Can your Star-sign Affect your Diet?

November 27, 2008 by Jacqui Deevoy  
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Astrology isn’t just about character – it shapes the way we look too. Our star-sign not only affects our body-shape but also has an influence over the foods we like, how we eat and our ability to keep fit. Check out your sign below and see if it’s true for you.

Aries (Mar 20 – Apr 19)

The Arien bod: The Arien image, regardless of actual size, is big and bold! Even the shortest and slimmest Ariens look tall. Think of our most famous Arien celebrity Victoria Beckham (born 7th April 1976), with her small-but perfectly-formed physique and BIG personality – she’s typical. If you’re like her (and you’re sure to be – you share the same star-sign!), then to match your mighty character, you have a strong-looking bod with broad shoulders and long legs. Although you can put on weight quite easily, you’re image-conscious enough not to allow yourself to get fat. The trouble is, because of your larger-than-life character, no matter how dainty you are, you always feel big. This explains why you occasionally yearn to be more waif-like, but that’s no real reflection on the way you feel about yourself. And really, when you think about it, you kind of like yourself just the way you are…

Fit or fat? Whether you’re a fitness freak or not, you exude tons of energy. If you’ve never been to a gym, you should give it a go: it’s worked for “Sex In The City” girl Sarah Jessica Parker (born 25.3.65) – check out her slim yet muscular figure – so why shouldn’t it work for you? Don’t even think about trying to work out at home though; you MUST go to a gym, as having other people around you brings out your competitive streak. Alternatively, if you feel you’re bulked up enough, you can get rid of some of that excess energy by playing a competitive sport or through dancing. (Salsa’s a good one for you.) And, although you’re not as nutrition-conscious as you’d like to be, you come across as extremely healthy.

Fave food: Onions and leeks.

Dieting downfall: Fast food. It’s quick, tasty and some of it is quite healthy. (No, really it is…)

Blee! Call that grub? Anything that takes forever to cook. (You’d rather get a takeaway.)

Top tip: Keep an eye on what you eat – you do have a tendency to “fill out” if you eat more than your fair share of the wrong grub.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)

The Taurean bod: As a Taurus, you’re sensual in a gorgeously natural way. Other people warm to you because of your appearance – you look approachable and not at all scary (unless you’re mega-star Cher, that is, a Taurean whose natural beauty has been altered somewhat!). Most Taurean females have long, curvy figures, and whether you’re chubby or slim depends totally on your eating habits. Whether you’re short or tall (and, again, Taureans come in both varieties!), you look kind of solid and would never be described as wispy, waifish or willowy. Your neck is short and your shoulders and high and square. Taurean hips and bums are pretty shapely, but your waist is tiny! Your legs are good – usually long and always muscular – and your feet are long and wide.

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