Five Alpha Male Body Language Secrets for Superior Attraction

July 11, 2012 by Lewis O  
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The alpha male attracts more women. If you can learn how to display these five alpha male behavior traits, you’ll easily become a guy who magnetically attracts women.

What do Sean Connery, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, and George Clooney all have in common?

Well these guys all demonstrate the signs of the prototypical Alpha Male. Without saying a word, they’re able to show confidence and sexuality simply through their body language. This helps them instantly attract women.

Now I know what’s probably running through your head…

You might think that women are attracted to these guys because of their fame, looks or money. But you’re wrong. I would bet if you took away all of these things, women would STILL be attracted to these actors.

Why’s that?

Well it’s simple- these guys know how to show alpha male traits around women. Surprisingly enough, you can learn how to do the same!

If you keep on reading, I’ll reveal the secrets of how to become an alpha male with your body language. If you incorporate these 6 tips, you’ll be able to transform yourself into a seductive guy who can easily attract women.

1- Get rid of ‘Beta Male’ traits

Before you can become an alpha male, you must ditch all the body language traits which show weakness and inferior status. For instance, you should stop doing these things:

* Putting your hands in your pockets

* Fidgeting with your hands or fingers

* Slumping your shoulders down

* Folding your arms

* Looking uncomfortable

* Being afraid to take up space

If you can detect these mistakes and work hard to correct them, you’ll instantly start to show more alpha male traits.

2- Be confident

There is ONE thing about being an alpha male you should always remember…

Women love confidence!

If you display confidence with your body language, you’ll easily impress women. In order to show this alpha male behavior, you need to be calm and poised at all times.

Now if you have a problem with your confidence, I recommend you make an effort to fix it. So look within and find out what’s causing these unconfident feelings. Then work hard at fixing them.

3- Don’t worry be happy

A lot of “Beta Male” characteristics stem from nervousness and tension. If you want to act like an alpha male, you must learn to never worry about the outcome with a female.

Just remember that the dating game is not a life and death situation. So relax and enjoy your interactions with women.

Please understand that the body displays what the mind is thinking. By worrying and being nervous, you’ll display inferior body language. Once you remove your anxiety you’ll display a more alpha male personality.

4- Be relaxed

The alpha male ALWAYS shows a relaxed pose in every situation. So if you want to display alpha male behavior, you need to learn how to chill around women. Here are a few ways to do this:

* Your eyes concentrated on the person in the conversation

* You never let your eyes dart around the room

* You know how to lean back and look comfortable

* You breath through your stomach instead of your chest

By showing a relaxed pose, you’ll easily make women more comfortable around you.

5- You move deliberately

The beta male is always jumpy and ready to please people.

Honestly, one of the core traits of a beta male is somebody who is instantly ready to do favors for people. If somebody needs help, the beta male will instantly come running.

Instead of showing this personality, you need to move slowly and at your own pace. By taking deliberate actions with every step, you’ll force people to pay attention to your schedule not theirs.

If you want to attract more women, you must learn how to become an alpha male. By learning how to demonstrate this quality, you’ll create a “movie star” quality about yourself. Then women will be pulled towards your magnetic personality.

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