Canada: They “Deleted” The Neckline to a Parliamentarian and There is Controversy

September 28, 2011 by lordkwate  
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They modified her photo of the official page of the European Parliament and the criticism did not wait to come. Those responsible for the site did not explain why they altered the image.

Well, first of all, here you have the real image and the “photophoped” image:

Left: real image.

Right: Modified photo.

It must be one of the few times that the Photoshop is used to make matters worse picture of who is “harassed” by this software, and not to exercise an improvement on the person.
This time, the victim of the retouching was the young – and beautiful – social democrat mep canadian Rathika Sitsabaiesan, to which they “deleted” the neckline, and changed their photo from the official site of the Parliament, by a more demure.
According to local newspaper The National Post, the first to discover the amendment was the blogger Parker Donham, a former journalist and a specialist in public relations of the country from the north. The discovery spread rapidly by the network, causing a sensation in Canada.
Sitsabaiesan, born in Sri Lanka, is the first mep of Tamil origin in Canadian history and was one of the protagonists of the historical triumph of the New Democratic Party (NPD) in may, when it jumped from 36 seats to 103.
Women do not declare anything about retouching your photo, in which ultimately shrink your bust to make it less prominent. According to local press reports, from the House of Commons canadian, which has the responsibility of placing the official photos on the web, did not explain the because of the change.
The criticism did not wait and feminist associations had already requested the “refund” of the original photo on the Web page.
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