Church, Speak Out!

September 30, 2011 by tash01  
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Who could doubt the moral decay that is now sweeping the world? There are cycles in life when there is new growth, new life, a great civilisation of faith, belief and courage, then atrophy, decline and death, and in that death, new beginnings.

this cycle was automatic or mechanised, so we could sit back and watch the wheel turn. But this cannot and will not be. It requires the will and intelligence of men and women; it requires new communities and nations, large and small, to let the dead bury the dead. Then and only then will the springtime of a new generation burst forth into a new song.

Death and life, the merry dance between the two; the struggle between the antihero and the hero; between cowardice and courage; lies and truth. It never ends, and requires individuals who don’t care for themselves, but for others: the community, the nation, and the world.

Speak out, Church! If not you, who? If men of God don’t speak both in word and action, there will not be a world of light, but darkness. Be valiant in the face of scorn, rejection, mockery and ridicule!

Don’t be afraid of the collection plate. Never mind losing popularity with your congregation. It doesn’t matter that politicians scorn you. Popularity is nowhere near as valuable as your respect and honour before God.

No serving two masters

You can’t serve both God and mammon, the Bible says. The love of money is the root of all evil. Our world is driven by money, profit, production: it is the definition of your self-importance, and how much you are honoured by your friends, your partners, the politicians and, indeed, your nation. All people, all professions are justifiable by the profitability of your moneymaking occupation.

First of all, we must speak to the husbands and wives. Husbands want wives to work outside the home, and likewise wives. Today a mother or homemaker is considered unimportant, thus women don’t see homemaking to be of value. They prefer to be earners or professionals in the business world. The maid or servant or helper can take care of the home or the children; there is no need for a wife to build the nest for husband and kids. Thus our generation has become one without family life.

In fact, there is very little family life in today’s middle-class family. The modern woman, being able to earn as a professional at the workplace, will be independent and will soon separate from her husband, and even her children.

Without family life, without homemakers, without women who take care of the home, the family, and provide stability of presence, this most basic of society, the family, falls apart.

With work and profit being the primary principle of life, all labour is considered justifiable; work on Sunday, work throughout the night, prostitution, the exposure of the body to sell goods, the sale of ganja. I am convinced that with money being the supreme object of life, we have brought in a world of decadence. Without morality, and with money being the primary object of life, we will decline into barbarity.

Transforming our world

We must speak out to the lawyers and lawmakers. Even the law and the lawmakers are transforming our world and society into the most horrifying of all civilisations. Many want to legalise evils such as abortion, euthanasia, homosexual unions, as well as formalise work on Sunday. Christianity is seen as the great barrier that prevents these activities.

At the heart of this, there is the desire for power, control, and the intent to destroy our faith. Such lawmakers are modern-day Pharisees. They are powerful, they are clever, they are bright, but one day they will be judged by the Lord for their arrogance and lack of concern for God and His ways.

This is a time for the Church to speak out. If the Church does not tell the truth, who else will? Government is about being political and winning votes; the media are about popularity and business; the Church – men and women – by their words and actions – must be about the truth, even if it costs us our lives.


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3 Responses to “Church, Speak Out!”
  1. sylviagaile Says:

    I agree with you. It’s time to speak up and the church should take part on this. I like what you said that without women who takes care of her family and household, because they tend to excel in their career and business that causes the family to separate, is not a good view at all. This has got to stop because family is important after all. This should also be a reminder to all women who has families to take time for their family. It’s best to be it that way.

    Here in the Philippines, I’m glad that churches take part with speaking up and building families up together. But it still not enough, not all is doing it. Thanks for this reminder.

  2. tash01 Says:

    Your welcome ,we woman have a place in this world.And we must always take part to build a solid foundation for our family to come together has one.
    family is import an we all have a role to play.

  3. Gerard Galvestini Says:

    This is a nice article. Sometimes I just don’t understand modern times. I think the reason so many evils exist in this world today is because there’s too much justification for a handful of wrongdoings.

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