Dismantling Secrets of Women

September 29, 2013 by caudialove  
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I want a partner who assess the sincerity – but he must really mean it. If you told me love my smile or my eyes.

Lisa Jones , a contributor to Men’s Health who used to write about relationship issues reveal the unwritten rules and secrets of a woman’s heart when a date up to them . Your dating success depends on your ability to understand women .

    Deadline 16:00 . The closer to the appointed time , women tend to feel anxious a date that has been set will be canceled and they accomplished just stood waiting in vain . That is why there is a deadline at 16:00 . ” ” If you call me at 16:20 to confirm a date at 20:00, I may have to make other plans . This will I do to avoid disappointment , “said Lisa . Confirm your date with a couple in between lunch hours until 16:00 . Alternatively , you will be disappointed .
    The exact location . ” On the first date , you should choose a location that is close to my place – so you can drive me home , ” said Lisa . You should arrive at meetings on time or a little earlier . If you pick up to the house , slow the arrival of up to five minutes . He’s probably the hair still needs to be addressed . Note the proper car etiquette . Always open the door for the He . Simply push the button to unlock the power lock system in the car is not the attitude of a real man .
    Waste of money . “Spending too much money on a date makes me think you are trying to ‘ buy ‘ my attention . Or even worse, “said Lisa . Women prefer to see evidence of personal interest rather than the account balance .
    Devote attention . The women spend a lot of time to make it look attractive . And they also spend a lot of time to find out if the men watching them . ” Respond to the business I have done , ” said Lisa .
    Give compliments . ” I want a partner who assess the sincerity – but he must really mean it . If you told me love my smile or my eyes , I never heard it before , “said Lisa reveals the secret hearts of women . Praise my intelligence , elegance or my firmness , and you might be able to get me . “
    Introduce him . ” If you stop and talk to someone , meet me in 30 seconds without using the words ‘ my friend ‘ , ” added Lisa . Details of personal information required . ” In the sixth date , I got to meet all of your important friends . “
    Do not get rich . You will not make women impressed with what you have ( if you ‘ve got it all ) . ” Instead , let me find what is valuable from you , instead of you buying , ” said Lisa .
    between me to the door . ” It is a world that meyeramkan and I want you to protect me . If you are allowed into my apartment , I ‘ll invite you . Do not ask to use my bathroom , “said Lisa .
    Then kiss him . If the date went well , the lips should come into play . Even though it was just a ‘ peck ‘ . ” It makes me think more calmly than you can imagine . “
    Recognize cues . ” Say goodbye if I do not kiss you on the second date . Capture the gesture , “said Lisa .

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