Beauty is a Curse

September 3, 2012 by Nicewriter  
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Many people don’t know this, but beauty IS a curse. Women who are stunning don’t get their way with things and they have to tolerate jealousy, hatred, rude people and lack of dates.

Many guys are afraid to ask out hot chicks for fear that they will get turned down.

Beautiful girls get mocked, laughed at and people are rude to them, just like everybody else. I knew this one raving beauty at twenty-one years old and she never had a date in her life.

They say that the most beautiful girl, are the ones that stay home on Saturday nights, while other girls who are less attractive go out all the time. This is true.

Women are often snotty to beautiful girls and ugly men are the ones that flock around those hot chicks. Hot chicks are the ones that girls hate and men lust after.

Here are what beautiful girls have to say. And not so beautiful girls.

“Nobody likes me, because I’m beautiful.” A hot chick states. “People stare at me and laugh at me. I can’t even get a date. I’m just so unhappy with my life.” she says.

Another beautiful girl stated, ” Women are snotty to me. Nobody ever asks me out. I have to tolerate jealousy from the other girls.” She pauses and flips her hair. “I wish I was average. Maybe my life would be happier.”

” I don’t like beautiful girls.” An average looking women states. “They are so stuck up. And they always get the best looking guys in our class to help them with their school work.”

“I wish I were beautiful.” Says a homely girl as she wipes her arm across her nose. ” Maybe ifI was, I’d be popular and people will like me better.”

“I don’t mind being beautiful.” Says an ultra model type girl. “I’m so busy working as a model, I don’t have time for boyfriends or a social life.” She sighs and goes on.” I wish I did have dates and a social life life. But I have to make my living.”

See? Beautiful girls suffer just as much, even more so than average girls and homely girls.

Beauty is a curse and that’s a fact jack.

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2 Responses to “Beauty is a Curse”
  1. Sexyhood03 Says:

    W sure get a whole lot of free stuff and a lot of other things happen ur way when ur beautiful I get hiton all the time plus cars drive and blow their horns all the time

  2. Martin Kloess Says:

    Thank you for this.

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