Five Reasons Why Women are Better Than Men

August 23, 2007 by Jeffrey Hailo  
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Women have always been superior to men.

  1. If you haven’t noticed this yet, you should pay more attention. All that BS about men being the head of the family goes straight down the drain. Take this example, the man always has to get the women’s permission before doing anything, like a child would to his mother. That’s why dad’s have a “den” where they can do whatever they want because the rest of the house is controlled by the wife.
  2. The kids are bound to side with their mom if an argument arises. The guy is always stuck doing whatever the woman tells him to and have to live with the decisions the woman makes. I don’t know about you but retreating to a hideout to escape being bossed around and having to deal with your wife’s decisions isn’t very leader-like.
  3. A possible reason for a male’s reluctant comeback is because they don’t want to harm the woman. Whatever a man may say to his wife he still cares for her and therefore don’t want to hurt her. On the other hand, women really can’t hurt men so they can be quite violent towards them and still not injure them (too badly).
  4. I’m not sure but I think guys need women more than they need them. Women can take care of themselves whereas men can’t. Anyways men want women more than women want men so it’s easier for a woman to find another man.
  5. Women can create life. What more needs to be said? Women can produce something inside their bodies and let it out and it’ll be breathing and alive. That’s a wonder to behold. Scientists haven’t even been able to produce life while women have been doing in for ages.
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  1. Alex Says:

    Hmm your sexism makes no valid points. So women are better becuase they create life? no. We get bossed around? you must be hanging around a lot of pussie men. Because REAL men are in charge. However
    Neither of them are better. Women can take care of themselves? how come most of you are the ones who want to get married in fall in love? The kids are bound with mom? WHAT? CITE YOUR SOURCES.

  2. sss Says:

    this is not a scientific fact nor is it proven in anyway. It’s just my opinion and if you get angry because of that then maybe you should take a chill pill and creating life is a ability of women have which makes them special.

  3. Shoal Says:

    I agree with Alex on this one, your sexism towards males makes no valid point.

  4. shakedown Says:

    so true!!!

  5. sss Says:

    shakedown who are you agreeing with, it’ll help if you specified.

  6. Trent Says:

    Women also bleed for a week out of every month. WTF is up with that creepy shizzle?

    3 things
    Men get paid more
    Men get more respect
    Men have been able to vote…THE WHOLE TIME!
    Quit being so ignorant sss, you are embarrassing yourself.

  7. sss Says:

    trent you are actually embarrassing yourself by using those stereotypes. Ever wondered why both World Wars were fought when only men could vote and why once women started having power the world finally started revolutionizing? The crap about men being paid more and having more respect, I mean where do you get your information?

  8. super Says:

    women need men to produce children (virgin births are impossible)
    men wont hurt women because its immoral and hurting women may damage offspring or the potential offspring (genetics)

  9. sss Says:

    super, virgin birth is possible just so you know

  10. sss Says:


  11. sss Says:

    that’s great… although one person speaking for all the women in the world isn’t all that accurate

  12. sss Says:

    that’s true but again this is not supposed to be 100% fact

  13. Cageless Says:

    Fair enough. The message I’m conveying, however, is simply that both sexes are equal based on 100% fact whether you choose to believe it or not. If you feel your sex to be superior, that’s fine, even though it is rather vane and unfounded.

  14. sss Says:

    that’s true but i welcome the ability to be male in one life and female in another and compare them

  15. Cageless Says:

    If that belief is true, and you do have multiple lives, you wouldn’t be able to remember it anyway.

  16. sss Says:

    i mean living two lives and remembering everything after you have lived both of them to make an impartial judgement

  17. Danielle Says:

    Personally I think women have gotten way too bossy. Okay, women shouldn’t allow men to walk all over them, but now it has gotten a little too out of hand. It’s like the woman in the relationship is free to go out with her friends, be by herself, work all hours and just party with their girlfriends, while men can’t even go out for a walk without their wife’s permission. I think that’s very unhealthy and unbalanced.

  18. Sam Fisher Says:

    I agree wit you Cageless. And for you JessicaI, I hope you die from a breast cancer. Like that, you will find your grandfather Hitler in hell. For me, I think women and men are fine. Anyway, we need each other if we want humanity to survive. Except for you Jessica. We don’t need big fat stupid nazi like you. Go kill yourself for the good of humanity.

  19. Danielle Says:

    Agreed, above “unamed” poster. I am a woman and am concerned about breast cancer, and am fully aware that it is the #1 cancer killer and the hardest to treat, as is the case with all women’s cancers. But I also agree that prostate cancer is also a tough cancer to diagnose and cure…therefore, just like there is a breast cancer awareness month, there should also be a prostate cancer awareness month. People were pink ribbons, we should also wear blue ribbons. And just like there are several walkathons for breast cancer, there should also be walkathons for prostate cancer. It does feel like we trivialize men’s health and don’t really want men to live that badly. And, my heart goes out to anybody suffering from any type of cancer, or to those who have lossed loved ones to cancer.

  20. Claire Says:

    Breast and ovarian cancers, as well as cervical cancer, are the toughest cancers to treat. Not to belittle prostate cancer or any health issues concerning men, but this is why more attention is being paid to women’s health, because for many years, women were mislead and often times misdiagnosed by the health system. This does not mean we want men to die. And it is inhumane to say “All men/women should get cancer and die”.

  21. Joey T. Says:

    I dunno about anyone else, but I sure as hell still wanna boink Britney!! Her new video is H-O-T!!!!

  22. sss Says:

    hmm what i thought would be a pretty pointless argument has finally caught my attention and getting interesting

  23. George Says:

    MMmmmMMMmmmmMMMMMMMmmm….Briiiiitneyyyyy…..YUMMMM!!!!! ;)

  24. Natalie Says:

    I agree, women have gotten too bossy, but you men need to find ways to stick up for yourselves without bullying.

  25. Cageless Says:

    Lol, wtf to the last two comments… But I do agree with them. Swine like Farrah are the bane of humanity.

  26. Jonathan W. Says:

    Xsavier, I don’t agree with everything you list, because I am a free spirited male and a happily married one at that. My wife is also a free spirit. We love our time together, but we also have moments to ourselves. And she doesn’t need my permission to go out with her friends, or by herself and neither do I. And even though most domestic violence cases are women being beaten and abused by men, nobody should ever raise their hand to the person they love – man or woman. That being said, let’s not beat up on poor Britney here. She might be messed up, but she’s still very talented and very beautiful. She’ll pull through.

  27. Cageless Says:

    Heh, seriously. How did that one comment engender this whole Britney discussion? I, myself, have neutral feelings toward her, but I don’t care about her, quite frankly. Neither should anyone else who’s not into her music.


  28. sss Says:

    how did this get from manvswoman to britney?

  29. George Says:

    Face it, ladies, you’re all just jealous because every single heterosexual male is still hot for Britney. Don’t matter who else is out there, or if there are hot leggy models around, Britney is and always will be the #1 most fantasized about woman who has ever lived. Not Jessica Alba! Not Scarlett Johansson! It is all about Britney and her sexy teen pop image! No woman could ever top that.

  30. George Says:

    Face it, ladies, you’re all just jealous because every single heterosexual male is still hot for Britney. Don’t matter who else is out there, or if there are hot leggy models around, Britney is and always will be the #1 most fantasized about woman who has ever lived. Not Jessica Alba! Not Scarlett Johansson! It is all about Britney and her sexy teen pop image! No woman could ever top that.

  31. George Says:

    Face it, ladies, you’re all just jealous because every single heterosexual male is still hot for Britney. Don’t matter who else is out there, or if there are hot leggy models around, Britney is and always will be the #1 most fantasized about woman who has ever lived. Not Jessica Alba! Not Scarlett Johansson! It is all about Britney and her sexy teen pop image! No woman could ever top that.

  32. George Says:

    BTW, sorry for the triple post. I couldn’t seem to get the “submit” button to work!

  33. Julian Says:

    Dude, Britney is HOT!!! There’s no way aroung it!! She is #1 HOT!!!

  34. Moop Says:

    Dude! I’m a guy, and a straight one at that…Britney does absolutely NOTHING for me!

  35. Richard Says:

    Perosnally, as a straight man, I still find Britney utterly doable. And, yes, she is way hotter than Jessica Alba.

  36. Lowel Says:

    I personally prefer Shakira and Jessica Simpson over white trash washouts anyday, but hey that’s just me! :/

  37. Paula Says:

    I think we live in a suddenly very estro-centered society, in opposit to living in a male-dominated society. We really need to stop seeing each other as genders and see each other as PEOPLE!!! Women and men are equal. True, women face hardships and are still being looked down upon…but, men don’t have it any better. However, men do need to talk about their problems more often, the way women do, and they need to take better care of themselves. I also feel women have become too bossy. Okay…women have been forced to cater to their men for centuries, and then women started taking a stand and sticking up for ourselves. However, it has gotten a little out of hand. Now, women are telling their men what to do, what to wear, how to act, instead of just letting them be themselves. We want them to accept us for who we are, why shouldn’t we do the same for our men?!?!?! So, yeah, we are a very gender-oriented society, and I think it’s gotten out of hand.

  38. Catherine Says:

    I for one am up to here with all this gender stuff! But, I do have to say, reading all this about women being “superior” has me thinking, well why is it that women can’t be friends with one another anymore? I think we are in the midst of a sisterhood crisis, where instead of sticking together, we are tearing each other down, because of…I don’t know, some silly girlish jealousy we have. And, yet, we always blame men for this crisis when it is men who make the best friends a woman could have. Okay, alot of our petty fights are over men, but it still isn’t all on their heads. Alot of it is us women stealing from one another. And whenever I read “women are good, men are bad”, I think about how all of my very best and closest friends throughout my life have been men. Even when I was little, all my friends were boys, and I was never a tomboy. Go figure! So, while I did say I hate that we are so gender-obsessed, I do feel ashamed of my gender sometimes.

  39. Bonnie Says:

    I do agree that the state of true female friendships is in turmoil, but that is an internal issue we all need to deal with. And as far as blame being placed on men…well, maybe not men directly, but the sad fact is we still live in a heavily male-dominated society, where everybody is competetive and out to get each other, and sadly women are the ones hardest hit, because we are taught to see one another as a threat. I hate it, I wish it didn’t exist, but…hey, it’s a sad state of affairs. I also think women have gotten too clingly with men that we are almost affraid to become independent and to be friends with one another. We need to get back to the spirit of sisterhood. Not to say women should be completely detached from men, but we need to stop depending so much on men.

  40. Billy Says:

    Sorry but I feel a need to speak out on behalf of Britney. I for one feel really sorry for her, because she has been forced at an early age to basically act like a sex kitten for so many years. Now look where that’s gotten her. She needs help. And the reason I want to address the Britney issue is because like so many young women out in Hollywood, Britney is lost. No one takes women seriously, especially when they need help. A male celeb goes into rehab and he gets support…a female celeb goes to rehab and she gets trashed is really ain’t fair. And in regards to Britney and Lindsay’s parents, I resent that everyone is so quick to blame the mother. It is always mom’s fault, when in reality, the fathers are even ten times worse. Lindsay’s father’s been in jail and he’s abusive. Yet everyone’s bashing her mother! So, yeah…I see a tie-in between the male/female debate and the media’s treatment of Britney.

  41. Donna Says:

    Face it, fellas, the world revolves around us girls! We are the better sex and one day we are going to take over the entire world!

  42. sss Says:

    donna, i can do nothing but LMAO at your comment

  43. Mark Says:

    I can’t believe how messed up Britney became. For so many years, I was certain that Christina Aguilera would become the messed up one, and Britney the sane one. Wow, what a difference eight years makes, huh?!?!? In any event, I still think she’s a babe…Britney I mean. Christina is just pathetic.

  44. Beverly Says:

    I just thought of something women have over men. It’s okay for a woman to slap a man if he gets out of line, but it is not okay for a man to slap a woman if she gets out of line. It’s also okay for us women to beat up our husbands, but when you men beat us up, it’s considered domestic violence.

  45. sss Says:

    well that’s just another example of how men and women are not equals

  46. Paula Says:

    I’m sorry I even bother with this sexist website blog!! You should be ashamed of yourself!!

  47. calm down Says:

    stop getting all fueled-up if you want to point something out, use logic instead of pure rage

  48. Jonathan W. Says:

    I think there are some people on here who watch too many episodes of “The View”.

  49. A.J. Says:

    I have nothing against women at all, but I find it unfair that while women’s/girl’s issues are addressed and talked about, men/guys/boys aren;t given that opportunity. We tried, but we’d get spit at and accused of trivializing women’s/girl’s issues. I mean, for example, why is it that body image is seen only as a female problem when in truth there are as many men and boys out there with distorted images of ourselves. It’s like when women have problems, the whole world stops for them….when men have problems, we get a pat on the back and are told to take care of it ourselves. Not too balanced if you ask me.

  50. Kenneth Says:

    This seems like a good forum to talk about what the heck is going on with Brooke Shields lately????? She’s going around promoting women being friends only with one another, and has gone from being America’s teen sex kitten to Gloria Steinam. Okay, I’m all for feminism and women’s rights….but since when is it considered equalization between the sexes to totally seperate women from men?!?!?!?! I mean, not only in romantic relationships, but I used to have a number of women friends who I would hang out with alot. I have alot of men friends also, but it was nice to be around women to understand what their thoughts are. However, lately, with this whole “women-need-each-other-more-than-anything” campaign that’s been going on all of a sudden, all my female friends suddenly want nothing to do with me. Even my own wife won’t talk to me anymore. She always talks with her girlfriends, most of whom she had only known for a few years, shorter than she’s known me. Yet, I want to have my friends over for some good old fashion guy time, and she won’t allow it. So, the question is asked, are you ladies interested in equalizing humanity, or are you just interested in banding together to eliminate the male species from the human race altogether?!?!?!?!?!

  51. Catherine Says:

    I agree with the last two posts. Men do get screwed alot. People just don’t seem to care about men who have the same problems as women. And, yes, I do feel like all these so-called “feminists” are trying to pull us women away from men. That’s not true feminism. True feminism is bringing the genders together. And, in all honesty, I have gotten alot more support from all my men friends than my women friends when it came to finding a job, dating, making money and all the other rough spots women go through in life. So, all this “women must stick together” nonsense is just bull! I for one follow the beat of my own drummer, and I say people are people!

  52. Debbie Says:

    Men have it pretty bad, but unfortunately women still have it worse.

  53. yep Says:

    yeah i agree with debbie that women generally have it worse than men

  54. Paul Says:

    Britney Spears is hot!

  55. Noel Says:

    Dude, you need to get a life!

  56. Patricia Jones Says:

    I have been surfing the web in search of references I need for a paper I’m doing for my women’s studies course on misandry, and I came across this site…and, as a woman and as a feminist, I am apalled. It is women and people like you in general who give feminism a bad name. It is because of sexist attitudes like this that I now refuse to call myself a feminist. You know why? Because this is NOT feminism. It is misandry. Do you know what “misandry” is? It is the opposite of misogyny…and like misogyny, it is a sin! You cannot hate another human being because of the way he/she is born. That is not God’s way. Yes, women are still fighting for our rights and we are still being slammed upside the head by society…and my women’s studies class touches on that. However, we are also talking about how we, as women, can be feminists without hating men. We are also currently talking about how men are often misrepresented in advertising and in movies…and just a few weeks ago, we were discussing how women are exploited by the media. See, sexism is a two-way street. And, for the record, domestic violence is domestic violence, no matter who is the victim and who is doing the beating. Either way, it is wrong! And for those who were talking about female friendships on here, yeah it is important for women to be friends and supportive of one another. We give each other confidence when we need it. However, it is also important to be friends with men, so we can learn about men, and in some cases, the opposite sex does make better friends. Sol whoever started this stupid topic should be ashamed of yourself/yourselves, because it is stupid and sexist!

  57. sss Says:

    shut up about britney spears

  58. Patricia Jones Says:

    I never talked about Britney!!

  59. w/e Says:


  60. sss Says:

    after the lengths of words i’ve read i still stand by what i said

  61. Gayle Says:

    I agree women have certain advantages over men (looks, style, independence, the ability to show affection in public, we are able to be single and happy), but there are certain things men have over us…….like upper body strength and the ability to piss their names in the snow…well, no big accomplishments. Can men have babies??? Can men multitask???

  62. Gayle Says:

    Yes I know : I’m stupid because i’m a woman.

  63. blanche Says:

    we can beat up our husbands! ;)

  64. allegra Says:

    i read some comments on here from women who say they have all male friends. i honestly don’t see the harm in that. in fact i happen to find it more benefitial to have male friends, because they aren’t catty, nor do you have to worry about them stealing your clothes. i’m going to college and i happen to live in a dorm with three guys, and they are really, really nice and fun to be around and they respect my space and my privacy. of course alot of people have said “isn’t it weird for you to have all male roommates?” at first i kind of felt a little uncomfortable but then i thought about the perels of living with a bunch of women, and most of the time, you don’t get along, because they are always taking your clothes and makeup. and all of my best, best friends have been guys i have known since childhood. i had a few girlfriends here and then, but they stopped talking to me once they hung out with the “cooler” crowd. but my boys have stuck by me and have been very supportive of me. this whole “sisterhood” thing just doesn’t exist. take it from someone who knows…stick with your guyfriends!!

  65. Bob Ray Says:

    Of course, women are better than men. They always have been and always will be. My wife is better than me and I know it. I always do my best to make her happy because she deserves it. We don’t make a big issue about it, but I always obey my wife in everything–her wishes take priority over mine. All homes would be happier if men would admit to this truth. The man should protect and provide for his wife and family, but his wife should always have the final decision in all matters. My greatest pleasure comes from pleasing my wife.

  66. Rhen Says:

    No one is better than anyone! My girlfriend and I are 50/50 all the way. We both make sound decisions and we bounce idead off one another. She doesn’t boss me around, I don’t boss her around. And, for the record, Britney Spears is not all that great! My girlfriend and I are both sick to death of her!

  67. Jerome Says:

    I think men and women should be equal. And I don’t know where all this Britney Spears CRAPOLA fits into this discussion, but as long as we’re talking about “pop princess”…give me Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson anyday!!

  68. cuteybaby Says:

    i read most of your comments and i think u people should just move along with ur lives instead of arguing whether or not a celebrity is hot. There are more constructive and better things to do!!

  69. belladonna Says:

    women are far superior…why else do you think the world focuses more on breast cancer than prostate cancer??? and women are strong and independent while men are weak and needy. still luv ‘em, though.

  70. belladonna Says:

    ok, ok men are far superior. happy now.

  71. Laura Says:

    I think we do need to talk a little bit about Britney Spears, because like so many other young women, she’s being tarred and feathered by everybody for no reason whatsoever except she’s got problems. I for one hate hearing people saying “she’s fat”, or “she’s ugly”, thus picking apart every inch of her body. Personally, I happen to think she’s gorgeous still to this day and she shows a woman doesn’t need to be a rail in order to be beautiful. I felt this need to discuss this after seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt being so horribly ridiculed after recent photos were taken of her and her fiance and they were ripping her apart because of a little cellulite. If a man can walk aroung the beach with a big old bear gut and flabby arms, why can’t a woman walk around with a little junk in the trunk??? So, as far as I’m concerned, Britney Spears is the most beautiful, sexiest, hottest woman in the world right now.

  72. Everette Says:

    Dude, U R krazy!! Britney’s the hottest woman who ever lived!! She always will be!!

  73. Wynn Says:

    Okay, Everette, do us all a favor and go wallow in your pathetic Britney Spears-obsessed/worshipping existense!! I happen to know there are much better women out there!!

  74. hot mama Says:

    people care more about women than about men especially since men cause alot of the world’s problems.

  75. Sara Says:

    I for one am concerned about this whole steroid scandal and all these athletes, because many little girls are becoming more interested in sports more than ever now, and this could be very damaging to young girls and women. For so many years we were always worried about boys and young men and steroid abuse and the athletes who abuse steroids and their influence on boys. But now we have to be even more concerned about girls who look up to these figures. It’s bad enough young girls are forced to look like size-0 supermodels, now they are forced to believe they need to take performance enhancing drugs, too? What a sick world to raise our little girls in.

  76. adeline Says:

    women are the ones that suffer from pregnancy, so we are the worse off for it.

    anyway, maybe kids like us more, because we treat them better, and spend more time with them? not to mention that if males really cared for the females, they wouldnt maek us angry or have affairs.

  77. aria191 Says:

    hm, and actually the stick-thin figure thing, might nto actually be a good thing, you get ridiculed, and called all sorts of names. and skinny is truly quite ugly.

    i know cos im far too thin for my age, and have been labeled a variety of things, the most recent being ‘corpse bride’
    skinny isnt pretty. its ugly. and thin supermodels are quite unattractive. its those with a bit of flesh that look good.
    i mean thin dancers rarely look beautiful dancing, unless its ballroom. i dont know why, but its a fact. ‘plump’ might actually translate into ‘looking good’.

  78. Jennifer Says:

    Know why women cheat?! I’ll tell you why, Mr. Macho/Mysogynist, because for years women have been taught to remain faithful even if they are in an unhealthy relationship with a man, while men are free to philander all they want while we get stuck putting food on the table!! Did you know in some countries women get physically mutilated if they cheat while men get off Scott-free!! Judging by your attitude, this woman did right by cheating on you because you seem like you have a very violent temper and contempt for women and feminism!! And, sorry, but we have been put down for not looking like supermodels by you men for centuries, so forgive me for not feeling sorry for you pathetic losers when you get teased for having man-breasts!! In fact, me and my girlfriends thrive on teasing men who look like dwarves with bad comb-overs!! Sorry, but no matter how hard you males think you have things, we females are always going to have it 100 times worse!! And as long as mysogyny exists and anti-women attitudes exist, you guys will just have to deal with our misandrist and anti-men attitudes!! But as soon as you guys change your ways and learn to value us women as human beings rather than robots, then we may seem fit to stopping the man-hating!! Got it?!

  79. Jennifer Says:

    Oh my god! How could someone hate women so much??? We suffer more than you guys ever will and no matter how insecure you pathetic males are, we women are always going to be judged more harshly on our looks and our bodies!! What you don’t get is men can walk around with their flabby stomachs and arms and with more cellulite than a hot air balloon and not be judged, while a woman with the littlest ounce of body fat, or a little curve appeal will be labled as “fat”!! And I got news for you…men may get cancer, but women’s cancers are more important because we are at a loss for proper treatment!! Here’s some more news, you can hate us all you want, we are still going to live longer than you!!

  80. Jennifer Says:

    Hey, woman-basher, it’s called GIRL POWER!!! Not GUY POWER!!! Get a clue!!! WOMEN RULE!!!

    BTW, hating women is an outright sin!!!

  81. Macross Says:

    lol !!! It’s great to see kids on the Internet.

  82. Leanne Says:

    I agree women are better in every way possible, because we can handle extreme pain, we can multitask, we can fix appliances, we can have babies, we’re smarter…yet we’re the ones who suffer the most, which is sad and unfair. Men get a free ride, while women are still struggling through life.

  83. Rachael Says:

    To the posters who totally dissed women, I would like to point out how thoughtless and insensitive you are. True, you men may have your share of problems, but at least you guys aren’t put under a microscope all the time by the media for having beer guts, bald spots and any amount of fat on your bodies. Women…we get shot down if we don’t look like something that stepped off the runway of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show! And all that about women’s cancers…how could you be so cruel? Women’s cancers get the most attention, because for some reason, the whole medical profession hates us, too. Not willing to give us proper medications, or diagnose us efficiantly. And don’t forget about women who are regularily beaten up and tortured for no good reason. Do I feel it is right for a woman to beat up her spouse? Of course not. Only it doesn’t happen as often, and men have more physical strength than we do. Things to think about the next time someone decides to come on here and diss women.

  84. To Jennifer. Says:

    Thanks for proving why women are stupid.

  85. Wow ... Says:

    I always thought that women were mature, but as I can see, I was wrong. It seems that women are becoming more stupid than men. Very sad …

  86. To Jennifer Says:

    I love you. :-)

  87. Jessica Says:

    Not too sure about that. Women who kill are often given lighter sentences as are women who batter their husbands…you be the judge. Not to mention women are encouraged to celebrate our curves and to go out there in bikinis and feel good about ourselves…you men, on the other hand, aren’t quite so lucky, because nobody wants to see your disgusting fat naked bodies!!

    Yes, men who make politically incorrect remarks don’t get nearly as much flack from the media as women in peril. And, they certainly do get alot of sympathy!! While Britney and Lindsay’s careers are in question after having personal meltdowns, friggin’ Don Imus is given another shot even after making those racist remarks about the women’s basketball team!! And Isaiah Washington calls one of his castmates a homophobic remark, and what happens to him??? He gets a new show!!! WHAT GIVES?!?!?!?!?!

    And, for the record, hatred of women is blasphamous and the most sinful hatred of all humanity, because we’re the ones who bring human life into the world and we’re the ones who suffer the most!!

  88. Randa Says:


  89. Patricia Jones Says:

    Is this still going on?!?!?! How about STOP HATRED OF PEOPLE, PERIOD!!! This is not what feminism is all about. Wishing cancer on anyone of any gender, or race is wrong and it is a sin!! My god, what has happened to humanity?!?!?!?1

  90. Jennifer Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with hating men!!

  91. Fire Eyez Says:

    Um…seriously. What is your problem? Are you generalizing again? Look…not all people are like what you described. Some men boss women in the house. Some men are violent. Some children love their dad more. And I do not know about the comment about who will get another date faster. Ever heard of guys with 9 girlfriends? And giving birth must suck. It hurts. What is your problem? REALLY!? Maybe you think girls are weak, dumb, and worthless. Be that way. In the end, girls and women will always exist. There is nothing you can do to change society. You live your own life, not other people’s lives. There probably are girls and woman who can beat you up. There probably are girls and women who will seem worthy of life in your eyes. And, after reading your post, every girl or woman in the world is probably smarter than you.

    (P.S = I am really only doing this because I am bored. If I did not have time, I would not be replying.)

  92. Jennifer Says:

    I’m with you, Fire Eyez….and I believe women have every right in the world to beat up, mistreat, cheat on and boss around our husbands/boyfriends!!

  93. Chelsea Says:

    I agree hatred of men is wrong, but hatred of women is far worse.

  94. Da MAN Says:

    You iz a goofy bich..

  95. Penny Says:

    Hatred of HUMANITY in general is a sin!! Not just hatred of women!! Sheesh!! No wonder the world is such a messed up place!!

  96. Jessica Says:

    Some things to think about.

    Men have to accept us the way we are even when we don’t look like a perfect ten, whereas men who aren’t quite as physically attractive aren’t quite so lucky. Women are allowed to judge men on their looks, and we are entitled to dump someone if he doesn’t look like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt.

    Women are encouraged to celebrate our bodies, whereas men need to keep improving on theirs.

    Women are allowed to beat the crap out of and boss around our husbands whereas men go to jail for doung the same.

    See, everyone….women really are better than men!! In every possible way!!

    And for the record, hatred of women is a sin against nature!!

  97. Carol Says:

    Women are fabulous!

    Men are pathetic!

  98. Carol Says:

    I need to prove it now.

  99. Penny Says:

    We’re BOTH fabulous….women AND men!!! DEAL WITH IT!!!

  100. Ted Says:

    I am a human supremacist. So for me, men and women are ok.

  101. Jessica Says:

    Alright then, if men and women are supposed to be equal, then why is it that there are several charities aimed at women in need, while you’d have to pretty much do some heavy duty convincing to get any male-oriented charities out there. Face it, men are a dying breed, and we could care less! WOMEN RUUUUULE!!!!!

  102. woman-2-woman Says:

    women are the greatest. i am proud to be a woman no matter what. women need to stand together and support one another and not let men make out decisions for us. though i am finding that female friendships are deteriorating fast and too many women have mostly male friends. it’s like women are losing touch with femininity and female empowerment because we’re always around men all the time. it’s about time women stepped away from men a bit and tried being more reliant on one another. men aren’t the brightest bulbs in the shade, and are not very sharp, and lets face it with any luck the entire male species will die out before we know it. so let’s try and band together, ladies, away from men!

  103. Abigail Says:

    I don’t want men to die, or to suffer, but I balk at the fact that we are still living in such a heavily male-dominated society where women are only valued for our sex appeal and ability to sell tabloids rather than our acheivements. No, I’m not saying it is necessarily men’s fault that our culture is embroiled in Britney Spears, but it does a tremendous deservice to the women’s movement. I am aware that lots of men still find Britney easy on the eyes and lust after her, but that’s no reason to place what this woman is going through above the war in Iraq. No, not all men are to blame, this is a growing problem where real women are being shoved aside for some former teen star who made men drool with her schoolgirl/sex kitten image ten friggin’ years ago! I think we need to focus more on Reese Witherspoon’s ability to open a film and less on Jessica Alba’s ability to fill out a bikini. We need to focus more on getting a woman president and less on how many stretchmarks Jennifer Love Hewitt has.

  104. Sandra Says:

    It seems that not all nazis died during WWII. Sad …

  105. Sandra Says:

    Oh and by the way Jessica, stop using different nicknames. We all know it’s you by your writing style.

  106. Ally Says:

    I do not condone hatred of anybody but when one think about what women have gone through and what women are still going through misogyny really is worse than misandry. Its horrible to hate those who are going through so much.

  107. Derrick Says:

    I think women are superior to men. :)

  108. Aldo Says:

    Men and Women were created as equal. Women and Men were NOT made to compete against each other. All this talk about women being smarter are more superior and/or men being dumber and inferior at the end of the day is useless. It is. Conceit related to age, race, religion or gender is pointless.

    I believe that this whole thing is based on human perception – which is flawed. I’m a Christian and I believe that in the view of God, being male or female doesn’t matter. Getting to heaven is not based on one’s ability to give birth or multi-task.

    This to me sounds like an excuse for snobbery and elitism. Boys, girls you are of EQUAL worth. Anyone who says otherwise is arrogant, conceited and selfish. It might sound a bit ridiculous but we are saying all this ‘X is better than Y’ stuff because we are human – therefore imperfect. God’s plan for men and women was for them to be EQUAL and COMPLEMENTARY and you have to appreciate each other for their own merits.

    Get over yourselves!

  109. Jessica Says:

    It’s nice to think that all humans are equal but the truth is we are not! If so, then this would mean that women are stupid and we cause alot of the crimes in the world! Face it, women are more loved than men, which is why there are more breast cancer charities than prostate cancer charities, there are battered women shelters but no battered men shelters (then again we women are allowed to beat the crap outta’ our husbands as much as we want), women get lighter jail sentences for commiting the same crimes as men, men are expected to hold doors for us while we’re free to slam doors right in your faces, women are entitled to celebrate our bodies while you men need to be chiseled and buff and finally…check out the latest stats in college entrances, most of them are WOMEN!!!! One more thing…it is GIRL POWER, not GUY POWER!! Get a clue, boys!! WOMEN RUUUULE!!!!!

  110. Derrick Says:

    Men may be physically stronger, but women are more intelligent, more sympathetic, more humane, kinder, better communicators, more capable of relating to others, better at remembering things, they live longer…us men are only good at carrying heavy things and peeing in the woods. I predict women will take over the entire planet and the male species will be totally extinct. I’m a man, and I’m fine with the world only being populated with women, then they wouldn’t have to put up with anymore crap.

  111. Gundem Says:

    Derrick is a funny dude. Keep up the good work and don’t forget to kill yourself lol. ^^

  112. womenRbetter Says:

    females rule the earth!and it is okay to hate men but wrong to hate women!i agree women are totally 100% better than men at absolutely everything!it is horrible to hate women!it is a sin!

  113. Gundos Says:

    womenRbetter is a stupid

  114. Bella Says:

    I think women are FABULOUS!!!!!!! :) O+

  115. tanya Says:

    i read men have it easier than women, yet we recently lost two troubled young souls-heath leger and brad renfro-two talented, yet deeply troubled, young men. while girls do get exploited more than guys, this is proof that men don’t have it any easier. in fact, most suicides are committed by males, especially younger men in their teens and twenties, especially with all the negativity aimed at males nowadays. while i do feel it is important to empower women, men need to be empowered also, rather than bashed on a daily basis and spit on whenever they have problems. this is really insensitive, pitting women and men against each other.

  116. Jessica Says:

    Sure, Heath and Brad are dead, but think about how male celebrities get more sympathy than female celebrities! Male celebs enter rehab and are left alone, while females get exploited and ostracized. A male celeb gets drugged up and kills himself, everyone is sad. A female celeb does the same, and everyone makes fun of her. Get your facts straight!

  117. Derrick Says:

    I’m sad about Heath and Brad, but I firmly believe that women are the center of the universe.

  118. Jessica Says:

    Pretty soon, the entire male species will be extinct and it will just be us LADIES!!! GRRRRRL POWERRRRRR!!!!!!!

  119. Jessica Says:

    Pretty soon, the entire male species will be extinct and it will just be us LADIES!!! GRRRRRL POWERRRRRR!!!!!!!

  120. Jessica Says:

    Pretty soon, the entire male species will be extinct and it will just be us LADIES!!! GRRRRRL POWERRRRRR!!!!!!!

  121. Jessica Says:

    Pretty soon, the entire male species will be extinct and it will just be us LADIES!!! GRRRRRL POWERRRRRR!!!!!!!

  122. Jessica Says:

    Pretty soon, the entire male species will be extinct and it will just be us LADIES!!! GRRRRRL POWERRRRRR!!!!!!!

  123. Jessica Says:

    Pretty soon, the entire male species will be extinct and it will just be us LADIES!!! GRRRRRL POWERRRRRR!!!!!!!

  124. Jessica Says:

    Pretty soon, the entire male species will be extinct and it will just be us LADIES!!! GRRRRRL POWERRRRRR!!!!!!!

  125. Seriously Jessica, .. Says:

    I pity you. You are an embarrassment for the whole human race. I will pray for your soul because we all know that the Demon is within your body.

  126. S.C. Says:

    You know i may not be old enough to totally understand this whole thing about women being better then men and men being better then women in the end think about who you have to turn to either yourself or a significant other Jessica i feel sorry that you feel that way about us cause to let all you women know alot of the girls at my college come to me when they need to talk and so do my boys but i think we need each other so stop the bickering of who is better, and yes i am a male

  127. Maddy Says:

    I keep hearing women say “we women have to stick together” and “we women need to be friends with each other” and I think we are subconciously seperating ourselves from men by doing this. Not to say women shouldn’t be friends with one another but we have to try and be friends with men as well just to keep the world afloat. We cannot live in an amazon society and we need each other – men and women – in order to keep humanity moving along. Not all men and women are bad, or good, we should stop judging each other by our genders and just learn to see each other as people. One gender may suffer more than the other, but in the end we are all human beings living in a great big world and frankly life is too damn short to stay apart from one another.

  128. Sharon Says:

    Women do need to stick together because we are going through alot more than men. Think about it! Men can scarf down pizza, chug-a-lug beer, stuff themselves with as much carbs as they want and gain as much weight as they want, but we women are forced to watch what we eat because we have to look like a size-zero!

  129. Kate Says:

    I love men, but I feel strongly women are in every way superior to men. Just deal with it, guys! Doesn’t mean we don’t love you.

  130. momma Says:

    oh absolutely women are definately better because we’re the center of all the charities and we are more important than men are. face it fellas, women are the superior race so GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!! and no woman ever really loves men!!

  131. Allannah Says:

    Women are allowed to treat our husbands/boyfriends like punching bags whenever we need to let off some steam.

  132. Guest Says:

    I started my very own book club at my school last year and men are strictly prohibited. :D

  133. women_on_top Says:

    men need to be controlled by women. women are self-sufficient.

  134. momma, Allannah, Guest, etc Says:

    We all know it’s you Jessica. Also we all know that you have no life outside this forum.

  135. Sassy Cassy Says:

    Get a life, people. This blog is stupid.

  136. tina_martina Says:

    notice how alot of women are suddenly becoming lesbians all of a sudden?saying they prefer women over men.i guess i can understand because men are such jerks nowadays but women are beautiful and sexy and intelligent so i guess this means i gotta switch teams.

  137. Marge Says:

    Itz a women’s world and men just live in it! :D ;) ))

  138. Jessica Says:

    Amen to that, sister!

  139. Kitty Says:

    It is wrong to pit males and females against one another but the female race is in a terrible state right now. We’re still trying to get a woman into the oval office for crying out loud. Half the famous faces out there with personal problems are young women and girls are starving thesmelves left and right. Maybe men are partially to blame but women aren’t saints either. However in order to bring peace to the human race we need to start with making things better for females.

  140. candid Says:

    women are better because we just are.

  141. Jessica Says:

    Women are completely self-sufficient and strong minded and independent. We don’t need to rely on anybody.

    Men need women for everything. Men are practically handicapped without a woman. They can’t get by without us.

  142. John Says:

    I know women are smarter and better at alot of things than us men are…I am aware of that…well aware of that.

  143. candid Says:

    it is well known the female species is superior to the male species even in the animal kingdom. it’s just the way it is. this is why women are better than men. this is also why the male species is in danger of becoming extinct.

  144. Brenda Elliott Says:

    Women have many advantages over men, like we’re allowed to beat our husbands and men are forced to open doors for us.

  145. Starr Says:

    My theory on this whole gender thing is this…women are the ones who hae to fight harder than anybody for what we want, we bring life into the world, we’re the ones who want peace, we are the multitaskers and we are the ones who are strong enough to take on anything. But men are taught to believe they are superior to us, so this is why they feel they need to keep us down and tied to the kitchen as their servants. As much as we would love to beliee we are all equal…I strongly believe that women will always be the superior of the genders, because of all we can do. But it is the fighting that makes us stronger. Men never had to fight for anything in their lives, because men pretty much get everything they want, no matter how evil they can be. Even in the next several hundred years when the male species will become extinct and we find ways to procreate without males, the world would be a much more peaceful and good place to live in. Women would see each other as sisters. I for one could stand to live in a male-free world, even if it does take a long time. But I believe it will happen one day. This is why women, unlike men, deserve respect.

  146. Stacy Says:

    I hate to admit it…. but I seriously believe now that men are superior to women. Yep.. let’s face it girls, men built our civilization and we are completely dependent upon them. Men are also more intelligent than women: STUDY PROVES ITS TRUE! My Bible tells me to respect and honor my husband and I do it with great joy! One day, we are going to be sorry we ever disrespected the gender that gave us civilization, and.. well.. just about everything else…. Women may give birth, they they only can through men, which scientifically speaking, are the true “source” of life…

  147. Jessica Says:

    Stacy…you are so wrong!! Men may think, or like to think, they’re better than us, but that just ain’t true!! WOMEN are better at EVERYTHING than men are!!

  148. Starr Says:

    Women rule and men drool!!!!!

  149. joshua Says:

    i don’t think women are better than men or vice versa. i think people are people no matter what gender, or race, or backround we are.

  150. unknown Says:

    men can be so immature and ignorant and mostly selfish sometimes.

  151. unknown Says:

    oh well, whatever im out of here.

  152. kylie Says:

    men are pigs. i hate them.

  153. Rachael Says:

    I don’t think women and men are altogether better than one another, but I think we applaud women more than we applaud men, because of all we’ve accomplished in life. And I also think we tend to feel more sympathy for women.

  154. Madison Says:

    Females will always take priority over males.

  155. Michael Elser Says:

    For The Original Poster!! What is this crap about women being superior because they can create life? Women Don’t Create Life!! God Does!! Women are basically incubators that process a Man’s juices that carry the code to create life. Despite what you read in the bible about immaculate conception women can’t self procreate.

    In a relationship if a woman is possessive, controlling, jealous, overbearing, hypocritical, and depressed, this is caused by her own issues that she is trying to blame on a man.

    You bleed one week out of a month and this is a man’s fault!!
    Your breasts start to sag by mid 20’s,this is a man’s fault!!
    You feel used and discarded after a relationship is over, this is a man’s fault!!
    You feel stupid because of your action’s, this is a man’s fault!!

    Wake up and take responsibility for your life and stop blaming men for everything wrong in your life.

    If women are the bosses in a marriage then it is a disfunctional one, because marriage is a partnership and is not meant to be abusive.

    If a man goes to his room in the house to get away from his domineering wife then he is the very definition of an emasculated ass!!

    No woman should control every facet of a man’s life unless the man is defeated and he does that becuase she is blackmailing him with no sex!!

    Women in general see themselves as sexy, even if they weigh 400 lbs, and they obviously don’t look in the mirror in fear that it will detroy their fake confidence!!

  156. Michael Elser Says:

    To Madison; Your a very funny person, and I guess in your little world women are superior, but in the real world women are paid less to do a job a man wants her to do and in marriage which is a partnership only beaten men are wimps

    It is not men’s faults that women are so manipulative and conniving, I think that is all your fault honey! Fact: Women and their bodies become pathetic over a short time most likely by their mid 30’s where men tend to age more gracefully.

    If women are smarter and men are dumber I guess I should give my three college degrees back and I don’t deserve my $150,000 a year job, Half a million dollar house or $50,000 car

    I can boast the fact that I run a company as a PM(That is a Project Manager) if you can’t muster up the gray matter to understand the acronym.

    Every woman that works under me works as a laborer and none of them work to improve themselves they all just put in their time and leave. Considering the amount of women in the workplace their are very few leaders and that is afact!!

    So next time you get on a rant try and get your facts straight. I feel sorry for any man who falls victim to your control theories and your issues of superiority!!

  157. Michael Elser Says:

    To All: Lets Examine Why Women Are So Sexy!

    I will state for a fact that I am a heterosexual male who loves, loving women for what they are feminine.

    In a natural state for a woman who do not take care of herself she has hairy armpits, hairy legs, and many other flaws

    Women are forced into doing certain things to remain women and that all started around 1915 when they advertised shirts for women that exposed the underarm area.

    That basically means that all women up to that time were competing with men by being hairy, stinky members of past society

    Why are women better than men? Because they are sexy? No!! Most women would never acknowledge that they are sexy and certainly not because of any fact like comparison to other women

    I can’t think that your average feminist is all that appealing either, because they typically are trying to compete in a masculine world with men to prove that they are smarter, and more in control

    Better living through cosmetic chemistry!

    How many women every day trowel on the makeup over the moonsize crater zits to hide that fact?

    How many women have 7 inch nails to make them feel more violent or masculine?

    How many women wear black panty hose to hide the fact that they didn’t shave today and they have the skin texture of sandpaper(Extremely Course)?

    How many women smell like yesterdays tuna suprise, but in fact there is no surprise?

    How many women get boob jobs to make them feel more confident with other women, because God has betrayed them and given them these little mosquito bites?

    Women are perceived as sexy for one reason, because the seperation of Men and Women is so extreme that it raises a sexual focus and that is Men like a smooth female body that smells nice and looks appealing.

    Women get tattoo’s also for one reason, and that is to appear untouchable or “Bad To The Bone” and men are supposed to be afraid of them. Actually we are afraid of them, because we feel that if they want to destroy their bodies in tattoo filth that they don’t care about feminine hygiene either..

  158. Madison Says:

    Michael, I want to apologize for calling you a **Male Chauvinistic Pig** I just caught my period and boy was it nasty. I realize that the reason for my foul mood is that I know that women are really foul tempered jerks who believe that because they can have children that gives them the right to rub everyone’s nose in it.

    I realize the reason that men don’t marry women today is because they want to make sure that they can get them pregnant first, because the children is what they are really after.

    God help the world if a woman is put in power over a man, because we women see ourselves as God’s because we can carry a man’s seed for nine months and produce a child.

    The truth is many women fail today at being parents because they are either insane or unrealistic.

    Well I have to go I have this Rampaging Tuna problem and it is leaking all over the couch

  159. layla Says:

    i think michael needs to apologize for his sexist views on women! >:(

  160. layla Says:

    anna…shame on you!! it is women like you who have created the “sisterhood crisis”!!

  161. Stacy Says:

    You know, I love how we can freely express our opinions in this great country (founded and built by MEN). Countless men (NOT WOMEN, MEN!!!!) selflessly sacrificed their lives to fight for freedom of expression (my brother is among them) so we can say the things we’re saying now…. this is why I say: men are superior to women… Sorry Jess, get over yourself and just give credit where credit is due: men built everything, even the computer and internet you’re using. Every brick of your house is there because a man put it there. The only reason you exist is because your father sought out your mother and impregnated her with HIS seed, which she incubated. Face it, Jess: we are the inferior sex.

  162. David Avery Says:

    Thanks, Stacy for an interesting post!! I think you and Michael raise a few good points, although Michael seems to be deflating the feminine mystique, and perhaps more than needed!!

    He stated that today a woman needs to be a feminist to be considered an equal in the world, which may have some credibility. Most women that I know wear pants and not dresses and they threaten to punch any man who doesn’t agree with their views.

    If a woman is hit by a man in the same situation he is a woman beater. Do woman cry when the see a mouse and jump up on the nearest chair? Do they curl up in the fetal position when they can’t handle a situation? Is every word that comes out of a woman’s mouth attitude?

    These answers can’t be easily answered, because everyone one is different. For every man that says a woman can’t do something it makes a woman more aggressive to prove the man wrong and all of society

    I liked the world when women were feminine and that was good enough, but today a woman exerting herself in a man’s world is viewed as a masculine trait and it takes away from the person what makes them a person

    Its too bad that women feel that they are “GODS” when they carry a child to birth, because there is no personal intervention on a woman’s part besides “eating for two” that would enable them to have any part in the creation of a child

    In the definition of a “God” it would state that a unique trait or power to bring change through their actions. In the case of a woman giving birth 99.99% have the same ability and that does not make them a god. That makes them 1/2 of a binary process to create life and unfortunately their part takes longer than a man’s participation

  163. Madison Says:

    I have to think all of you spewing this hateful anti-woman garbage are one guy!! Or a bunch of men who are threatened by women!!

  164. Bobby Says:

    I hate how these days, women feel that being “feminists”, or “strong women” means emotionally abusing the men in their lives in order to feel superior. Why do women always have to pick on us over every little thing we do??? Yet, GOD FORBID, we make one little comment to them, and BAM we’re turned into “sexist pigs”!!!! Do not get me wrong, I do not in any way hate, or dislike, women…but I just don’t like how us men are now being seen as inferior. I thought the whole point of feminism was EQUAL RIGHTS!!!!!

  165. Stuart Manfredgensen Says:

    Actually Bobby; women are not satisfied with being equals, but in fact being a man’s superior, because we can’t think for ourselves(Quoted By A Woman)

    Women are egotistical, and there are a few examples who have never been oppressed but have had attitude since birth.

    The basis of feminism is the belief that women can do anything better than a man, which is just not true

    I am sure that there are bitter women out there that have been through the men grinder, but they have forgotten why life is so important.

    Today’s woman sees one side of an argument and never takes the blame for anything that doesn’t work in their favor!!

  166. Michelle Says:

    Let’s put an end to this misogynyst/misandrist website!!

  167. Neutral Says:

    Hey, Jessica…isn’t that kind of unfair to say that of males? I mean, both males and females need each other, you can’t say, “Females are totally superior” or “Males are totally superior”, there’s always a compromise and the problem, really, is how big that compromise is. I think the question of “Who is better, males or females?” will never be solved, it’s just depends on how one looks at it.

    Still, it’s been an interesting argument.

  168. Stacy Says:

    Jessica, I sense some sort of fear of men in your posts… Why do you hate men so much? The idea that women don’t need men is ridiculous. Women will always need men, and probably more than men will ever need women. The nature of the male allows them to be the initiators and the creators, anyone will tell you that. Women are naturally passive.. even in reproduction – it is the male that seeks out the female, and the active male seed fertilizes the passive female egg. Civilization as we know it depends completely this process, and it is the men who initiate and build it. If you take a look at matriarchal societies, like the ones in Africa, you will see that they are extremely primitive. Even still, they need men in these “societies” to procreate and just to keep the dang predators from wiping them out. Patriarchal societies, on the other hand, are always initiating new concepts, creating, and building, because it’s in the male’s nature. Without men, we’d still be living like animals. I, based on my own personal opinion, believe males to be superior to females (and I am a woman), because of this. I am also deeply worried, because revolting against this God-given nature will ultimately lead to the destruction of civilization as we know it. And unfortunately, it seems that we’re headed in that direction.

  169. Simon Says:

    I personally am sick and tired of all this “women-are-better-than-men” bullsh%t!! Because women are constantly at our throats and on our backs over every little thing, and yet we’re supposed to just sit back and put up with it and kiss your feet! Yet when it’s the opposite way around, women are supposed to be “empowered” and “strong” enough to leave us. It’s like women are the only people in this world who matter, but us men are just supposed to be sperm banks with little, or no, substance.

  170. Joanne Says:

    To #152.The reason why men “created civilization” is because wome freaking stayed at home to raise civilization numbskull.

  171. 9th grader Says:

    wow u guyz are all adults rite? well… wow this was interesting to read. The reason why i was in the first place is cuz i\’m doing a debate in English and our topic was \”life is easier fo men\” and i got the side that agreed. well… this was good! although when i got this topic i did believe it since i had experience of being a girl in her teenage years and being looked down upon. but now reading this, i feel that people who hate eather sex don\’t know anything. sure women do have it hard, but we do have our special pionts and even though men may seem to have an easier life, they have it pretty hard. but i just wanted to say for all those people who think one gender is more superior than the other, well think on all the good and bad points first before writing about some comments that may hurt other people\’s feeling. But i have nothing against you thinking it. u can believe what you want to.just be careful what you say!

  172. 9th grader Says:

    forget about the last comment, u guyz can say anything you want since this is an argumet/debate.

  173. Airforce1s Says:

    yeah I guass wat ever was said was true. women dont need men. men need women.

  174. k Says:

    wow..i can’t believe the stupidity of comments about this article. Men and women are EQUAL, no one gender is better than the other, it’s just that each gender has unique traits good and bad in their own way. Get over it!

  175. Mike Says:

    man, Jessica seriously needs a life! Women are better than men? WTF. I thought we are all created equal! This article is just too stupid to comment on. Peace out everyone.

  176. Jason Says:

    If there’s one coherent piece of information I gained from Jessica’s responses, it’s that women are far far more superior to men in modesty :) lol

  177. Jason Says:

    As an afternote to all us men too inferior to woman in perception, that last was called sarcasm :P

  178. Rachel Says:

    I don’t understand how us getting it easier in life makes us better than men (Jessica). That’s like saying in a race with the tortoise and the hare, where the finish line is a foot away and a mile away respectively, and saying the tortoise is faster cuz it got to the finish line first!!! Sound ludicrous? Probably. Try reasoning out your own arguments, maybe you’ll find the same thing. Everything plays into how women and men act today: biology, society, history. What purpose does it serve to say one sex is better than the other? If a man has wronged you, maybe you should think of the times you have wronged them. Obviously, you think beating a man is acceptable, you applaud the fact that there are more charities for breast cancer than prostate cancer, etc etc. I want you to defend your position, make a reasonable argument for how you are right Jessica. On the other hand, why are there only men defending men and women defending women? Open up your eyes and start doing something f-ing meaningful with your time.

  179. Rachel Says:

    Jennifer – You say the reason more effort is put into women’s cancer charities is because it is harder to treat than men’s afflictions? Then in the same post you tell men to deal with the fact that they will live shorter lives than women. Anyone scratching their heads on that one?

  180. Greg Says:

    To the author of this article:

    1. Men have to ask women permission to do anything? Both sexes are capable of being the meek one in a relationship. If one partner gives the courtesy of asking the other, does that really make them inferior? My kitchen isn’t controlled by my wife, i do as much cooking as her. And anyone who says we don’t share the rest of the house is crazy.

    2. Kids are bound biologically to their mothers at birth and during bonding post-birth. In most relationships today, the kids spend more time with the mother (despite more women working). So your point there may be correct, but I fail to see how that makes women superior to men. And the saying that men have a “retreat” to escape their wives…that’s influenced by social norms.

    3. As for a woman not being able to harm a man….WHAT???!!! Just because it is less socially acceptable for a man to abuse his wife, you are saying women are superior to men? Another invalid point. Men are, for the most part, capable of greater physical damage, but not psychological. Women are superior to men because they can take advantage of them? Wow. Have a sense of morality, would you?

    4. Men CAN take care of themselves and are very capable of taking care of women and vice versa. Men need women more than women need men? On what grounds? And just because you don’t want a man, but men want you, try not to take that as reference for the entire human race. Maybe they are giving you the impression of want because THAT IS WHAT IS SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE. Men are expected to express their needs more openly than women. That doesn’t mean that all men do it, and it doesn’t mean that only a few women do it. It’s just what is expected.

    5. Correct me if i’m wrong, but 50% of DNA comes from the male and 50% from the female. The female carries the life, and that inspires alot of respect, not only from other women. I think the most honest thing you said was that it is a wonder to behold. True. I have a son, 5, and my relationship with my wife couldn’t be better. Yes we have arguments, but not over something as trivial and pathetic as this.

    If I was a woman, I would be appalled to read your points…you pretty much say women are bossy, in some cases cruel, and love to take advantage of men. And that makes them superior :( Both sexes play a huge role in life, so stop dithering over differences. You should love the opposite sex and stop defending your own like you’re at war.

    Good luck with your life.

  181. menlo Says:

    I think the whole men vs. women thing has gotten out of control. Feminism started by saying women should not be restricted to the kitchen if they were qualified and able and willing to do other things–which is correct. There are women who are smarter than some men, and vice versa. But it should be a woman’s choice of how she wants to live her life. Instead of stopping there, it has become an anti-men movement by women who don’t like men anyway, and want to recruit more women to their way of thinking. Sounds like we have some of those on this post. Sadly, the things we hoped men would change have worsened in some ways (my mother and her mom never had to deal with the type of objectification we do). A lot of men who would have been pigs anyway now use feminism as an excuse to be an ass, and we see many of them on this post as well. This whole argument is counterproductive. There are men who are jerks and if women were smart we would not bother with them and they would shape up or go away. Same goes for overbearing obnoxious women. Men should choose their mates carefully–maybe look beyond the size of her hooters before you get stuck with an overbearing b@!@$ and then blame every other female on the planet. For the rest of us, we can find a middle ground and what works in our relationships…whether he works and she stays home, vice versa, or any combination of the above. What happened to couples both sacrificing for the other like real human beings who care? All this “It’s all about me” crap is horse–s@#! Time for the adults to stand up and go live a productive life and leave the whiners to waste their time complaining all day.

  182. hear odrocab Says:

    Men and women are equal, in a way they compliment each other. Men are the source of strength for women and women is the source of inspiration for men.

  183. Jason Says:

    …and vice versa.

  184. Almighty Says:

    fact is that women and men ARE both equal no one gender is greater than the other……..end of story..

  185. Jason Says:

    it’s impossible to know what gender is “better” when you are basing it on arbitrary references.

  186. yannae Says:

    fact that men are made to be a leader in a family but… it can’t be denied that men and women should have equal part in a family in order to have a happy life….

  187. mimiey Says:


  188. rubin Says:

    Wow, there’s some good points made here (and some low ones). The fact is society has changed…women have become more assertive and society revels in that, seeing it as a righting of an imbalance. Unfortunately, there are still some imbalances to be righted AND new imbalances have been established. Women still aren’t represented fully, but this is on the mend. Where women are respected for being outspoken about their gender, men are seen as sexist for the same behaviour. A few posters mentioned men should be more outspoken and protect themselves. To do so is risking alienating themselves…not just from women, but from other men who see them as a woman-repulsing plague. On both “sides” of the issue, there are “extremists” that do nothing to further society, but instead add to the friction. Men are pigs? Maybe in 50 years when all transplants will be pig organs :P Women rely on men? You need to get out more. Issues are being addressed and that is to the good, but don’t get so wrapped up in pro-feminism arguments that you fail to see it doesn’t really matter if one gender is superior to another. Personally, the best friendships i’ve ever had/observed have been boy-girl/girl-boy. The genders are meant to be together, stop prying them apart.

  189. happy woman Says:

    This list is the most BS I have ever read!! I am happy to say that nothing on this list applies to me, except for the giving birth part, but men have a huge part in that too. How sad that you feel the need to try to emasculate men to make your self feel better as a woman. I am sure that any man married or in a relationship with a woman described in this blog is unhappy, and probably out looking for a REAL woman. Nothing on this list makes sense. It just sounds like another attempt of some ANGRY misguided feminist trying to put down men.

  190. mistressdolly 's inferiorxy Says:

    Look at the chromosomes. XX vs. Xy makes it pretty obvious.

    Females are superior because they represent the entire human being.

    The male is inferior because he is, from a very real genetic standpoint, an incomplete copy of a female.

    He is a derivative, subhuman mutation, designed for sexual reproduction.

    After providing sperm, he’s quite disposable, and our society shows this in many ways.
    While there are always exceptions to every rule, it is clear that most Women have it all over men in the areas of balanced judgment and intuition. Recent research about the differences between Female and male brains now proves it, too. The main hub for emotion and memory formation is larger in a woman’s brain, as is the wiring for social and empathetic skills. It seems nature gave us Females tremendous powers of observation and an ability to attune to our senses, to make judgments based upon the more advanced communication between the emotive and analytical. After all, without these qualities, we wouldn’t make very good Mothers, would we? Our lives aren’t spent mindlessly gratifying our sexual needs, or kicking balls around in a field.

    Genetically, Women are more complex than men. Men are more prone to a number of diseases, and Women usually outlive men by an average of seven years. Women bear the most vital sexual organs. Women on average use more of their brains than men. Women have a higher pain tolerance than men. Women generally have better sensory ability than men. On average, Women are healthier than men of their own age.

    Outside of making sperm, Women have proven they can do anything just as well as a man can do—and often better—but the same cannot be said of men. Men will never carry and give birth to a child. Men will never breast feed. Men will never have the maternal instinct and natural intelligence Women possess.

    Seeker vs. Source and the principal of least interest.

    But let’s not be so hard on men. After all, they obviously have their part to play in procreation. Someone has to be the one who chases, and that is certainly the male role. This is not something to be discouraged—so long as it’s done right. Men’s animal desires become the impetus to pursue and serve Women, and that’s not something I’d change at all. I find that so long as a man is bred well and knows his place, it is a pleasure to enable the slavery he suffers to his own senses; it is the invisible leash Women have enjoyed tugging at the necks of men for thousands of years and will continue doing so for thousands more.

  191. mistressdolly 's inferiorxy Says:

    Regarding the “process of evolution,” — It is in fact sexual adaptation that created the male of the species in all modern complex animals. Ancient forms of life either had no male, or the male was very small and simple. In mammals, the male is big and complex indeed, but you can’t ever get away from the fact males are here only as a result of a reproductive strategy nature took to create combinant genes. It’s not like nature evolved the male forward past the female; the male is a variant of the female to accommodate a reproductive stratagem, and nothing more. He is and always will be a copy of a Female.

  192. mistressdolly 's inferiorxy Says:

    Men now make up only 42 percent of the nation’s college students. As the playing fields have leveled, Women are outperforming men in almost every category. [Source]

    Men commit a substantially greater amount of violent crime than Women. Of the total number of homicide victims in a 2004 study, 78 percent were male and 22 percent were female. A breakdown of the data by gender showed that 90.1 percent of the offenders were male and 9.9 percent were female. [Source]

    Girls develop and mature faster than boys.

    Recent findings in modern biology suggest we may someday be capable of scientifically-assisted pathogenesis (reproducing without males). Hmmm…
    Studies prove Women have better memory than men.

    The current highest recorded IQ belongs to a Female. Marilyn vos Savant (born Marilyn Mach on 11 August 1946) is an American magazine columnist, author, lecturer, executive and playwright who rose to fame through her listing in the Guinness Book of World Records under “Highest IQ.”

    There IS significant difference between the chromsomes, namely that the Y chromosome is smaller and contains markedly fewer genetic components than the Female X.

    male Y is in fact a mutated version of Female X.

    It is a derivative of X.

    The Female chromosome sequence contains far more genetic data than the male’s.

    The Y chromosome is in fact degrading and in trouble, because it does not build or repair itself with each generation.

    It is in fact an exact copy of the previous father’s Y. That how we can trace lineage in men reliably through past generations.

    For the record, Women actually on average have better memory than men, and use more cross networking in their brains than men (emotive and logistical). They have more “white matter” in their brains, on average.

    Culture shows how it does favor the Female by putting the male in harm’s way first.

    Men are always willing to help a lady out, protect her, and do dirty, dangerous work for her.

    A man’s place is written in his DNA. Why do males love to look at and kiss the feet of females?

    But in reality, no matter which way you cut it, every male was conceived in, born from and raised by a Woman. Your idea that this is a man’s world is ludicrous and it always has been. Women has been alongside men, every step of the way, guiding them, inspiring them and renewing them.


  193. july Says:

    all men should bow down to to their superiors whick are women we control you we can destroy you

  194. Joe Says:

    Ok there’s a site called “men are better then women”, go to it and to the author of this page for the love of god, “who is a man”, shut the hell up… Oh and moron above, its spelled W-H-I-C-H, so you can bow down.

  195. David Says:

    1. The superiority of women is fairly obvious. Isn’t it? ever see a professional ballroom dance or figure skate routine? Who’s in the superior position? Who is the star? But you say the male is stronger? So is the elephant a man may ride. Does its strength make it ’superior’ to its rider? What we see in ballroom dancing or paired figure skating is art, that is, a figurative or symbolic expression of life.

    2. Women are beautiful, and men are infatuated, fascinated by that beauty, in a way that women cannot be fascinated by men’s comeliness. Can you not see woman’s beauty as the mark of her superiority? Even dominant men in BDSM relationships secretly desire to become the girls they trample over.

    3. To be habitable and companionable, men must be domesticated by women. Is man’s beastliness consistent with a claim of singularity? Woman is more human and therefore superior to the brutish male. She is the aristocrat of our race.

    4. Aristotle taught that the generative principle resided exclusively in the man, who planted a seed in the passive receptacle of the female. But after the invention of the microscope, we discovered the human egg is much, much bigger than those little smarmy sperms. Surprised?

    5. Woman is the biological primary, the sex that reproduces itself. Man is a deviation therefrom. Ask any biologist. That’s why men have nipples. We all start as female, but only some of us get there. Those that don’t remain frustrated girl lovers, who either incorporate the female role be being gay, or spend their days trying to batter down the gates of the body that excludes them. The reason the biological secondary thinks of itself as primary may be explained by social structure and interactions with other social groups. Males in the primal horde, ranging ahead for food and as scouts, encounter other males similarly situated. These interactions create the myth of male primacy, and the females coming up behind are referred to as “wo-men,” that is, the creatures who are “with men.” But if the truth were known, it’s women who are really men and vice versa. Think about it, guys.

    6. And besides, women are stronger than men. That’s why they live longer, pal.

    7. Finally, women are plainly more intelligent than men. Look who excels in college humanites classes. If guys were intellectually superior, wouldn’t they triumph there? And consider this: if men were really more intelligent than women, they’d be the first to grasp the points I’ve made above, which they must resist on account of their wonderfully impenetratably thick skulls. These are the guys who have to constantly go to their wives every time, just to find their car keys.

  196. David Says:

    Oh, one more thing. I see in today’s news that “Mars is wet.” Think about that.

  197. brandon green Says:

    I agree for the most part with what you are saying. I have been considered “above average” in looks most of my life and belief that my intelligence is high. So to the best of my ability i have reversed and revenged the things that you describe. I have led women on,stood them up,reniged(sp?)on marriage,misrepresented myself and critisized their looks to their face in front of people. I consider it “Sweet justice”!
    Brandon Green

  198. mc Says:

    sorry to burst the bubble, but this article was supposed to be funny, not factual
    and sorry but if you write “this is too stupid” or “you guys are all stupid” or something like that then does that make you stupid??

  199. Mistressdoly's inferiorXy male. Says:

    Women are more valuable than men.
    It takes an entire month’s cycle for the viability of an egg, whereas sperm—the disposable male reproductive cell designed to deteriorate after its purpose is ended—is produced by the millions daily.
    Eggs are never ejaculated frivolously and wiped up with toilet paper or a sock. Consider that.
    And why do boys have nipples? Because in the womb, we all start out as Female—two perfect XX chromosomes. Only when an alternate gene is introduced does the developing embryo become XY (male)—a mutation of life’s original template, produced to accommodate the necessary process of sexual reproduction. In short, Women are complete human beings, and men are nothing more than genetically modified Women.

  200. deliah Says:

    womans are stronger like man.not fizicly but mentaly.also..woman can better sport the pain like the man do..have a men ideea what pain have a woman when is pregnant or born a kid?man dont know what is thinck woman are not that smart.they say thsat man discover everything in the world.why?cuz womans was treat loike sclave inthe past and even iff they wanna say something nobody lett them.

  201. caesar Says:

    Let’s face it.

    Men create civilization. You women cannot write your stupid comments here if we men didn’t create Internet and Computers at the first place.

    We men create physics and math theories, telecommunication systems, buildings, bridges, cities, transportation systems, law, economics systems, political systems, medical and health science, mass education system, to name a few.. oh that’s only left brainer… I think women are better in right brain..


    The best paintings, sculptures, music composition, plays, literature works were also created by men.

    Even men in girly job like CUISINE and FASHION, men are BETTER imagine!!

    We men also create military technology and wars. We men create civilization but we can also destroy them. Women have no role in civilizations, except giving a birth to our children.

    It will always be like this to the end of time. No matter how hard a feminist try to SAY about women being equal, they WILL NEVER BE EQUAL. It is just a truth.

    We have superior physical strength, intelligence, creativity, determination, ambition…

    Wake up women, and do us a favour, cook a better meal for us.

  202. mufashka Says:

    wow wasting time on a site like this, you must have been burned by men big time!
    hopefully you’ll find the right men here…

  203. Marcus Says:

    I don\’t understand why men always have to be so competitive towards women. Women always have to try twice as hard to compete to men because men always seem to find ways to try make them selves sound bigger and better. The comments left by most men here are way more sexist then what this little article says. Women are just trying to have fun and men always have to take that away from them. I mean come on there is a site dedicated that men are better than women. How? My mother raised me struggled to have me nearly died while giving birth to me, my mother works comes home and works again. A woman\’s job in my house is never done i always help my mother while my father sits back drinks and watches his football. So you sit here and tell me how are men better then women. And to the person who said you dont need a women to have kids, thats a load of bull because the artificial womb is still years away to being complete and you tell me how many people will be able to afford that procedure? Many people will still stick to the normal birth ways.

  204. goose Says:

    Very funny points indeed.Women flirt their way up in corporate world and not bcoz of their talent.All good scientists and managers are men.What significant thing has done by women to this world?it’s always been men throughout the history.
    Why do women have special day for them if they’re not weak?Why there is a stupid movement called feminism if they’re strong?Take any field men are always better,smarter,faster,stronger etc. be it in sports,science,politics,philosophy.

  205. dw Says:

    If you are secure in yourself, you don’t have to put another down, regardless of gender. I see a lot of insecure people here. I don’t feel optimistic about the future of the human species based on the comments I’m reading here. Do everyone a favor – become happy and secure in yourself, if possible. Be true to yourself. You will benefit society more by following your happiness, rather than hating based on gender. Time to grow up.

  206. wow Says:

    I am glad to know what all the stupdiest people in contemporary society are reading these days. At least they are sticking to one website. Just, wow. All of the above commentors should get thee to a tink tank. Does Washington know what’s going on here? I need to stop looking at this trainwreck, but it’s so hard.

  207. Human Being Says:

    Sweet Jesus.
    I read all those “women are superior than men” and “the Y chromosome is inferior” comments… and I facepalmed so hard, my brain popped out of my head.
    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people?
    Where’s the goddamn EQUALITY?

    And for the whole “girls are better at school than guys” question: plain lies.
    Every person is different than another, there are smart guys, dumb guys, smart girls and dumb girls.
    There are many, many factors that should be considered for a person’s intelligence: for example, how a children is raised, his/her passion for studying, his/her curiosity, and so on.

    But NOT the gender he/she belongs.

    I feel so sorry for the women who think they have to submit men, and for the men who WANT to be submitted.
    However, going like “Make me a sandwich” or “lol women are inferior” is despicable as well.
    SEXISM IS WRONG, ALWAYS. Revenge/hatred is NEVER the solution.

    Now. It’s a good thing that women got the rights they deserved. Obviously, I’m for Total Equality between the sexes. I always despised the whole “War of the Sexes” concept.
    I love women, and I respect them. But I also them to respect me as a person. This is not a matter of gender. Respect is vital.

    There is no reason for the whole male gender to feel guilty for the sins of some.

  208. LOSMD Says:


  209. Human Being Says:

    I’m all the way with you Mike.
    You completed what I have said in my previous comment.

  210. david davidson Says:

    You know, Jerry, it seems to me like you just gave 5 reasons why you feel that women are better than *you* while managing to say nothing about *men* in general. If you want to prostrate yourself before the ‘matriarchy’ as a lowly, unworthy male then fine – have fun. But, please, leave the rest of us out of your submissive lifestyle fantasies.

  211. Da Man Says:

    This is the dumbest thing I have ever had the pleasure of reading. This is a man’s world. Make up all the dumb lists you want. Nothing will ever change that fact.

  212. Individual Speaks Out! Says:

    That else can I say but…wow.

    There’s been a lot said here, covering almost everything single veiw anybody may have on this subject. From the actual content of the article, to dear old Britney (haha), then to a bunch of people just fighting that their gender was better then the others.

    BUT the people who used this crucial word hit the nail right on the head: EQUALITY.

    C’mon people! We can waster out entire lives fighting that women are complete human beings, XX proves this, that women use more of their brain (more emotive, logistical, more memory etc.) That more women get master degrees, and that they are more intelligent and creative. And theres that thing called “pro-creation” (kinda important people :P )

    Then again we can also waste our lives saying that men are better: physically stronger, dominant in nature, protective and that they have built civilasation up from the ditch in where it first started…also men are claimed to be smarter and better at sport (also paid higher wages)


    Both men and women seem to have different qualities that ALL contribute to society. But then again people, remember this can be generalisation. There are plenty of creative men out there, and plenty strong sports women too!

    There is a simple truth that ive noticed some of us have admitted too, whilst others know it deep down but just havnt admitted it…yeah its EQUALITY!!!

    Men need women and women need men. Men want women and women want men. Men cant be without women, and women cant be without men. Not only does “the miracle of life” prove this, but alos in everyday relationships. I have found great friendship in both male and females.

    Now every man who says: “It’s a man’s world, always has been and always will be!” IS WRONG

    And every women who says:”Girls are simply better and men are all sexist pigs! IS ALSO WRONG.

    Times are changing people and we change with them. Until then though me and others like me will have to keep on waiting for the world to relise MEN AND WOMEN BELONG TOGETHER IN EQUAL HARMONY AND EXISITANCE!

    I know some of you wil agree, others will continue with this pointless banter of men are better! and women are better!

    Howver this society is still some what male dominated. It has been this way for a while now aye? Im all for equal rights though as per usual.

    HAHA BY THE WAY: Has anyone noticed I kept saying an example with a man before a woman? And how wo-man is like “with-man”. Further proof of whats left of a very strongly ruled male dominated society…but like i’ve siad TIMES ARE CHANGING! :D

    I refuse to beleive I live in a world and a society in which women and men sit on different levels.

    So c’mon people see the truth STOP IGNORING IT. Anyone who feels the same way feel free to say so (u might just make my day).

    And for those of you who havn’t guessed…Im female and proud of it but at no point in my life will I think I am above another human being because of some fickle reason like GENDER!

    Thank you to anyone who agrees, and for those of you that don’t…be enlightened. You all know it, quit denying it already.

    Thx again people ^.^ hope you enjoyed this!

  213. Me Says:

    Wow ok after reading all these comments I have to point out a fact. Women need men and vice versa. I also think that the view of feminism has been taken out of context over the years. It was created so that women could be considered as equals with men, not to create a bunch of whingy women who now need to be more then equal with men. I think that in relationships there is no “head” of the household. If you can work together in the relationship there wont be any conflict it is that simple. I recently also read an article on top ten reasons why men are better then women and I have to say I am a little disappointed that one member of both sexes would stoop to this. I have to agree with Individual Speaks Out with this matter. There is no seperate planet for both sexes we exist solely on the same planet. Lets get over this mess and start to actually realise that the other sex is not the enemy here.
    Peace out

  214. The Punisher Says:

    You need a dick in you so bad.

  215. charlesbronson Says:

    The Punisher Says:

    September 20th, 2009 at 1:43 am
    You need a dick in you so bad

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…men also make better comedians.

  216. StevenK Says:

    woman can create life. not without a mans seman you can’t! men put up with womens crap for sex that’s it. not too many uses are you?

  217. sexismsucks Says:

    NO MORE SEXISM! People that judge on sex are just plain stupid.


  218. Ya'll Need Lives. Says:

    goodness you people! i am just a sophomore in high school writting a debate paper that i have to choose a side on and being a girl of course i am supporting women so i have read most of yalls comments… stacy… are are out of your mind hun. you make some valid points but how could you seriously and openly come out and say that you are an inferior sex?… doesnt that make you feel bad at all? how could you even bring God into this when you are saying that men are superior? i’m pretty sure God sees us all the same and you are going against what He says when you call yourself inferior to a man. men do contribute a lot to the world but women do too. yes it is true that a woman needs sperm to make a baby but there has to be a woman for that sperm to have a job. people that say women need a man to concieve a baby is totally on the right track but when you say that men dont need women to make a baby you are seriously on some crack. im not sure how you are going to manage that but good luck.

    now it is true that i typed in ‘why are women better than men’ into google but that is just because of my debate paper. all you other people on here need to find some lives dude! i mean seriously. are you really going to have an argument with people you dont even know because you are bored? do play outside. just like you tell us kiddos. :) GAH! this really just pisses me off because men and women are equal and they both have their strong attributes and they both have their bad things going on. yall are just going to have to get over that.

    oh and i do think society is a pain in the a-s-s to women because we are so supressed for no reason other than we dont have a peenie.

    thats how i see things.

  219. Bobx Says:

    Women are like extremely useful. Their ranting gives us napping time ._.

    No but seriously,
    without women=end of humanity
    without men= end of humanity

    So thats my reason as to why we are equal ._.

  220. Blaze Says:

    I disagree with everything mentioned by the author. Women cannot take care of themselves, very few can. All men are expected to and can. If men were allowed to hit women again, do you think the first three points would even exist? All women can do is be a bearer of a child, only because the Lord made it so. If it were physically possible for a male to give birth, we wouldn’t whine and howl in pain like women do. Women have mood shifts and try to boss everyone around. Men don’t need women more than vice versa, look around; how many single men do you see successful in life and how many women do you see? A man can have (especially Saudis) upto even 9 wives. No woman is married to more than one man, we actually have self respect and honour.

  221. Erik Says:

    After the push for equality of the sexes, humans don’t seem to have learned a goddamned thing, as evidenced by your hate-riddled vitriol. True global peace will never be achieved until people like you either change or die out.

  222. ironnmanne Says:

    We let you ladies have the house because all we want is for you to be happy since most women are nesters……we also want access to your body whenever we need it and a house is used to house our stuff (you ladies). You may be able to bake a baby in your lovely baby-maker oven and take all the credit for bringing our lovely children in the world, however, the nine month process cannot and will not start without being activated with the life juice that us men manufacture effortlessly…. for you shall not have a legacy without the seed of men. You bleed every month in anticipation of the union with the juice for you cannot be the highest thing you can be without it………a Mother.

  223. pd Says:

    oh geez………………….

  224. Sparky Says:

    By the way I have an IQ of 161 I am the top of my class have a photographic memory can read at a rate of 150 words per minute skipped first and 5th grade and am proud to say am smarter than any delusional ignorant naive incompetent women.
    P.s. I’m a senior in high school and no I’m not a vigin ;)

  225. ASHA Says:

    my name is asha and we are doing a debate on why girls are better than boys and we NEED REASONS HELP
    i am in a group with three people lisa and Lilly so please give me good reasons i am 12 and go to albury west public school our debate is in two days i am the third speeker the rebutter SO HELLLLLLPPPPPP PLEASE

  226. Jeffrey Hailo Says:

    Check out the follow up article.

  227. sam Says:

    well for sparky god made u and he loves u so belss ui

  228. faggot Says:


  229. Jeffrey Hailo Says:

    why do you think this deserves a 3/10?

  230. Gary Says:

    If men need women more than women need men, how do the 1 in 6 males that are gay (including myself) cope? And why are only 1 in 12 *women* gay? Do they need men too much?

    Anyway, women smell of fish and periods.

  231. Bandara Says:

    Good topic, it reflects the western view towards the world and the men vs women competition in their culture. This is wholy a thing that should be understood goegraphically and not globaly.

    Why most people think that they re higher than their opposite ?

  232. Stormcloud Says:

    Men have always been superior.

    Men wrote all the great symphonies, figured out astronomy and the laws of mechanics and motion, wrote the best rock and pop music, invented the computer you’re using now and the language you’re speaking with, excel at chess, are better at EVERY sport and always have been, make the best movies, and have written the greatest novels you are too illiterate to read.

    Women’s achievements? They write books and posts about how great women are because they can have babies, something dogs and pigs can also do.

    Sorry, I’m not impressed.

  233. Ally Says:

    You people- with exceptions to the few posters who are SANE- are complete and utter idiots.
    You CANNOT call yourself a feminist and then say that “women are better than men” because that is NOT what feminism is about. At all. Feminism is about creating rights for women that are equal to mens rights.
    EQUAL, PEOPLE. Which is what we are.

    And you are being so general in your examples- “women are too bossy” What, all 4 billion of us? Idiots.

    Women and men are equal to one another. That is it. That is all. Now stop.

  234. matt. Says:

    ^^ i agree with her. completely.
    this has gone on for too long, and the sooner we agree that men and women are EQUAL the sooner the gender wars will stop.
    and lets face it, men cant live without women and women cant live without men. if either was removed, it would be the end of the human race.
    so yes, lets just stop.

  235. Samuel:) Says:

    … well technically, they have created synthetic sperm now.. so women could continue the human race without men.
    BUT no i agree with you too ally and matt, we are equal.

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  237. Insanity Says:

    We’re equal…..both the sexes are amazing in their own way

  238. Lateeshaa Says:

    I thiink thaad Women are more superior to men becaause we caan multii taask waay better and moree men/boys are stupid at times and women caan manaage theere self a steem and Women memorise everything and can bee more respctful to men than men being respectful to women :)


  239. Lateeshaa Says:

    Stephaniie Rock from Lateeshaa:)!!:)

  240. Lateesha Says:

    Hello Unaa is thaa beest, Steephanie Rockk, Vannessaa iss Kewll:)

    FROM: Lateeshaa Va’aua Galuvao!!

  241. brandon Says:

    ^Idiot. Plain and simple.

    Men are the better species. The main reason is that we are more logical beings than women, who tend to think more with their emotions.

    Facts show that men are statistically smarter, faster, and stronger than women. Even the things that women are \”supposed\” to do, like cook, the most renowned chefs in the world are predominantly men.

    The argument about creating life, yeah, do it without a man, then say something. And don\’t get me started about Jesus by bringing up Virgin Mary, as there is no real evidence of a man named Jesus that was more than a regular man.

    Women are emotionally superior, that\’s it, and when it comes to decision making, that\’s not a good trait.

    Get trolled

  242. Simply legendary at CoD Says:

    Hmm. Well we could put it this way. Men are statistically better in all things physical, are less whiny, and are smarter in the sciences (statisticaly), however women are more in tune with their emotions, are more rational, and better at raising kids. Which is why men usualy provide whilst women usually raise the kids. There are exceptions both ways to this rule, which basically proves that men and women are equal but different.

  243. Individual Speaks Out! 2 Says:

    I must admit, this post if directed to the sexist basards out there ;) Also for warning, I beleive we are all equal, regardless of gender. This hate is only for a couple of individuals.

    So, I have to be honest. Some people have really dissapointed me here. REALLY dissapointed me.

    Honestlt people, I ask of you, what’s up with all the people who feel a need to say their gender is superior? Really? I’m sorry, but I really can’t respect people who think this way. Why? Because it just doesn’t work that way.

    I’m also honest enough to say I’m a tad (not at all overly) emotional over this. It makes me think there is no hope for the future. Now, why would I be upset over this? It may be because I feel like my gender just got smacked in the face! Sure, there are some women trying to say they are better too, but some of the men that have posted here are ignorant twats. If you care to scroll up reader, you’ll see why I feel like I just got punched in the stomach.

    Some of the following things I’ve been told about being female include the following: I will never acheive anything, I am not as smart as any man, men play a ‘bigger part’ in child birth (?), I will never be successful, I can not provide for myself, I am a “whiny bitch”, I’m good for nothing but sex and raising children and my only purpose in life is to become a Mother.

    Because that’s all I can ever be.

    Pardon my French friends, but how fucking dare you! The sterotypes/generalisations you’re making are terrible and demeaning to your own, might I add non-exisiting intelligence. example: “Men are the better species.”: Same species. Dumbass. Some of the things I have read today have made me sick. And whilst I wish I could wait to write this more level-headedly, except rage is in part fueling this post.

    But some individuals need to be addressed, go up and read their awful posts:

    Blaze: “You wouldnt howl in pain if men could technically give birth” Oh hahaha this made me laugh :) Honey, when women give birth down there is stretched to about 22 times its usual size. Thats like me wrneching on your dick till it becomes 22 times bigger. Yup, I bet you would be silent as the death.

    Sparky: It seems you gave many a reason why you hate women, by the sounds of it. Proud to say your’e “smarter than any delusional ignorant naive incompetent women.” How do you except people to respond to that. You little twat. You also actucally listed your acheivments/reasons why your’e better? Well now, ahaha, you feel a need to PROVE your worth to strangers on the interent. I can’t help but think one the reasons women have been oppressed is because men have felt a need too…just saying… You also mentioned you weren’t a “vigin”.Either you don’t know that you can’t lose your vignity to yourself OR you slept with an ignorant/superficial/unintelligent bitch. Why do I say that? Because you pretty much stated all women are exactly that. I don’t care about your photographic memory, or your 150 word per minute reading average. Your an ass. Who needs to get over themselves.

    There are so many side to this debate, but I can’t discuss them all right now, so I have chosen to defend women’s equalitly. NOTE: This is not directed at all men, I love you guys ;) just noy the asshats.

    I unhonestly wasn’t aware of a sign that said MALE PRICKS WANTED. I’m sorry it had to come to that some individuals, truly sorry.

    Peace out friends.

    And to those who are not my friends? (i.e sexist twits?)

    Rot in hell.

    Have a nice day!


    Read more:

  244. MrAshish Says:

    I’ll refute each argument you made and show you why you are wrong.

    1) If men didn’t ask for your permission you would divorce him over that reason…thats how unreasonable women are. Its your disgusting need to be in control of everything that makes men just pretend to care what you think. So you are the child in this case where we let you make decisions and pretend we needed your confirmation.

    2)That is solely dependent on the situation, kids mostly side towards the person who is on the morally high ground and with woman that is rare. So that is your opinion not a fact.

    3)how does this make you superior? are you stupid? this one actually shows why men are more civilized than woman.

    4)Are you still living in the 18th century? Woman these days are all over men, now i’m not saying men don’t do the same thing but its not just men this argument goes both ways.

    5)You conveniently forget that you still need a man to actually create life, woman can’t do it alone. its more like men are the power source and you are the little machine that only works when you are supplied with that “power” from men.

    You are so stupid, if i replaced the title of your argument why men are superior than women it would make more sense. All you demonstrated here was how unreasonable woman are and how they lack basic reasoning skills.

    p.s. please don’t assume i hate woman but your arguments were too stupid for me to just sit back and not answer.

  245. not tellin Says:

    how da hell do you make babies without a man

  246. Lee Says:

    Hah, so true.

  247. Ron Says:

    Only5 reasons? I can think of 105 reasons that show women are by far not only better but superior to us males. When you look at the overall picture. it is we males who are the weak sex and more males die at every age than do women or girls. More important, with inreasing pollution, males are dyijng even faster before birth as most of the miscarragew would have been male. It us to be about 50 more males than girls but now I think it is much higher that that so that instead of 106 males being born for every 100 girls to keep things even at marriage age, more girls are being born in some areas. In fact, in one area of Candada, 3 girls are being born for every male. MALES are an endangered gender and women will out live males by a long shot but they are smarter than males so they will find a way to help humans exist even if it is with out or with very few males.

  248. Ron Says:

    july Says:

    July 27th, 2008 at 4:54 pm
    all men should bow down to to their superiors whick are women we control you we can destroy you

    You have that right because we have our testicles between our legs for women and even young girls to take advantage of. In fact I think young girls should be taught how to use testicles to their full advantage. There is a reason why they say “If you have them by the BALLS their hearts and minds will follow.

  249. dean Says:

    my dick is huge

  250. Kathy Says:

    Dean said his dick is huge. Is that because you are a nothing but a prock as most males are?

  251. Kathy Says:

    Hey Ron, there are many studies to show that if we had to measure with 100 being the top score. women would be superior in about 85 of them Males would be superior in about 10 with us being equal in the rest. Of course half of those things males are better at are not good things such as killing but they do a lot better job at killing other males for which I am thankful. If males have to kill, I agree with much of what has been said in other places, let them kill other males, not women and children.

    As to having a male by his balls, it does work, simply ask my husband and former boyfriends. I had them follow me into a room full of women by grabbing their balls not not letting go until they were stark naked in front of a dozen women. More prove about the weaknest of males

  252. Amy Says:

    It is not just pollution that is killing the males. Almost everything kills males more often than it does women and girls. Even insomnia appears to kill males but not women.

    Insomnia kills. That’s the central finding of a large study looking at men who complained of chronic insomnia and slept fewer than six hours a night.

    Men with insomnia were more than four times as likely to die as “good sleepers” during the 14-year study, published Wednesday in the journal Sleep.

    Add hypertension or diabetes, and men with insomnia were seven times as likely to die as those not suffering from sleep problems, the study found.

    “We were expecting to find something, but we were surprised by the magnitude of the findings,” said lead investigator Dr. Alexandros N. Vgontzas, a professor of psychiatry at Penn State College of Medicine and Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

    Self-reported chronic insomnia plus lack of sleep among women did not result in more deaths among women.

    I also see they were trying to make excuses for the fragile male by saying “Insomnia among women could be less severe, or the study did not follow women long enough.” However, later it said they studied 1,000 women and 741 men, with an average age of 50. Of that group, 8 percent women and 4 percent of men complained of chronic insomnia and slept fewer than six hours when they were measured in a sleep laboratory so it seems that the most likely cause of the male deaths from lack of sleep is that males are much more fragile than women. How else do they explain a lot of male deaths and then state chronic insomnia plus lack of sleep among women did not result in more deaths among women. I know people do not like to hear it, especially males because we all know that the male ego is fragile too but this does show the superiority of women and if the males can acknowledge they are the inferior sex, maybe they can get help in the many areas they are weaker in.

  253. Amy Says:

    Research that shows that boys born to mothers exposed to phthalates had smaller penises, and a whole host of problems which are now referred to as \\\\\\\”testicular dysgenesis syndrome\\\\\\\”. These include reproductive abnormalities that are strongly linked to the later development of testicular and prostate cancer.

    Mother nature knew the weakness of the male as compared to the female and that is why 106 males use to be born for every 100 girls. Males die more often at every age and even before birth, it has been found 150 males are conceived for every 100 girls so 45 die even before birth.

    However, in the past several years, more girls are being born than males. In one area of Canada that is heavily polluted, 3 girls are being born for every male.

    End result, I find it hard to believe that BPA is helping males. If anything, it is showing that males are the weaker sex and if anyone doubts the superiority of women, one has only to watch the males disappear. Don\\\\\\\’t worry however, before that happens, women will find a way to reproduce without males. I am also sure women would than come up with a solution to bring males back since most of us do want the males around. So males admit your weakness compared to women and seek help in these areas even if they are so many.

    Since posting this, I have seen many other reports of the many ways males are at risk. There are too many to not listen to what these studies are saying about how fragil the male really is. I know much more is being spent on women\\\\\\\’s health but maybe we need to spend some more on male health too, if we want to keep the males around.

  254. Amy Says:

    BPA and other chemicals have adversely effected males much more often girls. The fact that the male is actually by far the weaker sex is revealed in that in all but two of the major categories of birth defects (nervous system defects and endocrine system defects) had a higher prevalence among males.

    Further evidence that the male is the weaker sex and that they are so by a great amount is the documentary film entitled “The Disappearing Male” was first shown on CBC in June, 2009.

    :// (add http in front of the : )

    “Where have all the boys gone?”
    “Millions of males are disappearing.”
    “We’re on the Titanic and we see the iceberg but we just can’t turn the ship.”

    “It may be a threat to the survival of the species.”
    The claims behind the rhetoric are that male to female sex ratios at birth are decreasing, sperm quality and fertility are decreasing, and genitourinary birth defects like hypospadias

    // (add http in front of the : )

    are becoming more common. The film blames environmental chemicals, especially endocrine disruptors, and it claims they are causing “the most rapid period of evolution our species has ever seen” and that this may lead to our extinction.

    95% of us have elevated levels of it in our bodies, and the younger you are the higher the level is likely to be. The problem is, even very low doses of bisphenol-A have been repeatedly linked to increased incidence of low sperm counts, the earlier onset of puberty, insulin resistance and diabetes, prostate and testicular abnormalities, among other effects.

    Notice again, almost all of those affected are male.

  255. Thomas Says:

    Ok I am a male and I always thought men were superior. Although this is called why women are better, I have to admit over the past several years I have realized we are not superior but thought we were more equal. After reading this and other things such as a book called “The Natural Superiority of Women” (which another male gave me to read) I have to admit, reluctantly that women are superior and I will admit it that they are so by a great margin, not just a little. There, I have said it and my testicles are still intact. I certainly do not think men should be slaves to women as one here has suggested but we do need to admit women are the superior sex for our own good. In a way, it is good to admit this as it relieves me of all the macho stuff. From now on, I will be able to admit I do not have to prove I am a man and I can let the women do all they want without my hindering them? I guess if all males did this, we would all soon realize just how much more women are superior to us males. It would make us look pale in comparison.

  256. Thomas Says:

    Ok I am a male and I always thought men were superior. Although this is called why women are better, I have to admit over the past several years I have realized we are not superior but thought we were more equal. After reading this and other things such as a book called \”The Natural Superiority of Women\” (which another male gave me to read) I have to admit, reluctantly that women are superior and I will admit it that they are so by a great margin, not just a little. There, I have said it and my testicles are still intact. I certainly do not think men should be slaves to women as one here has suggested but we do need to admit women are the superior sex for our own good. In a way, it is good to admit this as it relieves me of all the macho stuff. From now on, I will be able to admit I do not have to prove I am a man and I can let the women do all they want without my hindering them? I guess if all males did this, we would all soon realize just how much more women are superior to us males. It would make us look pale in comparison.

  257. Thomas Says:

    Oh I did an unofficial survey and asked about 50 men and 50 women who they thought were superior. Half the men said women were but they would not admit it openly. About 10 men openly said women and the other 15 said it was the males hands down. Of the women about 30 said women were, 10 said it was equal and 10 said males were. It would seem that more of both sexes are starting to think women are the superior gender. It would be very interesting if some major pollster did an official poll on this topic. I sure would be interested in knowing the official results.

  258. God Says:

    Nope, lol. All humans are equally worthless :)

  259. Keith Says:

    All humans are equally worthless? I do think more males are worthless. I work with several women and one of them has a sign on her desk that said of course God created males first. You always start out with a rough draft before making your masterpiece. Often we do see people saving the best for last and I think God did too, We can see everything got better so why not with humans? No I do not think women are perfect but they are a lot better than us males.

    SCORPIO Says YES. Women ARE better than men in EVERYTHING.

    Kate Says: I feel strongly women are in every way superior to men

    I have always tended to think this but did not want to admit it. It is good to see some other males do admit they think women are superior. I think Kathy hit upon something when she said

    \”As to having a male by his balls, it does work, simply ask my husband and former boyfriends. I had them follow me into a room full of women by grabbing their balls not not letting go until they were stark naked in front of a dozen women. More prove about the weaknest of males\”

    Kathy, while I can understand how women can get a male to do this, how can we males get a woman to do it to us? I have had a couple of male friends tell me about their girlsfriends busting their balls literally and they all said they really liked it for some reason. I am interested in trying it but how do we get a girl to smack our balls without them doing it so hard we will get damage from it

    Anyway, from what I have read here and in checking other places, I guess I am ready to admit women are the superior sex.

  260. Cecil Says:

    Prostate cancer doesn’t matter because it’s funny when men die.
    Men can’t be bossy or stick up for themselves because it’s domestic abuse if they do. If they get stabed in the kitchen for arguing, there are no consequences for her. (yes I speak from experience actually). She doesn’t get her way, she leaves, he pays for it monthly and never sees his kids again. Again, it’s funny when men suffer.
    A few of you women ’standing up’ for men are transparent. Every single one of you would doubtlessly have an orgasm if you got to see your husband, son or father burn to death.
    As to Kathy and how cool it is to treat men that way.It’s awesome when men are abused, or suffer and die. Although saying that, and acting like that sort of debunks your own claims to both strength and moral superiority. How strong are you that need to mistreat another human being to feel good about yourself?
    My only question is why ya’ll don’t team up with ssss to harvest sperm from teen boys and then go ahead and kill them while their young? Problem solves, sperm donor handles and with no men in the job market no ATM is required. You could also afford a riding mower.

  261. Cecil Says:

    No genius, this is exactly what feminism is about.

  262. Priscilla Says:

    Okay I’m a woman and I don’t agree with what this chick is saying but you guys might wanna try not being sexist in return it’s kina immature and you sound like a bunch of pissed-off children pointing the finger at all woman because of what 1 woman said.

  263. Priscilla Says:

    I do think the men need woman more thing is valid every man I have ever met or dated has been more stuck to me than I am to him and in every relationship i\’ve seen the woman has left the man in divorce or break ups other than vice versa I am dating a guy currently and I\’m pretty sure hes more crazy about me than I am to him he is always huggy and wont let me walk most of the time (not bad) but he will follow me everywhere just like my last bf even to the bathroom and can\’t really get the fact that if we are together we don\’t have to be in the same place at the same time always, anyways men are the ones going for the kisses and hugs and asking for them this is all that i\’ve seen from my friends and the things they talk about with the men and the stuff we joke about also men could just be more affectionate and thats not a bad thing. (This isn\’t ment to be sexist btw)

  264. Priscilla Says:

    I do beleive the roles are reversed in my relationship, I am passive and in my past 2 serious relationships both boyfriends started playing father and having little lectures with me when my schoolwork wasn’t done while they were doing bad in school and slacking off…-_- anyways they liked playing house like girls tend to do, they play mother with there bfs bossing them around, I did talk to both of them they were smart understanding guys so they realized there behavior and stoped right off it was really no prob, but they call the shots on what movies we see I am the 1 sitting through movies I don’t care for, but I guess I just don’t care so I let them honestly there are things that there just so exited about and I’m not going to get in the way when I don’t really care about movies much, my bfs have had more of a heart than me and love animals (I do too) and i’ve heard storys they would never tell anyone ;) the roles are always reversed in my relationship but I guess I need someone to lead me because I’m layed back and I’m not the best at making decisions about stuff so there like my savior sometimes I am not a woman being dominated though these things I wouldn’t not want my men to change different people need different things I guess and they always ask me if things are ok and disscuss stuff with me too I always just don’t care much so whatever there leaning toward usually.

  265. Cecil Says:

    Your assuming it’s an issue of need, and that women haven’t played a role in stripping modern men of feeling the need for independence Priscilla.
    These women do in fact represent the overwhelming majority (north of 90%) of women, who see men as sperm donors and wallets with no value outside of what they can spend. Men standing up for themselves and being autonomous is now criminal. Women are to blame for that, yet still women are the victim even when it comes to men who have been neutered and not being man enough. He’s wrong if he does, he’s wrong if he doesn’t.
    As for your men being more attached than you, what you are basically saying is that you, and women like you, have a diminished capacity for love compared to men. This I can definitely believe. Maybe they aren’t too stupid and pathetic to care for themselves, maybe they are just can’t stop loving you. A woman could never understand this.

    In my entire life I have met 2 women who had even a small moral compass, or real empathy, and only one of them consistently takes responsibility for her actions. Women take pleasure in harming men, it seems to be a biologically rooted desire. They can’t, however much it is deserved, be held responsible for anything they say or do, because should stfu and take what they deserve? Misandry is not just acceptable, it’s a good thing.
    You can argue that women are so unblemishable, superior and anything else you want to, but if you hold them to the same standards as men, 90% of the women on the planet would be in jail or in a hospital bed right now.
    You can take this as immaturity if you want, anything that disagrees with a womans point of view must be immature. My scar tissue, the chunks of metal left in my body (which I must have deserved, right?), speak an entirely different truth. Women like these (and you), would seek to absolve your sisters of consequences even if they took the life of your son, your brother, your father.

  266. RMR Says:

    Additionally – Don’t go off calling me somekind of sexist man-pig. That is just like saying i’m racist because I don’t like Obama’s leadership as a President.

  267. Kathy Says:

    Keith said:

    “Kathy, while I can understand how women can get a male to do this, how can we males get a woman to do it to us? I have had a couple of male friends tell me about their girlfriends busting their balls literally and they all said they really liked it for some reason. I am interested in trying it but how do we get a girl to smack our balls without them doing it so hard we will get damage from it”

    Keith talk to your wife or girlfriend and tell her what these males told you about liking women to bust their balls and feel her out. It may be better to talk to her when at least you are naked so she can see how aroused you are thinking of it as from what you said, I am sure you are. Then say you do wonder why they like it and wonder what it would feel like. Then suggest she do it to you lightly so you can find out. When she does, ask her to hit your balls harder and if she only gets one, tell her your other nut wants attention too and suggest she gets both of them. When she has had the best sex she had in years, she will want to bust your balls more often and I think you will want her to also.

    Or you can ask her if she has heard the term about having males by the balls and being led and tell you she could not do that to you and dare her to try to lead you around by your balls.
    Another way is to wrestle with “no holds barred unless it is covered ask her and to wear a swim suit and say you will be completely naked to even up the playing field and remind her that no holds are barred as long as it is exposed. Act like you are trying to protect your nuts but make sure she can grab them, maybe by facing her and having your exposed balls in her face or by her hands and if possible, maybe you can let her have several of her girlfriends there to watch to make it more fun for you both.

    One other way is to talk about what should happen to rapist and tell her how to defend herself from them and that you will show her how to grab them by the balls, twisting them and squeezing them as hard as she can and also let her practice kneeing your testicles and kicking them (lightly of course, we do not want her to really BUST your balls.
    This is another place you can let her have several of her girlfriends take part in and you can say it is not “sexual” even though you would be naked and they could also grab your balls as your only interest is to protect them from perverted males but you have to tell them to make sure the women remain dressed.

    After she does, let her know how much you enjoyed her hitting them or grabbing them and that it turned you on but she would have been able to see this already since you will have been rock hard most of the time she is hitting your balls.

    If she does not already know males are the weaker and inferior sex, you can use this to show her the first way males are weaker and start helping her learn that males are inferior to most women. It will be liberating when both of you acknowledge the superiority of women and the inferiority of the human males If she goes along with having several girlfriends over for some fun, you can help all of these women know of their superiority by demonstrating your inferiority.

  268. Keith Says:


    I got my wife, two of her sisters and a couple of their girlfriends to try the “sefl defense” course thing. They were a little but hesitante at first but when I told them I would be the ONLY one naked and I would not touch any of their private parts although I had to be naked so they could actually grab my balls, they all went along with it. I think we all enjoyed it except for a couple of times when the wonen got a little to aggressive and squeezed me too hard but it was OK after they helped nurse them back to health. Several of them have asked about a “REFRESHER” course in a month or two and if they can bring some of their girlfriends or daughters. I OK the daughters as long as they are over 18

    Thanks for the good tips. They sure saw my tip and it was hard and very moist by the time they all had their turn.

  269. Sam Says:

    Women are better because men have had to hold them down for centuries (due to their insecurity) before advancing society on their own. (You know, the whole “eliminate the competition” before starting off from where you are, tactic.) *wink*

  270. Sam Says:

    P.s. And now it seems man\’s nightmare is coming true as women begin to leave men in the dust when it comes to college!

    All those years suppressing them with \”you\’re not smart enough to catch up with us.” Their proof? They simply help them back with laws/force.

    And now, it seems the old wise phrase is true. “Those who say it can\’t be done, shouldn’t get in the way of those doing it.”

    Precisely what men have done over many a century.

  271. Doesn't matter Says:

    Who invented electricity? A man. Who invented the best things in the world? Men.

    What have women invented? I can’t think of anything important that has been invented by a woman.

  272. The Truth Says:

    1. The reason we ask women for permission to do things is so we don’t have to listen to them nag on and on about it later. It also increases our chances to do some nasty things to them in the bedroom that they seem to enjoy….swallow that logic.

    2. I don’t know who you are with, because the last time I checked, what makes a relationship healthy is when you both make decisions. I’ll handle how we spend the money, and you can handle what we’re having for dinner. See, its a two way street.

    3. Shawn Merriman > Tila Tequila

    4. Guys don’t need women, however they do need their moist meat curtains. That’s the only reason any guy starts talking to you in the first place. And we can’t take care of ourselves?!? Where do you think that deli meat comes from that you put on our sandwich? The whole vegetarian lifestyle came from some woman who couldn’t get a man (probably b/c of her looks or her inability to get grass stains out of his pants) so she had to fend for herself and pick some berries.

    5. Have you heard of dolly the sheep? I’m pretty sure scientists created that animal. If you haven’t heard of it, I apologize it wasn’t in 1996’s Woman’s Day Magazine.

  273. Mr. Mike Says:

    Gay men are obviously not a part of this equation. I can take quite good care of myself, my partner, an adopted son, our home and still put out 5 nights a week! The logic (?) behind your argument assumes that all men, like all women conform to a rigid standard that I find to be complete nonsense and which only proves that women, too can be bloody idiots…but please feel free to carry on proving that point!

  274. shut up sss Says:

    sss the reason why we went to war was because back then peaple took charge. today everyone is too pussy and afraid to stand up and fight, for themselves not because of one specific sex hard ass.

  275. Backtothekitchen Says:

    What the hell is this *crap* about women creating life? They are pretty much a fridge for our sperm. Men create the life, women are just storage.

  276. Common Sense Says:

    Well, I’m so glad to see that there is no shortage of morons who will blindly follow Hatemongers. Thats a good puppy, don’t think for yourselves. Thinking is bad – it hurts the brain…

    Feel free to project your own selfloathing and -hatred onto the opposite gender, I’m sure they deserve it.

  277. My IQ dropped while reading this Says:

    Irony at its best. I wonder how one is supposed not to get cynical when one grows older.

    When I grew up, i had this really idolized view of women doctrinated into my head: Women are cleaner, don’t have so many vices, are more gentle than men etc. Everything nicely put in black and white.

    Now, I’m middle aged and I can only say: What a load of crap. From personal experience, I have yet to meet a Man who can be as cold hearted and cruel as a woman. Thing is women don’t go for physical violence usually – they go for charackter assassination and emotial violence. And boy, can women hold a grude… better not piss her off, because 20 years from now, you might regret it.

    God save us if ever Women take over all our leadership roles, because this will be the day that mankind is doomed. Say goodbye to progress. Then, wars will not be fought for ressources or ideology anymore, but for petty revenge and ’she said my ass looks fat in that dress’.

    I wonder how anyone can think that decision-making on basis of emotional state is a sound practise. Wake up! It’s not! Its insane! As is this ‘proof’ stated on the superiorty of women. Why again must there be a superior gender? Is this some kind of fascistic fetish some people have?

    Get this: MEN and WOMEN are DIFFERENT. Thats a fact. They look different, they think different, they have different priorities. And this is a bad thing? Women can do some things better than men, and men can do some other things better than women. So what? I can’t design a nuclar reactor – do I go to the internet an write up some stupid essay why im superior to a nuclear scientist? No i don’t. Because its stupid. As are your comparison. Why don’t you give us 5 reasons that apples are better than oranges? Same thing.

    Well, as they say, there is one born every minute. This Only proves that the saying is not exclusively applicable to men.

  278. Jonny Needle Says:

    My man response to Women’s blind self righteousness:

    1: I never, ever have needed permission from a woman. First clam of this article starts out with BS. A guy like that should go back to mommy. HE’S NOT A MAN

    2: I don’t care about the kids… being bound in an argument cause the woman is supposed to be the gentle nurturer…but if you think a real man runs, you got another thing coming. I don’t run, I pick you up and put you on the door step like a dog until you decide to behave. The man cave idea is cause men need little to be content…not to hide out. Women need closets the size of a man cave to be happy. Tell me, who’s the weaker mind there?

    3: Men come back out of weakness and care? First off if a man cares I wouldn’t call it weakness. Any woman that considers it such for being cared about should be kicked out the door for lack of respect. And that’s what me or any real man would do. By describing it the way this article did, it’s basically labeling women as cold hearted b*tches and that its ok to be that way ’cause men are “tough” (which is hypocritical in this articles point to begin with). But if you hurt me or try to hurt me…trust me, I’ll be happy to rip that pretty little ego of a woman’s right back down to size and laugh in the face of her tears for thinking she could get away with trying to hurt me.

    4: Generally speaking, especially due to the class of women anymore guys only want women for the night. Not any other reason. Girls talk a tough game…but I still get those 2:00 in the morning phone calls from ex’s that miss me. I don’t call them. So who needs who? Women are a dime a dozen and easily replace.

    5: Whoopty Doo…so women can grow life. Last I checked it took two to make it though. Doesn’t make one sex better then the other. So you get to be miserable for 9-10 months…sounds to me like its more of a punishment then a blessing. You ladies can keep that for yourselves. I’ll be at the bar with my buddies having a beer while you try and deal with your raging hormones.

  279. Tim Says:

    You women don’t bare life. Men and women are equal in the creation of life. You can’t grow without a seed. There’s nothing about your argument that gives one valid point as to why women are better than men. Women take care of themselves? Men can’t? That just makes me laugh. These are stupid generalizations based upon YOUR life. And there is no reason as to HOW these opinions would make women better than men.

  280. Dale & Craig Says:

    Point 1; notice how you use the word control?? That doesn’t mean you are head of the house it means you’re controlling and like to boss people and your husbands around. They hide in their “den” because they don’t want to listen to you they just want to shag. You can be proud boasting your fake authority status as being the master of the house, but I would like to remind you that all important authority figures, both now in present day and history have always been men apart of the anomaly of Margaret Thatcher becoming Prim minister who sent the country in to a riot. Also men a can piss standing up anywhere they want, and can have particular fun writing there names in the snow

  281. Zach Says:

    Ok, first of all, it is MEN that pretty much dominate this society. Alright? We hold all the accomplishments in this world. I haven’t seen one thing that a Women can do better than any Man in this World. Yet we see certain Men who can do things better than any female. To address your article, women do not dominate the house alright? Only those weak, pussy, nice guys are the ones that get bossed around. But the majority are strong, dominant, confident men that take charge and wear the pants in the household. WE make the rules. Not the women. To your second claim, children don’t always side with the women in an argument. They just choose depending on who talks more and seems to be talking down the other one which is often Females because they talk too much. Children don’t listen to the logic in an argument. By the way, how does that make Women better than Men anyway!?! The 3rd, your right. We Men don;t want to hurt women. It’s when Women become a pain in the @ss and nag too much is when we want to hurt them. It seems that when a women hits a man, it’s all good because he always supposedly “deserves it” a women can curse at a man and say whatever she wants and even slap him. But it’s still all good. But when a Man hits a Women it’s considered Domestic Violence and you get put in jail. To the 4th claim, that is not true. Men can take care of themselves! I think you have been watching too many shows where you see the man sitting down relaxing and getting served everything while the women does all the work. Well in my family, my Dad does all the house cleaning, cooking, takes care of 5 kids and manages to cover 3 jobs! He is 53. He is a very healthy man and has did it by himself. Men are not kids. We know how to take care of ourselves. It’s just in some cases we are too lazy or tired. Of course it’s easy for a Women to find another Man. They just shake their ass and it’s like a freaking magnets to all the Men. Ok? So a Women can give Birth, that makes them better? Let me tell you something, Women couldn’t give birth unless a Man releases the sperm in the vagina. Which is what a man produces! If there wasn’t men on this earth, women wouldn’t be able to give birth in the first place! So basically the world needs men just as much as women.

  282. dom Says:

    “Women can take care of themselves whereas men can’t.”…you surely did not expect your article to be taken seriously with the inclusion of this statement, so I doubt you have any confidence in your “5 reasons why women are better than men” assertion.

  283. Kellycat Says:

    The reason women are superior is the fact that so many men agree. Go to any website and you will see men wishing they were women. Especially when it comes to his genitals, that most men dislike.

    As a woman, I am very much surprised about the many men who dislike their testicles, the very center and core of your manhood. It almost seems that all the problems of being male, are due to your testicles and the only advantage of being female is that we have none. Perhaps men are over looking the good qualities of manhood, and neglecting the good qualities of being female. There is more to being a woman than not having those things between our legs. We are mothers, the only one that can have and nurture children with our breasts. It is true that girls are born healthier and are often smarter then boys in grade school and out number men in college. But men also have their muscular strengths, and most women would choose not to live with out men. And most of our scientist are men, and women have not and perhaps will never catch up in science. And although women do live much longer then men, few men would want to live their last years in a nursing home without their mate.

    All women want is the chance to be equal, in what both genders are equal to, that is our brains and leadership. The world has know many smart men and women and all that we want is for us to be equal where we are equal, and let other differences lie where they may be.

    Lastly I love the comment that us women have got our men by the balls. First of all women do not think about sex as much as men. We sort of think about it more in our fertile time of the month, not every moment like a man. And true when we do have it, it is certainly more lasting and longer then a male, but face it guys it does not happen as often, but I will say it seems that the female orgasm is better and more intense At an early age young girls are taught by their mothers and older sisters that if they are bothered by a man, there is this weak spot in the groin that we can kick, to disable the bum. Then as girls grow older they see it for them self when a guy gets hit in the nuts in sport, or if she is courageous, she will attempt to hit or grab a boy in the nuts herself to prove their weakness. But that is as far as it usually goes, unless a gal is molested and she uses it in self defense. Then boys come, love comes, and here we have that stiff thing, with those testicles below. Personally, I never knew what to do with them, always afraid that I might injure them, so the guy says “hold them and give them a squeeze”, so I do it to make him happy. So he is really the one who wants a girl to have him by the balls, I guess to think that I as a female, I have this magical power over him. So in the end the expression that \\\”women have men by the balls\\\”, is a man thing that happens only when a man wants to be dominated by a woman.

    That so many men want to be dominated by women, is really amazing to me. Perhaps more men are taking seriously biology which clearly shows that females are superior, and the fact that girls are born so much healthier, so many more women in college, and of course the fact that women live so much longer, proves that women are superior.

  284. Meeeeeeeeeeeeee Says:

    Hmm… Ever noticed that women,female and she have men,male, and he in it? In buddhist culture it is that to a woman a husband is god, a son is a boss what does that make girls? When Ever I have to say my gender I always say GIRL coz it doesn’t have the word “boy” in it.

  285. TheManCake! Says:

    Well, my opinion is: Whats written here is crap, men are just further along the way, we do not bitch and we do not try to dominate you. Females have this hate built up against man because we \”supressed your ancestors\” Women are not smarter than us but they do work harder for their grades. all the great inventions have come from a man. we men need women to take care of us in ways we cannot with other men. im just curious, are there anything relevant why females are better than males? im not saying that what im saying is true but this is the way i see it! o.O

  286. zds;gbadsf;gbd Says:

    Anyone who automatically assumes they are better than another is already the worse person. A man doesn’t need a woman and a woman doesn’t need a man. Both sexes are neccesary for reproduction, but beyond that there is no physical dependence. If you think you are better than someone, then you shouldn’t feel the need to post it on the internet and hope other people will agree with you. If you are truly better than another person, then you should go out in the world and live it.

  287. Ronnie Says:

    1 reason why men are much better than women: We NEVER had a website/blogsite dedicated for men to talk bad/negatively about the opposite sex.

  288. Neurtall Says:

    Men as well women are best, because in difficult times a men would need his wife, and vice versa. Rape- instead of raping women why dn’t they be REAL MEN and gather some courage and propose the girls parents?! Women can be said to be weak but then we women are not men’s slave nor objects!!! cause behind every man is a women/ his mother.

  289. Samantha Says:

    LMAO really Ronnie? Ever heard of Dick Masterson and his VERY VERY popular blog?
    Fail. Do your research

  290. paul Says:

    all in all, men do get payed more in overall salaries. and women need a seed to produce life, so they cant produce life. men and a woman can produce life.

  291. paul Says:

    virgin birth sounds unholy, why would you do it, uness you mean in vitro.

  292. Dave Says:

    Women are superior hands down. I mean who wants something between their legs that has to be played with multiple times per day, and gets hard all the time? When a man gets hard he will do anything to cum, even if it means giving a girl anything she wants. Women are still level headed even when Horney. All men can think about is to cum.

  293. 23323232 Says:

    all of them are WRONG!!!! LOL women can produce life? without men you can’t!! you need sperm!
    Now men can pregnant by his sperm and artificial womb without a woman!

  294. rtgyukhjjt Says:

    my wife once tried to say something about her rights… whoop-dee-doo, she “fell in the stairs,” and there has been no complaints from beyond the grave, hahaha

    what a bitch, women are worth nothing

  295. anon Says:

    You are here because a man stuck his penis inside of your mother. HE created you.

  296. Porky D Says:

    As anti male bile goes, this makes the garbage written by female misandrists look almost rational. And perhaps that is what Mr White Knight is after – he’s trying to prove women’s superiority with his own idiocy.

  297. Lovekraft Says:

    Has anyone noticed how conspicuously absent husbands and fathers are in most reality shows today? The pedestalization of ’strong, independent women’ are usually a mask for harridans who failed to keep their family together.

    Behind every strong, independent woman is usually a man paying for it.

  298. lee Says:

    I’m afraid it’s an individual thing… :-) … unless you contribute
    to our world in a positive way you will always be in the inferior
    category. It doesn’t matter how many times you shout “I am superior
    because I am a man, woman or goldfish” superiority has to be earned
    from the things an individual does to change the world in a way where
    others may benefit, or where the planet may benefit etc…

  299. Tony Says:

    Jeffery, my honeysuckle

    “You need to ask for your balls back”. Just because you’re a wuss, doesn’t mean all men are.

  300. Double K rules! Says:

    umm ronnie… i think there is a website that talks really really badly about women…. very VERY badly… y dont u chek it out… its called and see for yourself how stupid men have become and how arrogant these men are… im not saying all men… just these idiot guys who think they can talk badly about women behind their baks….

  301. WiseMan Says:

    I am an man and writing this.

    This article lacks the punch. The last point should have been the first point. Also the fact that all men have come out of women is missing. That could have convinced many to say that Women are better than Men, as it is in many other species of this earth.

    That said, this universe is not made of equals, but balanced with the co-existence and cooperation of all beings (the so-called powerful and weak beings).

    According to me, there is nothing powerful or weak. It is only a particular situation or context that makes some powerful and some weak, and when that changes, the roles also would change.

    Unfortunately this basic truth of nature is conveniently forgotten by many! and we engage in these debates!

    (I agree that Women have a number of issues with Men, but then, claiming to be most powerful defies the logic of Nature. Also in the same breadth, I condemn men who say that they are the most powerful.)

  302. Glenn Says:

    When the women’s movement began in the 1960s, feminists denied that they wanted to take anything away from men. All you wanted was to have what men have always had. You wanted equality. When you started getting it, the more you wanted to be seen as being superior to men. Women get empowerment and encouragement. But men have always been expected to do everything on their own and any man that couldn’t was never a real man. Men have always had to take the initiative which is why most things were invented by men. Whether men’s decisions were right or wrong, it was men who at least tried to take initiative. Women usually only do things because they couldn’t get any men to do so for them. Media has catered to you man haters for almost thirty years because of your large numbers. It is your attitude that is causing problems, not mine.

  303. rrr Says:

    seriously, Jeffrey..if i ever met you and this “sss” bitch i would beat the shit out of both of you. Not only are you sexist, but you have absolutely NO source or references to call from except your own “feelings.” you two are disgraces, especially you Jeffrey. “sss,” if you’re a girl you would feel the back of hand to a point you wouldn’t even call the cops. know why? no, i wouldn’t knock you out. no, i would bring you so back to reality you’d realize your place in the world. totally unerudite and ignorant.

  304. someone Says:


    “Ever wondered why both World Wars were fought when only men could vote and why once women started having power the world finally started revolutionizing?”

    …ummm Women suffrage for the nations involved in WWII for the most part predates the war:

    Dates of women suffrage:

    USA: 1920
    UK: 1918
    German/Austria: 1919
    Russian Provincial Government: 1917


    Even if your bad history were true, your conclusion is a spurious correlation and shouldn’t be made. If we were to go by such spurious correlations then one could make (the obviously wrong) because women were given the right to vote, this caused WWII, a far more brutal and tragic war then its predecessor.

    Also historically speaking most revolutions have occurred before women suffrage, not after. But it doesn’t matter as this is also an irrelevant spurious correlation as the very act of revolution has NOTHING to do with voting. Instead, revolution is what people turn to when they CAN’T vote or can’t vote in any way that has a meaningful effect.

    As for your points 1 through 4 in your initial post, these points are are not necessarily true of any generally representative household (though may be true in the ones you are personally familiar with). But beyond being not necessarily generally true (where is your statistical data or peer reviewed study?), these statements are immensely sexist to both men and women as they establish and fortify a large number of unfortunate and sexist gender roles and stereotypes for both genders.

    Congratulations on your utter failure here.

  305. Augi Says:

    Lots of hateful misandrist women on this forum. Like Jennifer and others.

    It’s unfair that breast cancer gets more attention than prostate cancer.

    Women want “independence” and “equal pay” but still demand that men pay for everything and all the dates – even if she outearns him.

    Women are far more the selfish & narcisstic than men can ever be. Most men in general dislike women as people. Hell, most women dislike women as people. Men just put up with it due to the nature of attraction.

  306. nikhil shankar Says:

    hey jennifer you bloody fucking moron you dare to speak ill of men do you if i ever happeen to see you in real life i shall see to it that i shall damage your breast , vagina, and crush all your reproductive organs and drink blood from your body. i shall see to it that i shall see to it that i shall damage your pussie throw it in the public.i shall see to it that you get screwed up in your life for all the sexist comments written by you. during your death bead i want to see you vommiting blood.

    and jessica you female chauvenistic motherfucking assholes, feminazis like you dont deserve a peaceful death for all your sexist comments. you menstrual cycle should be painful ,that i should see you getting drained with with full blood dropping from your body.i shall see to that i shall tear your arms and legs and thorw it away to the vultures if i ever happen to see you. your children will not drink milk from your breast but breast. May you get raped throught your life and your pussy getting damaged and torn of

  307. j Says:

    Fucking sexist misandric pig. fuck you!

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