Bad Boys vs.. Nice Guys: Pros and Cons

October 12, 2010 by meistertree  
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Even though describing men in such simplistic manners as "bad boys" or "nice guys" is really that realistic, it seems to be how most people label men. So you’re a woman on the fence, here is the pro and cons to both types of men.



- If you need money, he’s the man to ask. Just tell him your fake or real story as to why you need money, and its yours.

-He is the shoulder to cry on. Feel like the world is ignoring you? Call up your nice guy and he’ll be there comfort your woes.

-He gives you a quick stroke of your ego. Want to feel that high all women get when a man tells them how good they look? Meet up with Mr. Nice Guy and ask him how you look. Your quick-fix will be accomplished.

-You can use him as a pawn of jealously, without actually being a couple. A woman becomes more attractive when she seems to be taken. Have a night out with your nice guy and flirt with him making sure every guy sees you. He won’t have the guts to take with relationship past friendship, so don’t worry about that part.


-He is……..BORING. Want passion, fun, excitement, mystery? Too bad you’re not going to get it from this man. He is logical and calculating. Yes it’s like being with a calculator.

-He is needy. Be careful around the nice guy. He may seem nice and calm on the surface, but beneath is a man ready to explode from emotion and neediness. He will want to be around you ALL THE TIME. If you do tell him that the friendship is over, do so gently, or else.

-No sense of social skills watsoever. Like I said in the pros, you can use him to make other guys jealous, but when it comes to something like a double date, or a large group at a theme park, his terrible vibe will bring the entire group down.



-He is exciting. Need a full blown rush instead of just a quick high? The bad boy is your man.

-He has something going for him. Whether it’s popularity, looks, power, confidence or money, it’s something about him that makes him a bad boy, and you want to be apart of it.

-He’s not afraid of his own sexuality. Most men think displaying their sexuality too early in a relationship will “offend” women. Offending women is not a bad boys’ concern.

-Being with him automatically raises your social status. If you’re his date, that means you’re coolest girl in the room/environment, because you’re with the coolest guy.


-He doesn’t care about you. Never has, never will. Some women like that a bad boy doesn’t have sentiments, yet most women liked to be loved. When in comes to the bad boy, lust comes before anything else.

-It’s a one-sided relationship. Going “out of his way” for someone, especially you, is something that he doesn’t have any experience in. When it comes to favors and gestures, you will be pulling the load.

-There’s always competition. Rather, you’re only one piece of candy in the entire bag. He gets his pickings at all times, so why would he put so much energy into only one girl.

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One Response to “Bad Boys vs.. Nice Guys: Pros and Cons”

    i have known all cry
    be it with a shy or bad guy
    they both hit it hard
    when they\re at the end
    bad or good makes no amend
    the send their partners
    towards the end
    what of shy guys you say
    shy stay
    bad finally
    run away
    bad or good
    both guys have their solitary
    though common way
    can any gal say nay?

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