British Women Have More Time for Hairdresser Than Their Husband

November 23, 2013 by f4rr3l  
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Hairdresser or hair stylist become an important part in the lives of women in the UK.

Hairdresser or hair stylist become an important part in the lives of women in the UK . So important to the extent that they have relatively more durable relationship with the hairdresser rather than the couple themselves .

It is revealed from the above survey conducted NetVoucherCodes site . As quoted by the Telegraph , a survey involving 360 women who filled in a questionnaire via the website coupon or voucher .

From the research it is known , hairdresser included in the list of the 10 most important people in the lives of the respondents . There are more than 50 % of women who enter their hairdressers on the list .

For women in the UK , the hair stylist is a person who should be kept good relations . According to the survey , the respondents’ relationship with hairdresser is more durable than the relationship with the partner . The average woman with a hair stylist survived for 12.4 years . While the average wedding in the UK only last as long as 11 years , 6 months .

Women loyal to their hairdresser because it is difficult to get a suitable hairdresser . The women who responded to the survey said , it took 1.8 years to find a hairdresser that fit with them .

” Association of a woman with her ​​hairdresser really close and so he finds a match, he will not easily give up , ” said a spokeswoman from NetVoucherCodes .

One of the survey respondents revealed his relationship with her ​​hairdresser is much longer with her ​​relationship . ” I know hairdresserku longer than children and my husband , even as far as I know , he’s been a part of our big family , ” she said.

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