Financial Restrictions Cause to Restrict Women From Accessing Knowledge

April 24, 2013 by Drech65  
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There is the need to make more non-governmental systems that take care of the needs of the girl-child especially in nations where the govt has did not provide for the people.

In Nigeria, the top level, wealthy and discovered family members do not usually think twice to deliver their women to university since they have the sources to invest in the amount and learning. However, even within this blessed category, some still hold a kind of constraint over their children. For example, their women kid may wish to research technological innovation but would be dissuaded by her mother and father. They would say, “try something more elegant.”

With the inadequate in non-urban places, knowledge for the girl-child is a pressure. The women are reared like fattened livestock and “sold” – given out in wedding as soon as they achieve adolescence. In the North area of Nigeria, child-marriage is a common trend and not just among the inadequate. There was a embarrassing occurrence of a well known politician who wedded a 13 season old lady.

During the one-year Nationwide Youngsters Service observed by all higher organization graduate students, I experienced first-hand, the restriction of the girl-child in respect to her accessibility knowledge. I was implemented to a town, to educate in their university. The university was under-funded and the learners was missing essential research components. They had few instructors and most of the learners could hardly study. Therefore, it was only natural that I responded to their common absence at first without any special concern for sex prejudice. But after investing some months in the university, I observed that there were very few women learners in my sessions. I mentioned this with some other corpers* and we made the decision to do something about it.

We went to one of the local instructors who took us to the town go. The outdated man seemed entertained as he considered all five of us; three women and two men. Then he said something in their local terminology which the instructor converted to us – “Are these wonderful women married?” When the response was given in the adverse, the man shaken his go and considered us pitifully, “What a pity, they are already too old.”

We informed the town go that knowledge was essential for the girl-child and confident him that what we trained them in university was of benefit. After much thought, the town go made the decision to discuss to the family members in the group. In the following several weeks, we had more women learners in our sessions. However, this was only a pyrrhic success – none of the women learners were permitted to further the amount and learning past the university level.

Before I left the town, one of the women distributed her desire of becoming a health professional later on. She had programs to keep for the town to prevent being wedded off. She had been preserving cash from the kunu consume she marketed on market days. The flame in her sight stirred something within me. In that litttle lady, Mariamu, I could see the start of the end – an end to women exemption from the right to knowledge.

In third world nations, financial restrictions will continue to restrict women from accessing knowledge. Girls like Mariamu have the will but absence the means. There is the need to make more non-governmental systems that take care of the needs of the girl-child especially in nations where the govt has did not provide for the people. As individuals we can make our participation towards this bid – I did not have much cash to help those women in Tumu town but I trained them completely. Their serious wish to learn and their happiness of appreciation were benefits enough. Also, the press especially the Tv can be used to deal with social limitations which restrict the girl-child’s accessibility knowledge. One of such illustrations is a detergent safari which used to run on tv in Nigeria named, I Need to Know – it educated women on the value to train and learning, sex knowledge and self worth.

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