Do Not Just Rely on Mammogram

November 1, 2012 by andiez  
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Do not Just Rely on Mammogram.

Early detection is crucial to improve breast cancer survival. Because it’s all women do not just rely on a mammogram done once every two years, but must diligently apply the BSE or breast self-checking.

“Do not just rely on mammograms. Because it was only two years, “said DR. Dr. Aru Sudoyo, SpPD, K-HOM, FINASIM, FACP, internal medicine specialists, and oncologists in the event in order to commemorate the Pink Shimerinc International Breast Cancer Day on Saturday (10/27/2012) then.

DR. Aru, so familiar greeting says BSE remains paramount. “Do it every two weeks.”

Mammogram itself is not the only way to detect breast cancer. “For two years, you could have missed. So it’s important keep doing breast self-examination. No need to do every day, just two weeks, yet everyone in the two weeks it definitely had a relaxing time to do it. “

Advice DR. Aru is very useful to do all women. “It is important to make a habit of breast self-examination as a routine you do. In addition to time, mammograms also can only be done by women over the age of 40 years. Young women can not do a mammogram because the breast is still hard. “

However, that does not mean young women safer from the risk of breast cancer than women of a more mature age. “Currently the majority of cancer patients but not of genetic factors and environmental lifestyle. So for young women aged twenty to thirties should also perform regular breast self-examination. “

Further DR. Aru said that the current breast cancer patients tend to be getting younger. “Many cancer patients under 40 years of age. Though age is not the recommended age for mammograms. “

Environmental factors caused by changes in lifestyle that more rare move, smoking, stress, more mengasup processed foods than healthy foods and obesity, may increase a woman’s risk factors for breast cancer.

Thereby reducing the risk factor is also very necessary, by running a healthy lifestyle such as inactivity and unhealthy eating patterns. “This is the most simple but difficult to do. Eat at least 4 types of vegetables or fruit a day can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 25 percent. While reducing the risk of other cancers such as colon. “

Smoking, alcohol consumption, and excess body weight can also inflate your risk. Thus, the main defense against cancer in addition to a healthy lifestyle is to do a breast self awareness.

After conducting its own examination, the doctor doing the examination immediately if you find a lump in the breast. In addition to the lump, other signs to look out for is when your breasts are lumpy discharge when not pregnant and lactating women, and changes in the shape of the breast in the nipple area. “Initial testing can be done anywhere. Your GP can do it though. Later he would refer to a specialist. “

He also warned that the level of safety and healing of cancer depends on the stage. “The sooner known, the higher life expectancy,” said DR. Aru.

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