Baddness and Goodnes: 22

January 11, 2012 by lovelylanari  
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Writing and style.

Palatin Erna, who never for an instant had to stop himself from stone rain, though it plunged several hors de combat, had already reached.

All resistance was hopeless. Atanasianerna saw death and the martyr’s crown in mind. Parents hugged their children, men their wives. Some ran to meet the assailants to die in the struggle between the beaten enemy. The second quarter remained among his own to joint with them receive death. The children hid their faces in their mothers’ womb. Some clasped their hands in prayer, others mocked his enemies with the cry: heretics, lögnkristianer! An old man struck up the song on the crown of martyrdom, of their glory, who are called to testify at the throne of the Lamb.

The battle ended with Homoiousians complete victory. But many of the tall barbarians, who wore Palatin the weapon dress, fell under the blows of sticks and iron poles, or died a death more resentment over unarmed hands.

When the battle was a lantern, went on murder, so long as a spark of life was to put out of the övervunne. Their bodies were crushed or söndersletos. Their heads avskuros and secured victory as evidence of spears and poles.

Then rang out in the blood and victory drunk crowd cry:

– To the Piraeus!

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