Battered Women

October 3, 2011 by erwinkennythomas  
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Battered women face many challenges, but it is essential that they recognize that they are being abused and seek help.

Do you suffer abuse from your husband or significant other?  Are you pushed and shoved around like a yo yo ball?  Are you threatened if you should tell anyone about these violent acts?  Are you in such a relationship and afraid to leave because you fear that you will be unable to make it on your own?  Are you in denial, saying that your spouse never meant to do the things he did because he usually apologizes after he abuses you?  Does he call you names and belittle you before your friends and children?  These are all signs of spousal abuse.

The Victims Of Such Abuse

The victims of such abuse lose their self esteem and usually withdraw from society.  They are afraid and do not want others to know what is going on.  They pretend that everything is fine.  They may even blame themselves for the actions of their husbands.  They will say, “if only I had prepared dinner on time before Tom got home, he would not be so angry.”  Or, “I should have looked after the kids the way I was suppose to and he would not have lost his temper.”  These feelings these victims will try to keep secret as they rationalize their behavior.  They are not able to recognize that their husbands need help.

What Motivates The Abuser?

The abuser has a sense of power over his victim.  He feels that all he has to do is to lay down the rules.  Regardless of how irrational they may be, he does not care.  They have to be imposed for he is right and knows best.  There is no decision making process of which both parties are involved.  In short, he is an authoritarian figure that is harsh, demanding and unreasonable.  He is willing to implement his warped desires by force, if he has to.  He does not view his wife as an equal partner and treats her like a rag doll.

How Can The Victim Be Safe?

The victim has to be able to accept the fact that her husband is an abuser.  She has to have the courage to leave him and seek help.  This is not always easy, since on many occasions children are involved.  Moreover, the victim has pride and may feel that she does not want to hang her dirty laundry in public.  She feels that she will be scrutinized.  Social workers will pry into her affairs asking questions that will be embarrassing.  The victim has to be encouraged to overcome these fears.

Programs For These Victims

Programs for these victims can be found throughout the 50 states of America.  Their names varies from the Battered Women’s Shelter, Family Violence Prevention Program, Services to Abused Families and Shelter for Help in Emergency.  Others may be known as Domestic Violence Program, Women in Crisis Program, or Alternatives for Abused Adults.

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Cover of Victim

The women that enter these centers are cared for.  Through investigation and hard work, they are eventually able to accomplish some semblance of normalcy in their lives again.  They gain in courage not to be victims and realistically face their circumstances.

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  1. CHIPMUNK Says:

    Very well pointed out thanks

  2. mphsglo Says:

    Spousal abuse is such a sad situation.

  3. pruelpo Says:

    I might advice women that they have to fight for their rights. Women are not stuff toys – women should be given the right respect, love and compassion…

  4. girishpuri Says:

    now days women under stands her rights. good topic

  5. Dreamy777 Says:

    Very sad and tough situation for someone to be in wonderful article

  6. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Some women are so beaten down they haven’t the spirit left to fight.

  7. dwisuka Says:

    many abuses are not revealed, because women tend to hide the violence that happened to them.Mainly reason are the kids, the family’s reputation and tradition around.

  8. Eunice Tan Says:

    That’s the suffering of women

  9. GoldenAsh Says:

    Good share.

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