Do Handymen Make Better Husbands?

November 3, 2010 by nadinest  
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Do handymen make better husbands?

There is a new survey out that includes 1000 men. It concludes that 90% of these men find that helping out at home makes them happier with their wives than sitting on the sidelines. Simply, they know that when we’re less stressed, we’re more supportive and accepting of them. 

Here’s something else: 3/4 guys say that they find helping out around the house is fulfilling in and out of itself-which makes them happier and more supportive and accepting of you!!!

Divorce is less likely to happen if men roll up their sleeves and dig in. Married women put in about 12 hours of housework every week….while husbands put in around 4-5 hours of work/week. Men don’t like the idea of housework….but if they love their wives and want a happy marriage……start cleaning that bathroom. 

Well, I think this survey is great. I wish more men were like this. 

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