Delusional Women!

April 14, 2011 by d1dezire  
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Their inability to face reality would cost them.

I was reading Steve Jackson’s novel “Monster” which in fact is a true life story about a serial killer who attacks and kills women. This serial killer was once in a hospital and the nurses and doctors were warned against going in alone to see him.  This intrigued one of the nurses who went in alone to see him. She struck up a conversation, became friends and before you could say Jack Robinson, they were in a relationship. He was in jail then but was later released largely because of her appeals to the judges and her vote for his good and changed character. During this time, they had exchanged lots of letters and she (who was a psychiatrist by the way) could clearly see that he had not changed. She kept deluding herself that her love would change him. This man was later released and went on to kill a lot of people because of this woman’s inability to face reality. I am not being too hard on her. He would have still been released eventually but for those years he could have still been in jail and there would have been peace and people would have been safe for a little while longer.

This brings me to women who cannot handle reality. Why do women get themselves into dangerous situations all in the name of love? Why do they think that they or their love would change someone else especially when that person has no interest in change? Do they not realize that you can never change anybody except that other person makes the decision to change? Women dream up excuses to cover up for drastic flaws continuously. Whenever you find yourself constantly dreaming up excuses for someone’s behaviour, it should be a sign for you to sit up and take notice; something is wrong. If you do not get any other thing here, get this – you cannot change anybody except they make that decision themselves! You can only help AFTER they have made that decision. They say “love is blind”  but I’ve never believed this. In case yours is blind, you had better go get yourself a pair of goggles right now!

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10 Responses to “Delusional Women!”
  1. Edsss Says:

    I think I should read that novel too!

  2. Dreamy777 Says:

    sounds like a good book

  3. lian rosa Says:

    Sometimes it takes time for a person to accept reality. However, so many things happen while he or she is in a process of accepting it just like what you mentioned that the guy killed many because of the girl’s inability to accept reality.

  4. Norbert Antal Says:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting article.

  5. elnavann Says:

    I agree this is an issue that mostly affect women – and then they blame themselves for not being good enough to change the other person . .

  6. youthinksokiddo Says:

    some people choose to be adaptive rather than decisive. they will make excuses to keep a struggling relationship alive, rather than putting an end to it.

  7. Christine Ramsay Says:

    You are so right. It is almost impossible to change someone.

  8. Macherie Says:

    I have been with these kind of women in real life, and its a constant source of irritation because a. they are my friends and b. because they are not stupid to make these kind of stupid choices

  9. Aiyanna Says:

    Well if I were to think of it in that way, God would need to stop loving us!!!
    We do so many things in this world and most of them like OCD and despite it all, we have the words in the Bible saying I will never leave you nor forsake you….
    It is the principle of Do as You would be Done by and perhaps the woman was the only one who actually understood that he was hurt by a woman who looked a particular style with a particular set of eyes, face etc. to kill… It meant that if she changed his mindset, she could actually help him change his outlook….
    Its a fact, its all in the mind and no one and I mean no one is susseptable to non-conformity and change…. Even the Dinosaurs changed into lizards…. Look at the similarities in features and type of choice you will see how she traced his design….

  10. d1dezire Says:

    I understand what you are getting at Aiyanna but I do not think God would want
    us to put our lives or the lives of other people at risk because we want
    to care. Thinking we can change anyone is setting ourselves up for
    disappointment. I do belive though that there’s nothing God can’t do
    so the best would be to give it up to him instead of trying to do it

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