Body Language: Four Sexual Signals Women Send Out

November 14, 2008 by Matt John  
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Remember that our unspoken language of love is universal. The postures, gestures and facial cues of attraction are the same everywhere, in all societies and cultures.

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Signal 1 – making eye contact.

Undoubtedly, eye contact ranks right at the top as a nonverbal signal. Across all cultures, women use their eyes as a powerful flirting tool. Even a women covered from top to toe can flirt with a man with just her eyes. You do this: You look across the room and gaze at a certain man for a few second and look down when he notices you. You look up again at him and drop your gaze the moment his meets yours. You repeat this several times. What you’re telling him: To say to him that you fancy him and you want him to approach.

Signal 2 – hair preening.

Your hair reflects the state of your health and men are naturally attracted to women who embody youth and good health. Whether we have short or long hair, shiny, silky hair is always a turn-on. However, the women with long hair have a greater advantage since “76 per cent of men are attracted to women with long hair”. You do this: You push your hair behind your ears, toss your hair over your shoulders or play with your curls while talking. What you’re telling him: It’s is a way for a woman to subtly show that she cares about how she looks to a man. This also lets her expose her armpit, which allows the “sex perfume” known as pheromone to waft across to the target man”

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Signal 3 – tilting your head to one side.

Just like the previous signal, it draws attention to your facial features. But we know men find an exposed neck alluring as well, given it’s another common kissable area. You do this: You tilt your head to the left or right side. It’s likely to happen during the course for a conversation. This draws attention to your neck. What you’re telling him: When you expose you neck, it tells a man that you’re putting yourself in a vulnerable position.

Signal 4 – Self-touching.

This refers to touching any part of your body, be it your throat, neck or thigh. Women’s body language is more sensual than that of a man. Furthermore, women have more nerve sensors for experiencing touch than men making them more sensitive to touch sensations. It’s no wonder that men get excited by women who indulge in self-touch. You do this: You finger your collarbone, put your hand to your check, or gently stroke your thigh. What you’re telling him: You’re telling him that if he plays his cards right, he may be able to touch you’re imagining what it might feel like if he were touching you instead.

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79 Responses to “Body Language: Four Sexual Signals Women Send Out”
  1. Adriana Smith Says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. James DeVere Says:

    The soft touch of you,
    She came back,


  3. Juliet Christie Murray Says:

    This is interesting I wonder how many women know this

  4. nobert soloria bermosa Says:

    very interesting,thanks

  5. eddiego65 Says:

    Interesting! I will definitely look for these signals!

  6. raetsel Says:

    this is ridiculous & you certainly should not take any of them (ok, except maybe a woman stroking her own thigh) as clues… ESPECIALLY by the headings alone… which is probably all most read. none of these mean a damn thing. eye contact?? umm, rofl? :p

  7. lindalulu Says:

    So you think you figured us out huh? lol….

  8. Jackie Stroud Painter Says:

    Nice article!

  9. DM PARKER Says:

    Now I know. I hope this does not get me in trouble.LOL

  10. Abdul Sabour Ayoubi Says:

    Very interesting in deed. I wonder how many people agree with you. Nice work.

  11. Unofre Pili Says:

    I completely agree! Experience has it that these are true.

  12. Serena Phillips Says:

    So that is what guys mean when I exude sexuality or give them a look. I didn’t even know I did those things until you just brought them to my attention. Now I will have to pay more attention to get more attraction. LOL

  13. Jon Says:

    Unless you have proof of expertise in body language or have properly given references, this should be interpreted as opinion.

  14. Lena Brown Says:


    You are dead on with this one. A mature woman knows these things and they are all true. I have about five inches of neck and I am told about it all the time… Great job, great article!!!

  15. HatedNation Says:

    Opinion or not this is a good article and likely has some truth to it, the ideas are sound. Nice work.

  16. Westbrook Says:

    Much of this behavior is often the result of shyness, curiosity or being nervous. It doesn’t necessarily mean a lady is on the prowl, even though men may be attracted by it.

  17. R J Grant Says:

    How can I not comment on this one.

    Some truth in all of it. However some women just want to play and they know exactly how to pull your strings. Sometimes its hard to tell if she is serious or just a pole dancer : )

    If you get all these signals at once she is definitely a pole dancer.

    The girl in the picture above could either be saying: I want to have your baby or don’t even think about getting any closer!


  18. Bacawind Says:

    Very nice! I came here skeptical, thinking I’d read some silly thing about glittery make-up and low riding jeans. A great article and bookmark worthy!

  19. Maria T Says:


  20. Enzo Silvestri Says:

    Hmmm, interesting, but I am pretty thick when it comes to signals. Maybe a brick in the face and I’d notice…

  21. Doby00 Says:

    Nice atricle, intersting facts that some of us man never knew about.
    Thanks for sharing

  22. Gordon G Says:

    Like Grant said “how can I not comment on this one”

    There is factual basis for this if you have taken the time to study body language. However one must be careful as in all such matters to use some common sence.

    I have also read the comments and I have noticed that the ladies who have commented on this article have praised his work and most have acknoledged knowing this to be true it is only a few guys who seem to disagree. No point to this part of the comment just an observation.

    Again very good work keep it up.

  23. Tbone762 Says:

    Thanks Matt!! Informative and useful in practical living… Not many of the articles I read cover both those categories! I will now print and commit to memory these signals, and do my own research! If ya know what I mean…

  24. Tina Cassello Says:

    I agree with #17. I have done these things without realizing I was doing them out of shyness, but aren’t we most shy around people who make a good impression on us and we are worried that they won’t like us as well?

  25. DVL Says:

    Lol this is a gud article, nice work :D

  26. rubbadubba Says:

    What’s a “gud” article? ^^^

  27. S A JOHNSON Says:

    Wow, this was a great article. Sadly I didn’t know that I put out some of those signals. For me a lot of that is out of nervousness, but it’s good to know.

  28. louie jerome Says:

    Must wear a polo neck jumper and classes to confuse the issue!

  29. Barneslow Says:

    ill be sure to check for those signs. thanks a bunch

  30. Michael Says:

    “This also lets her expose her armpit, which allows the “sex perfume” known as pheromone to waft across to the target man””
    Well, I wouldn’t think I’d agree with you because the last time I checked, B.O. isn’t much of a turn-on at all.

  31. Inna Tysoe Says:

    LOL–Reminded me of what we, girls, used to tell each other when we were looking for the “right one” in college. You’re right about the signals but Gordon is also right that (in the end) the girl making the signals may not “mean it”. What happens is: you meet a guy, think he’s nice, attractive, and what have you, make the appropriate signals but as the evening wears on you realize you’ve made a mistake.

    From the guy’s point of view you were “just teasing”; from the girl’s point of view you “made a mistake”. Or, at least that’s how it was for me.

    Glad I’m out of that scene though!


  32. Nemisis Says:

    This article really opens both women’s and men’s eyes to the fact that women can send signals even unintensionally. Men somehow misjudge the signals and the whole thing can go wrong. but what you have wrote will enlighten the minds of plenty of people.

  33. Buddhika Says:

    hmmm….. not bad…….

    Thanks for info…

  34. MOH Says:


  35. dondarXlover Says:

    awight i give ya tat tats part of flirting but just cuz a girl tilts her head sideways does not mean a man should jump on it, idk if this meant to say how men tink of women flirting or how women flirt but ima just make this clear to any1 out there:

    there are n cheats to get u any 1 woman out there as all r diff and sum1 is gunna find sumtin insulting if u use it on every women or every man because people aint booby prizes

    no one thing will eva eva work every time on one thing

  36. joystick7 Says:


  37. Latanya Says:

    Very interesting but true.

  38. Etienne Pourrier Says:

    Very informative.

  39. Marlon Marshall Says:

    Well written my boy, 5 stars for this movie.

  40. Kimberly Lee Says:

    All secrets are out now

  41. Anita Brahim Says:

    Thanks for sharing.. good info to share.

  42. emma Says:

    Not entirely true.

  43. qball Says:

    A mother glares at her child as she wrestles the hair band from her head. Tilting her head to one side,she pinches her forehead between thumb and forefinger, whispering through her gritted teeth, “What the hell do you mean you thought it was a massager?”…I take it this isn’t the same thing?

  44. Adam Zack Says:

    Nice info!

  45. Sandy Says:

    OMG. You mean that if I make eye contact, get my hair out of my face, and scratch my leg, I’m asking for sex? Can’t it be that my contacts are bothering me, my hair needs cut and a mosquito just bit me?
    These sound like excuses for date rape, as in “she looked at me, so I knew she wanted it.”

  46. C Jordan Says:

    Good write Matt

  47. femidudu Says:

    nice info
    thogh not entirely correct

  48. Ruben Villanueva Says:

    yeah, i never get any of these “signals”.
    and i’m not getting a whole lot of dates on friday nights.

    so i’m going to give you kudos, strictly from a sort of circular logic standpoint. the absence of these signals correlates with the absence of their desired effect.

    yeah, i need a date lol

    good job, though

  49. Linda Olson Says:

    Interesting! Thank for sharing.

  50. Bick Parker Says:

    Spot on! Now if knowing this would only work for me …

  51. Laura Kent Says:

    Good info and very interesting

  52. Kent Wood Says:

    I always get this signal from women around me but don’t know that meaning. So… now i know :)

  53. Alena Tan Says:

    Hehehehe… thank for this tips.

  54. John Says:

    Go job man!

  55. Gabrial Says:


  56. Blue Buttefly Says:

    woo woo I haven’t done them! :-)

  57. Matt John Says:

    Thanks for the comments. I hope you all like reading this article. :)

  58. Neverty Agisti Says:

    Haah, but everyone like it (about sex art I mean article!)

  59. Joie Schmidt Says:

    Yes, they say that non-verbal communication is more powerful and accurate than verbal communication – nice article!



    -Liane Schmidt.

  60. Tom Says:

    Nice article!

  61. rutherfranc Says:

    everybody is right about their comments, but i do believe that the article is based on statistics and the higher percentage says that the above observations are true…and right, its not for everybody because there’s always exceptions

  62. Michael Says:

    Love you article!

  63. Poetic Angel Says:

    Such an interesting article! I agree with alot of the comments. From reading this ,it would make a woman want to watch her movements next time she’s around a man to make sure the wrong signals are not being sent out or make you want to watch a man and a woman to see if this is happening and if so could there be a connection there or if it’s not happening could there still be a connection there. Thanks for sharing this!

  64. Karen Says:

    Good information…

  65. Loise Says:

    Nice info!!!

  66. Adam Smith Says:

    i love to know this topic more…thanks for this tips

  67. Jack Says:

    Well they are good tips ive seen the eye contact and head tilt so far.Ive looked everywhere to find out what these signals mean to us guys.

  68. Nin Says:

    Done it al night but he doesn’t get it… frustrating!!!

  69. Johnnysize Says:

    Is spreading her wrinkled pink flaps after being mutilated by a kenyan bat a sign she likes me?

  70. vaibhav Says:

    ohh very interesting and thanks for that i think you are exp regarding this. ha ha ha kidding . nice written keep it up

  71. revivor Says:

    great article and so true
    have you done one for men??

  72. oldster Says:

    Great info.Never knew that.
    If a woman lay naked with her thighs wide I would lend her my jacket.

  73. lilolladystuff Says:

    Very good article and it has certainly caused some conflict and lots of coments. Sign of interesting topic and good article when it causes this much disagreement according to newspaper editors.Thanks for writing it.

  74. Aralizis Says:

    Informative and good to know hints / tips but what about us shy guys that always seem to get the your so nice but…line

  75. SimplyShash Says:

    Article is informative but I think men should use there senses to read cues, if any. How about keeping the affection bond between you two intact :

  76. Profit Buzz Says:

    looking out for the signs but might have mistaken the intention.

  77. jas Says:

    its awesome

  78. jessica Says:

    this is so nice article, I did some of the signal unintentionally but I have to be very careful with my signals otherwise I will send wrong signal to wrong. for example, eye contact with relative.

  79. John Says:

    Nice article !.

    But, I would like to tell all you guys and girls something

    important. ” No amount of looking out for a woman’s sexual

    signals can truly , deeply and comprehensively explain what is

    going on in her mind “. Believe me !. You’ve got to really know

    your woman inside out to understand her !. Women love to play,

    tease and seduce . . . and sometimes it’s just for a little fun, to

    make themselves feel sexier, feel good, attractive and not

    essentially and compulsorily to get laid by any passing tom,

    dick or harry !. Making love to a woman whom you know well

    makes the experience even more beautiful :) .

    What I am really trying to say is, all the sexual signs that a

    woman gives out or can give out are simply indicators of a

    certain amount of interest being shown towards a guy / man

    based on how attractive she feels a guy is/ could be at that

    moment( at that time, if you are dating). There is no reason to

    jump in to conclusions based on simple body movements like

    flicking her hair or softly touching herself on her wrist or neck.

    If you really want to know how she feels about you, you’ve

    got to spend time with her, listen to her more rather than tell

    her, look at her straight in her eyes ( the eyes are the windows

    of a person’s soul, remember ! ), and always be in tune with

    what she is feeling, and how she is feeling :) . . .

    A small suggestion for all the beautiful, gorgeous ladies out

    there as well . . . do try to let your inner personality out while

    you are flirting with a guy you like, i.e . . . maintain more eye

    contact and use fewer sexual signals . . . believe me, it works

    great ! . . . I’ve always felt that sex ( and any strong relationship

    between a man and a woman ) always starts playing out in the

    inner most part of our selves, i.e. our minds, our souls . . .

    Once the souls are connected, the sexual experience can be

    out of the world. ( I think the women can understand what I am

    trying to say. Right, Ladies ?.) . . .

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