Bearded Women are Less Eye-catching, Men Lizards

November 9, 2013 by Benand  
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Women with macho notices will be approved over as partners neck.

Male Southern Barrier reptiles like women who look like women.

The men of the varieties, Sceloporus undulatus have defined in shiny red areas on their black throats and stomachs. About three-quarters of women have smaller sized, less stunning red areas, giving them the name “bearded women.”

If given the choice of two women in a lab research, men with less and those with no red machines partner choice, a new study discovers. Men did partner with bearded women, but the causing egg public considered less than those of the company women reptiles. The macho females and egg set 13 days later as “without a beard” reptiles, scientists review from the Florida School Condition 5 Nov inBiology Figures. The results recommend that beardless females recreate better, so that it more eye-catching for men.

The scientists think that bearded women could continue because they are more competitive in protection, women competitors and opponents.

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