Feminism Opposed by My Feminist Lecturer??

December 28, 2011 by camalonious  
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Now one thing I have to make perfectly clear is that the opinion I am about to divulge is purely my own, and is simply that – an opinion and not fact. A supporter of Feminism and female rights, I love a film that has a female heroine/main character or just a female role in which they are just as capable and usually more capable than the men. 

Films like Alice in Wonderland, Kill Bill, Underworld, the works of Pedro Almodovar, Sally Potter etc. give us a wonderful and celebrated insight into the female mind, form and soul – something I cannot approve of more in what used to be, and to a shameful extent still true, a predominantly patriarchal industry. 

The one thing that got me thinking on this one was one of my lecturers. Both me and my girlfriend Emma have been ‘taught’ under her for the cultural side of our Film and Culture degrees. This was a woman who dedicated her cultural research to Feminism and the significance of feminine influence in the arts. One of only two boys in her seminar, I soon as if she opposed me. Full of ideas (can’t you tell) I often like to contribute to debates and discussions at university – as you do. She saw my opinion, again through my own interpretation, as oppressive defiance – not development or spontaneous thought. 

Throughout my seminars I wanted to discuss Feminism, promote it even. I think it’s a wonderful cause. Wanting to dismiss my gender had anything to do with it, life went on. Only when catching up with one of my old classmates, a woman, she told me how said lecturers ‘aggressive defensiveness in the light of a new opinion syndrome’ was now targeted at her. My theory disproved, I realized this lecturer hated all answers, responses, debates. Is this what students are paying up to nine grand a year for? Perhaps a misleading title, but still to the point – is this really the narrow mindedness any lecturer, man or woman, should show? I think not.

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