Emotions in Self and Healthy Development

August 6, 2013 by Yakan Clicker  
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Some mother’s will teach their child to distrust the male counterparts. Today, many women have become independent that they do not need a husband to depend on in the event the separation.

Emotions in Self and Healthy Development

If you spend, the rest of your life afraid then later your fear will cause many serious problems to develop. When one lacks self-control and mortality, it could take a tragic experience to reveal the weakness. 

Some mother’s will teach their child to distrust the male counterparts. Today, many women have become independent that they do not need a husband to depend on in the event the separation. In fact, some women will enter a marriage, using it as an escape clause in the event the relationship fails. Some women carry a fear embedded in them by their father ways of treating the mother. Some women fear that their mate will betray them. It often causes a woman to feel trapped in this situation. 

At one time women pulled their strengths together to gain power of men. Due to these changes, relationships with men and women are ending quickly. Many women will devote most of their time with their mate, only to see it fail later by the reaction of her mate. Many women often find this devastating. It has lead to many single-family homes. The results have warped children’s faith in the male counterparts. It could very well be why so many of our youth resort to gayness. 

In fact, many children vow never to allot anything like this happen to them again. Still, because many things are spoken and the same patterns are followed, it often reoccurs again. One must learn to guard his or her emotions. Otherwise, down the road you may end up in a counselor’s office trying to save your sanity and marriage. Women, despite that she is dying inside will continue to console her partner, sharing love with him. The base of the problem is soon discovered, whereas she starts to recognize her mistake was putting her trust in her mate. 

When one trusts another entirely, it causes them to fail short in their expectancies. These days there is a broad range of fear that develops from trusting men. One’s hope and happiness suffers from the increasing stress that comes with the attempt to control the relationship. The best way to resolve the problem is to work through the fear so that you have freedom to develop the healthy self. 

Fear is either exaggerated or real. The best way to release fear is just let it go. Fear will cloud the window of one’s mind. It causes this person to feel dread and distrust. Many people think of fear as a feminine emotion. Because of this misconception, many daughters are discouraged. Some parents have punished their children however for expressing fear. For this reason, women for years continue to live in their fear. 

Emotions start to affect one’s life. Emotional communication is our ability to release their true feelings to others. This emotion is naturally conveyed to those that are adjoining to your situation. Often those close to you will become aware of the reflection and isolation by recognizing the signs in one’s body language, expressions and words. 

In order to heal the self, one must conquer his or her fears. We must express ourselves, rather than suppress our feelings. One can ask for support to live a healthier life. When one stops to think back, he or she will notice traits of his or her parents embedded into the self. 

When an entity judges his or her parents, that entity’s understanding becomes distorted, and the fear sets in to repeating their failures and surplus. One must begin to deal with their fear to establish positive habits and responses.

We all have our level of tolerance to fear. It depends on how well one learns to cope with stress when things do not go their way. It also depends when one is faced with unbearable situations that they must confront rather than suppress their feelings and avoid the problem. 

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