Casey Anthony Back in Florida

August 22, 2011 by Kathy Mann  
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After Casey Anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter Caylee, she is back in Florida at an unknown location to face the possibility of serving her probation term for check fraud. Will her address be made public if she is ordered to stay?

Casey Anthony, who was found not guilty in the murder of her daughter Caylee last month, is back in Florida. She is awaiting a decision on whether she has to live in Florida for the next year to serve out her probation term in a check fraud conviction.

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney

The news that she was back in Florida was given by her attorney, Jose Baez. He also stated that they were concerned for her safety and that Anthony was in an undisclosed place.

If she is made to stay in Florida for the probation term, how is that going to work out? From my understanding, because of her probation circumstance, Anthony’s address would become public record.

The most hated women in America

She was not dubbed the most hated women in America because everyone liked her. With this, I think Jose Baez, the rest of their legal team, the justice system and Anthony herself, should be concerned about her safety.

Regardless of how most American’s feel, most of them are well rounded and have their heads on straight. They would never try to harm another human being. However, there are some people who are just down right crazy enough that they might try.

Special consideration?

Under this circumstance, maybe Anthony might deserve special consideration if she does have to serve her probation term. Some would say she does not deserve anything.

And, as much as most of us extremely disagree with the non-guilty verdict from killing her daughter, the right answer is not to splash her address all over the public arena. True, the probation term she made herself because of her involvement in a check fraud. However, putting her address out their is just ludicrous and could be dangerous for her or anyone around her. Most people do not want to increase the chance of more violence.

Can the judge order her address not to be made public?

Maybe, the best thing to do would be to keep her address private by a court order from the judge if at all possible, except for the professional individuals that need it for the probation term.

Found not guilty of killing her daughter

Regardless, Anthony was found not guilty by our own judicial system. It is what we have and we need to respect the verdict of the jury members even if we have to agree to disagree.


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