Do Men Consider The Considerate Female?

August 21, 2011 by Quillian  
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Maybe women should consider their own needs first.

With the majority of a large city’s population being female, it’s a buyer’s market essentially for men. So if they have their choice in women, why do men always seem to go for the toxic female, go for more than a single woman or even worse, exploit the considerate ladies?

Maybe we are asking the wrong questions. Sure there are a ton of men out there that can’t seem to break out of the “I’m just a guy” attitude. But they don’t do all of this alone, there are women who prefer other women’s husbands because they are simply unavailable or because they have shown an ability to commit and these traits attract a certain woman.

There might be men out there that go for the unavailable woman, but there are also women who think that because they have focused on men who wholeheartedly buy into the patriarchal society and see women as second-class citizens, that they are completely justified in treating men like crap as well. These toxic personalities don’t even realize they are showing a complete disrespect for their own person by getting into this destructive perspective. They are called sadism (for getting aroused by hurting others) and masochism (for being aroused by your own pain) and they can be traits or dysfunctions depending on how you practice them.

So really, do you consider yourself a monster or a victim sometimes? If you feel like you are watching yourself doing bad things to hurt others, you have the sadistic or monster complex. If you cannot feel good unless you are hurting others then you have a problem psychologically that needs to be addressed.

If you constantly feel like a victim, then masochism fits you better. You still need help because you want to blame everyone else for your need to let others lead you destructively or with harm to yourself. The issues run deep but essentially either way you can’t feel good unless you are hurting someone else or getting hurt yourself. Your dopamine and epinephrine levels are off the charts in an unhealthy way.

Let’s look at another scenario, what about the men who don’t seem to be able to commit to an exclusive relationship? Yes, here is another situation where men think they have all the time in the world to develop the fantasy relationship with the fantasy girl and no one really measures up. Well women feed this delusion to the extreme! Men are still looking for girls? Really! Quite honestly if there is insecurity on the man’s part with a prospective mate it will show up as an inability to truly share their lives with a single woman. Then the man will fill their empty time with shallow flirtations and affairs. Then men are trapped into thinking this is all that life has to offer. The women wind up thinking if they have to share then it’s better than nothing at all.

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