Diary of an Abused Woman

April 12, 2013 by Laura Johnson  
Published in Women

My journal entries.

December 5, 2005, 9:33p.m.

     I have been on bed rest for the last three days and to be honest I feel absolutely no better. He has come to see me everyday like he is so worried about me and I can tell that he doesn’t. I had hoped that seeing me sick like this would soften him up. It hasn’t. He told me before he left tonight that staying away from him this long can only make things worse for me. He wouldn’t dare touch me in mother’s house. She’d shoot him where he stood within the blink of an eye. She has told him that. If she knew the things that he has been doing to me, she would do it. But back to the subject at hand: me. To be honest, I think my body is just shuting down. There is no other explanation for it. The doctor couldn’t tell me what’s wrong. So it has to be only one answer. I’m dying…I know it! And I’m soo scared.

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