Bitch Mentality: Pursuit of a Woman

April 1, 2009 by mykal ashleigh  
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This is written as a response to men who have been inquiring about how to really pursue a female and why the female thinks or acts a certain way towards these men.

This piece is dedicated to all of the women everywhere that want to end up somewhere at some point in time. Hopefully this will help educate men on what is really going on with the female or bitch mentality. Sorry ladies, but you ask for a good man, complain when you have one, and fail to realize that he is just in the dark! Good luck, no harm was intended… purely educational!

There used to be a time when women were always classified as being submissive to their man and was supposed to actually play the part. Some cultures and religions still practice these acts. There is nothing wrong with that if that is something you highly believe in, and truly think is the answer to a committed and stable relationship.

In, today’s world women have come many light years distance from then. Yea, we may be submissive to our men sexually or may cater to his needs since he is a hard working man, please do so. Do not stop catering to that man because of course; what one woman won’t do another one will…ten times more because now she has a point to prove. Women today have become more independent and want a relationship based off of each other and not what they have. Women are also more spoiled and picky these days too! But, how could you blame them, not only have they been screwed over by so many people (male and female) but they also have to be satisfied without just settling for what is convenient and comfortable.

One of the many things that a woman is able to embrace and pride over is her independence, and she wants a man that recognizes it without having to mention it. Women also are always asking for a good man with certain types of qualities and when they get one, they are always looking for reasons to knit- pick and then sooner or later, another one bites the dust. Well, lately these men are really starting to realize that these women may have another motive. And nine times out of ten they do, and they are not ready to physically admit that they are ready for a relationship with accepting the man’s flaws and all. These men are also starting to ask questions to understand women and how to pursue these women the right way. Finally, men with the itch to actually learn! These men want to pick up on the body language and the hints dropped in such manner to which could be missed by the naked eye if not trained.

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