Can Men Read Women? Not a Chance

April 15, 2013 by Norm Schneider  
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The mystery continues, but women like men who try to figure them out.

Can some lothario claim to be able to ‘read’ women? You know, he brags that he knows everything about women, what they think, what they feel, and how they’ll react to his best come on line?

Forget about it, say scientists who have studied such things. New research has found that guys have a hard time trying to figure out women’s emotions – especially if women’s eyes are supposed to be windows to their inner feelings.

Does the same apply to women trying to read men’s emotions? Turns out women are better at figuring out guys than guys are at trying to figure out women.

The researchers found there are parts of the male brain that don’t fire up as well in terms of emotions as women do. The result is men just aren’t as good at figuring out women, or they think they do but when tasted aren’t really as good as they thought they were.

But – and here’s the real stunner – women actually like men who try to understand them. So, it’s up to you guys to keep trying even though you are more likely to fail than succeed. Talk about frustrating, right?

MRI Exam Shows Men Just Can’t Figure Women Out

How did the researchers come to their conclusion? They put a bunch of men through an MRI scanner in order to test their brain activity. While in the machine the men were asked to look at the images of a number of eyes – half men and half women. They were then asked to guess at the emotions they thought the people were feeling. The result was that the men had more trouble guessing what emotions the photos of women’s eyes were suggesting. In addition, the men’s brains showed different activity when they were looking at women’s eyes than when they were looking at women’s eyes.

So, what can we conclude from this research? Not much really. Those dark pools you look into are going to be just as mysterious as ever and maybe that’s not so bad after all.

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