Ex’s and Oh’s

June 30, 2009 by ImNear  
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Who is this person that we are supposed to care greatly for? How long will our passion of love last?
If we care about someone so intensely this is called Divine Love.

Life is like a passion to find somebody we love; we are given a certain amount of time in our lives to find this one person. Eventually, all of us will find this person that we can and must; love, care, and respect. We may have children and raise a family, or we can simple adore each other.

We will cherish the moments and dreams of our intense love and our dreary fantasies.And if this very rare day comes, you will be able to live you entire life forever with this person, or your true love that is, and immolate flames of passion from your immortal soul. We all live, love and respect every significant sign of ours and another’s emotions. We are sensitive and caring to our partner. We plan on building a rode of life, we must overcome our fears. And most of all, we will risk whatever it takes to save our partner even if its costs us to sacrifice our life for them. This is what the world and people of peace call “Divine Love” expressing one and another not by just emotions and words. But by another sense that we gain that only we and our love can understand. The aura you and your lover are completely different and yet the same. Because when you meet that person you will be extremely fond of them, get interesting into new activates, that is when your colors of your aura start to change, but when you change the remains of your old aura of still aflame. This is why you and your partner are completely same and yet different.

And after or lifespan ends, or our time comes, or the accident we created take us. We will revive once again in a new place, not Heaven our Hell. But somewhere that is nothingness, but it contains all your memories and fantasies. A place where only you, your love, and your family, will rise once again. Exchanging kisses, hugs and your intense passion to become immortal with your partner forever…

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