Eight The Most Sensitive Spot in a Woman’s Body

July 10, 2013 by john mcclane  
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We, the men, will never be able to truly understand her completely. But that does not mean we can not understand women at all. That’s why many scientific discoveries regarding women has always been a long-awaited discovery of the men. Basically, he wants to understand women, but often do not know how. One of the most horrendous is when a woman known to be able to get a multi-orgasm. This makes men want to know more how to satisfy a woman.

Examine finally the sex expert and find 8 points in a woman’s body that are proven to uplift women. Learn and practice soon bro!
Inner thighs

The inside of her thigh is an area that is sensitive to the touch, because there are many nerve ends veins, just like in the back of the knee. But do not bite this part bro, because it can make your partner a turn off.

Only the breath slowly around the neck, she can feel the sensation of goose bumps. Surely you can especially your partner’s reaction if you give gentle licks in this section. Make sure you’ve brushed your teeth before doing this bro. Also use your hands to your partner brushed her hair back while you bring your mouth to the neck. The neck is also a part of the right to initiate a sensual massage before you proceed to the ‘main menu.’

Most women love when licked or kissed his ear. Although women like to be stimulated in this section, does not mean that women love to linger partner “play” on the ears. Whisper the words intimate and exciting is guaranteed to satisfy the ears of women.

Happy woman if her feet touched, massaged, and even licked, starting from the soles of the feet, toes up to the calf. Make sure your partner’s first leg in a clean state.

Is it true that women wrist can provide the stimulus? You can immediately try to touch and kiss the soft parts, and see what your partner’s reaction.
Breasts and nipples

We believe every man has never skip this section. Many nerve ending in her chest, especially on the nipple. Stimulate your partner by squeezing, licking, and gently touching his chest. Once again, do not overdo it while doing so, unless your partner is getting lust.
Vagina / clitoris

You can stimulate this part with your tongue or finger, or even both. Some women like to direct what should be done mate when they are stimulated in this section. Just follow the will of your partner without comment at all.

Surprisingly, the lips are the body parts most sensitive woman. If a man can satisfy her lips, it will determine whether you are given permission to proceed to the next stage or not. Kiss, bite, and lick the top and bottom lip gently to arouse your partner.

Identify sensitive areas and make her your woman crazy bro!

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