apartment, counting the days till he comes back, pitying yourself and making this world a sadder place.

You’re alone in the house. Realize it to its full extent. Realize its positive sides, think about all the things you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t do because of him. Or could do in a very “limited edition”.


Epilating your legs in the spacious living room. Without being afraid he’s going to see it. You don’t have to hide in the small bathroom anymore. The whole apartment is for your service. Anytime, anyplace. Sitting out there, listening full volume to your favorite band (you couldn’t do that too, he never liked your band, remember?), removing extra hair from your body, polishing your nails, rubbing body cream into your skin after shower. It may seem trivial, but wonder how many girls, who haven’t got the money to visit beauy salons, face a problem in fidning the right time and the right place to do the “beauty procedures” in the presence of their loved one.

Cocktail Party

I bet this was the first thing you thought about, wasn’t it? No? Very bad. Using this lonely time for inviting your girlfriends to have some crazy time is the most natural thing to do. Besides, then you won’t be the only one who “got drunk” and ate three chocolate bars after 18. This is what cocktail parties are about – sharing!


There is no better time for watching again the good old movies you haven’t had the time for in the last ten, twenty years. Remember how you could never drag  him there to watch any of this “silly, girlish stuff” with you? Well, he’s not here now and you can pick up any romantic comedy, musical or a family movie.


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Dancing Queen

Going on the binge alone when he’s waiting for you at home to see you coming home too tipsy and too happy is a bit of a shame. It’s not your fault that he is not a fan of these parties, and you feel guilty leaving him at home. Why deprive yourself of some fun when he can’t share it with you anyway? Take a few girlfriends and become a queen for one night. Without behaving indecently or doing things you might regret later on, you can still have the time of you life dancing, drinkning and then spending the rest of the night at one of your girlfriend’s house. You’re free, remember?

Making order

No, this is not what you night be thinkning about. Tidying up becomes a lesser prioroty when he’s not here to see the mess, which is another advantage, don’t you think so? Now, it is about making some order in your head. If you have a tight daily schedule, being at work, being at school, doing shopping, cleaning and making plans for the weekend – when do you get your share of loneliness? There is never enough time to sit down and think, so people forgot how it is to be alone. Well, you’ve got a chance to learn it anew. Spending a few lonely evenings with yourself, is a luxury many cannot afford. For three weeks you are privileged to think… only about yourself. What are you planning to do with your life? Where do you see yourself in several years from now? Are you happy with the way you live now? Such self-analyzing can be harmful when ovedone, but you do need to meditate from time to time, in order not to get ultimately lost in the crazy routine.


Looking for an advantage in any situation in life is a skill. Seeing the bright side and thinkning positively, being able to take everything life offers you. The sooner you get it, the better. Don’t forget, that you’re a grown up, who can choose how to distribute her time, energy and money.

There must be thousands other pastimes a girl can think of when her sweetheart is temporarily gone. If you have other creative ideas, not mentioned in this article, share them here! Let’s bring our thoughts together and make the lonely-girl world a happier place!

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