Drugs and Alcohol: Cause or Excuse for Domestic Violence

January 17, 2011 by enigma7  
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An exposition into the effects of drugs and alcohol on the institution of the family and its interpretation as a cause of domestic violence on the family tree.

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not even drugs or alcohol or drugs is an excuse

   Domestic violence is an incident of using excessive force between adults who are intimate partners or family members, regardless of their gender or sexuality. The most distinct characteristic of this despicable act is battering. Alcohol and substance abuse has arguably contributed to this while many a time is used as a scapegoat for domestic abuse. The essay will endeavor to explain drugs and alcohol use as a cause and excuse for drugs and substance abuse.

   Violence is a behavior that is acquired in the cause of the developmental stage of every human being. Habits of violence are influenced by the surroundings as one grows up . These violent traits are, therefore, picked by the individual from within their social circles. It is not as a result of drug abuse as those who use it as an excuse to propagate domestic violence. These people try to laden their actions on drugs and alcohol whose influence they are under.

   There are many men who do not drink heavily and those who drink excessively to the extent that they are alcoholics or addicts but do not batter their wives. This provides further proof that domestic violence is not necessarily instigated by drugs or alcohol. Violence is a trait that is within some body’s domain to control and not necessarily an outward force’s responsibility. It is only used as an excuse because it is not universal across all the human beings.

   Incidents of domestic violence involving people under the influence of alcohol or drugs are found to bear a greater degree of severity and injury. This is in comparison with the incidences of violence that involve sober individuals and directed towards those close to them. These incidences raise the possibility of drugs and alcohol being directly responsible for domestic violence considering the various extents.

   One of the side effects of drugs and alcohol abuse is denial coupled with the minimization of the problem at hand. This only shows that the propagatorsof violence will be in a sense of denial after executing the acts of violence. The perpetrator of the act, therefore, will deny the act he committed yet he or she did it. Denial is an equivalent of evading responsibility, which serves the purpose of an excuse for the actions that one has done.

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