Five Features Male Performer Kdrt

July 9, 2013 by Jaap van Waveren  
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Five Features Male Performer KDRT.

Domestic violence into a nightmare for every woman. Weak and fragile stigma attached to women who liked to be the presence of trigger acts of violence by men.

Not a bit of fatalities due to bicker with your spouse fly. Wonderful memories of time no longer courtship as repeated post-marriage.

Though, frankly man, Äúberbakat, Äù KDRT perpetrator can be known since childhood.

If sniffing these features on your partner, immediately take preventive action before stuck in a hot conflict.

1. Often scornfully

Talented man became actors KDRT usually often throw insults at her partner.

Pronunciation, Äúgendut, Äù,, Äúpendek, Äù and others, initially it sounded like candaan. But if the couple mentioned you with this nickname while installing or harassing cynical face, should be careful.

2. Lowering pair

Performers also often lower KDRT partner and considers himself as a king should be treated jongos.

Asked to make a glass of coffee and deserve. But if he snapped and yelling, rude name.

3. Consider useless spouse

The man should be suspected as the perpetrator is almost always consider partner KDRT useless and could not anything.

He often seemed arrogant about anything can be done without your help. More danger if men start comparing again partner with other women.

4. Gag

Your partner often do not give you time to talk and think? You should be wary because this also includes features heavy-violent man.

Men with features like this always want to do anything suitable partner desires and consider the opinion does not matter. For this one, quite difficult to handle, because usually she does not want to listen to the advice of others.

5. Verbal violence

Indeed bumbunya household quarrels. But if accompanied by a rant that should not be spoken, or even be exacerbating existing conflicts.

If the couple began to hurl curse words, dirty, to threats, take action immediately. Verbal violence is the gate of physical violence.

If the couple began to foul you, nasehati slowly. Use the fine words and for the atmosphere to be relaxed. You all express regret over his treatment. But not to confide this session spark new conflict, yes.

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