Battered Women’s Syndrome

March 24, 2012 by lmw814  
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An article about a syndrome in which women who are sufferers can use as a defense for murder. What is this syndrome about and it’s symptoms?

Battered women’s syndrome is a type of courtroom defense implemented when a women is on trial for murder of her spouse.  This syndrome is regarded as being a sort of post-traumatic stress.   It is a widely accepted emotional situation put in place to distinguish women identified as a sufferer of continuously distressing residential assault.  

There are noted to be 2 series of mistreatment that a women is required to have been through to be categorized as a battered woman.  These cycles are referred to as generational and episodic.  The genertional pattern of abuse is passed down such as from mother to child or father to child.  The episodic pattern of abuse is portrayed as specific intervals of conduct that at some point conclude in an aggressive occurrence of abuse.  

The syndrome consists of 4 different phases with the first phase being denial.  She refuses to recognize that there is any issue at hand and tends to believe she is the one at fault.  The second phase is feeling a sense of guilt as she acknowledges that a problem exists with her spouse.  During phase 3, the victim becomes aware that her spouse has a problem, but yet continues to stay hoping for changes in the future that never happen.  When in the fourth phase, the victim will proceed in attempting to leave her abuser as she becomes aware that he is the one at fault.   

In cases of violence of a domestic nature, many often wonder why the woman chooses to stay with her abusive spouse.  One reason is that she truly believes it will never happen again after reassurance of the spouse after a domestic incident has occurred.  Often times, there are financial restraints placed upon the victim.  Another reason is having her life threatened by the spouse or the lives of their children.  

More often than not, the women murders her spouse while he is asleep simply due to the fact that this is seen as her only opportunity to overpower her abuser.  Battered women’s syndrome is not considered to be a type of insanity or mental disorder, so the abused woman’s state of mind is used to support her defense.  

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