Dian Sastro Calls for Anti-human Trafficking

July 16, 2013 by fbmania  
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Dian Sastro Calls for Anti-Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking and exploitation are rampant in Indonesia has made the role of the artist Dian Sastrowardoyo concerned. According to him, needed to stop human trafficking awareness together.

“So if we think the time is here, there are still two and a half million people are still trapped in human trafficking. Two and a half million people are enslaved, either sexual or labor,” Dian said in a press conference Enslaved: An MTV EXIT Special at Hard Rock Cafe, Central Jakarta.

From the data gathered Dian, not a few of the victims of human trafficking who are employed by way of enslaving. “Slavery was happening when the people in the capital doing the work they love, and at the same time there are two and a half million people were forced to work with, with the threat of death,” said Dian.

“So, how many people are caught up in human trafficking. Awareness and I think it became something very important to reduce the number that appears in the future,” he continued.

Dian acting as MTV EXIT Celebrity Ambassador for Indonesia claims to have a special duty to continue to voice anti-trafficking humans. “My job is to be like a funnel MTV EXIT voicing these messages to the public. Especially that often become the victims of human trafficking,” said Dian.

Human Trafficking (TV miniseries) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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