Finding Fulfillment in Life: Read Biographies of People Whose Lives Challenge You

December 10, 2011 by Uzoma  
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Biographies of great men and women make a lot of difference in our lives especially Biographies of those you admire and take as your mentors. It has personally affected my life and I know when you begin to read it, it will begin to do the magic of transformation in your life.

Reading of biographies of great men and women whom you admire make a lot on difference in one’s life. In 2008, when I had a heart operation and a second kidney transplant operation within two months, I developed hearing problem from the effect of antibiotics administered to me before the operations. It frustrated me so much because as a priest, it’s usually hard for me to counsel people. As I was bitter within myself, God led me to a book in my shelf ‘Great Lives and Great Deeds.’

In that book, I read of a lady Helen Keller. Born in the little town of Alabama Tuscumbia on June 2, 1880, she was a normal baby up to 19 months until fever of brain and stomach struck her. After that she became blind, deaf and later it was found out that she is dumb. But this lady determined to make name for herself as she learn to use brail at ten and was able to communicate to her audience. She was so spiritual and her Braille bible was one of her most valued books. Her challenges did not deter her commitment to her God. In her words: I look forward to the world to come, where all limitations will drop from me like shackles, where I shall again find my beloved Teacher (Christ) and engage joyously in greater service than I have ever known.” The story of this woman who travelled round the world before her death became a great challenge to me. I resolve to make meaning out of my life. Please look for the biography of this woman and read it.

Biography of people we admire does many things in our lives among them are; they motivates us, they make us know that they that have achieved greatness are human like us and they help us to understand that weakness is not synonymous with some people only. As you read biographies of people, you will become more conscious of what you could achieve though faced with challenges to make life worth living and find fulfillment.          

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