Colombia, The Kingdom of The Injustices

February 7, 2012 by hectormaxx  
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Hopefully everything will change for one day receive the country that we deserve.

Colombia, the Kingdom of the injustices

That unfortunately bigger in a beautiful country to succeed him everything that happens to him.

Mecca of corruption and embezzlement in the State in total impunity and yet it is a democratic country, that such, democracy exists to steal public goods.

Politicians die of tired old taunting a subject with all sorts of barbaric people.

Always in war in any establishment, institutional, population, drugs, by insurgency and paramilitarism, supported by the same as they are the owners of everything and do not leave anything else.

Oil producer with a broken vein that takes all foreign and domestic consumption price country rich in a poor country.

Two beautiful seas that for domestic consumption do not represent nor a paltry fish.

Production of all kinds of agricultural products sovereign mountains where people live hidden from violence.

Allied with the great superpower than the use of petty cash, takes its natural resources, manipulated to suit the daily living and leaving more poverty and violence.

Inhabitants with null nationalism and not by not wanting to the homeland if you have not by that provides very little of it.

Many peoples not yet pass the barrier of the 20th century, backward in infrastructure, technology, education and health.

Sideways looks natural resources to move because the coal, oil, gold, emeralds and the ferronickel is membership of foreign powers which do not leave if not unproductive, barren earth and deserted villages and those that steal all speak of countries who care for the environment but not us, that destroy it all to navigate.

Why so much bitterness in a huge country like this, privileged in all sense and austere in providing its many inhabitants that fearful silence the infamies of the daily living.

Oh my poor country, the country of epulón and King midas in sense figured, taken to the limit in their needs and sedate hypocritically, so no lift of infamy.

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