Father Figure (I Will be Your…)

November 14, 2010 by Magic Quill  
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Just why do some younger women prefer older men?

‘Sugar Daddy’ is a slang term used to describe a woman’s older man who is wealthy and provides for her financially.  There are many reasons why women go for older men.

  1. Guidance

The most common answer is they are looking for a mentor. Perhaps they view the older man as secure in a way in which their parent was not. They could be looking for security, wisdom and protection. There are many successful relationships based on the proviso that the man offers wisdom and guidance to his young lover, while the woman being younger allows him to feel powerful and in control. Something which a lot of men love.

  1. Security (possibly but not specifically financial)

Another reason for a woman choosing an older man is on the assumption that he has grown out of the ways of his youth, such as immaturity, irresponsibility and financial instability. She sees him as one who has knowledge of the world; he is settled and knows what he wants. He prefers to spend quality time with her than down the pub with is mates chasing skirts and getting drunk every night!

  1. Sex

The third reason could be that he is better in bed than his younger counterpart. Lower sexual drive with age means he has more time to focus on her.

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