Drama Queens Could Have Clinical Issues

September 11, 2013 by Jswana  
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I think we use the word too lightly. I have………

Confessionsofateenagedramaqueenmovie.jpgWe all know them.  They are the stuff that probably inspired Soap Operas unbeknowenced.  The Drama Queen.  She’s the young woman or married woman that is having an affair with her Brother-in-Law’s  sisters, husband’s friend who’s married.  A mouthful, I know right?   Drama Queens seems to thrive off of  miscellaneous to maximum pain.  The Queens who go Whole Hog, like to go more to the brink of…….we don’t even want to go where she’s been or going, let’s put it like that.

I knew two of the most attractive girls at the High School we attended. It was the Walter Peyton High School of yesterday.  It was Vocational and since we were to taught a Trade most of our Classes were accelerated because the premise was that if we by-passed College, we would still have a Marketable Trade. A famous Black Hollywood Casting Director was a  year and a half ahead of me.  Cool, smart guy. I liked him.

These two girls made me wonder about them and remove myself essentially from close friendship because whereas they were extremely bright with High Stanines and IQs and great power with the opposite sex, they were miserable.  They skipped school, had sex with their boyfriends and one stole from her own Mother’s thrift store.  Both are dead now, one killed by her boyfriend after leaving a husband that loved her enough to accept her huge faults, and the second one died from a Heroine overdose.   I  will never forget the latter girl, who had gotten pregnant by her boyfriend arrived at the Dance Hall in the prettiest orange  Shift Dress in the world and threatened to kill herself and the baby too.  It was an eventual marriage, filled with Heroine use.   I have wondered for years along with my less drama-filled friends what these girls problems were.  Nothing seemed to be the answer to their problems.

One thing I have found is that their actions dictated a Personality Disorder or a Borderline one at the least.  Drama Queens are usually attractive women of varying degrees and sizes and usually, to stay in this realm of drama, she could be considered mid-to-highly maintained OR she thinks she is. It seems that an exaggeration of her self worth propels her into situations that many of us would have to search for.  Here are some reasons and descriptions of her actions.

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