Are You Telepathic?

November 20, 2008 by Jacqui Deevoy  
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If you’ve ever felt able to read someone’s thoughts, had a strong “feeling” about someone, or just “known” that something is about to happen shortly before it does, then you’re probably telepathic. But what is telepathy exactly? Is it for real or is it all just in the mind?

Scenario one: The phone rings. You answer it. Your first words are: “Hi, I was just about to call you!”

Scenario 2: You’re thinking about an old friend – someone you haven’t seen for ages. Later that day, you bump into them.

Scenario 3: For no apparent reason, you can’t stop thinking about a certain relative. You call them, only to discover they’re ill.

How many of the above scenarios are familiar to you? Chances are, at least one of them. There’s often no obvious explanation for why these things happen. They just happen… It’s simply coincidence. Or is there more to it than that?

There is a belief that all humans are born with the ability to communicate without the use of words, expressions or gestures; by the power of thought alone; by telepathy…

Telepathy is defined as the direct transmission of thoughts from one mind to another without using any of the five commonly-recognised senses (i.e. sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch).

In the prehistoric times, the basic survival instincts of our distant ancestors employed natural telepathy. If you’ve ever had the feeling that someone’s watching you, you’ll understand exactly how our ancestor cavemen (and women) felt, but back then it was more likely to be a sabre tooth tiger than an old lady in the bus queue doing the staring!

The word “telepathy” was first coined in 1882 by Frederic Myers, founder member of the Society for Psychical Research. He was keen to investigate the idea that human beings could communicate mind-to-mind. Despite doing many experiments, he didn’t come up with any significant proof, most results being attributed to chance. Over the years, however, more evidence is mounting for the existence of telepathy as our “sixth sense”, and many people experience the phenomena at some point.

Telepathy seems to work best when there’s a strong link between the people concerned. Close friends, parent and child, or siblings (twins especially) seem to be most likely to be able to communicate this way. In certain circumstances, telepathy is triggered by a painful emotional or physical event. If the telepathically-connected pair are apart and one person is suffering, the other may feel their pain or get a strong feeling that there’s something wrong.

There have been some fantastic recorded cases of telepathy. When writer Jane Goldman was researching her new book The X-Files Book Of The Unexplained (due for publication in the USA by Harper Collins summer 1996), she was inundated with tales of telepathy. “One woman told me about the time she was at a restaurant with friends, having lunch, when out of the corner of her eye, she saw her son pass by the window. She was amazed – her son lived miles away – and immediately dashed out to see him. When she got outside, he was nowhere to be seen and she just presumed he’d disappeared into the crowds. She was mystified, so immediately went to a telephone and tapped out his number. When she got though, her son’s wife was in floods of tears, saying she’d been trying to call to let her know that her he’d had a motorbike accident and was unconscious. The son survived and amazingly told her that while he was unconscious he had a “dream” of seeing his mother eating in a restaurant! The woman had never had an experience like it before and put it down to the fact that she and her son had always been very close.”

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7 Responses to “Are You Telepathic?”
  1. Luay Says:

    My score is 14 I know i am a telepathic person, but its not good at all its kinda a course…
    my problem is that i can feel my friends pain, exactly how much they are sad or they are in pain i feel the same and thats SUCKS

  2. Chance Says:

    Luay, I think you have another gift as well. Empathy is when you can sense the emotions of others. Oh and i got 11!

  3. Markeith Says:

    I scored a 13, but I don’t know if it is true, see I have a friend Lars and me and him think the same a lot and he claims we have a telepathic link as well as me being able to read somone’s emotions. I am in denial, but I have no proof it is not true.

  4. i prefer not to tell, sorry Says:

    ok, i got a 8, but i really want to develop ttelepathy more. i can usually tell how someone is feeling emotionally, i have a knack for understanding people, and a variety of other random occurances. and i also have a question: how does de-ja-vu factor into telepathy? or does it even have anything to do with it?

  5. Gabrielle Says:

    HOLY CRAP.. i relly always knew i was telepathic at school 3 time i knew what the teacher was thinking and it happened! and sometimes i know what peopl are gonna say its creepy but its fun to scare people with it!

  6. Aylin_Song Says:

    I got 12, I always knew I was telepathic. But only with my friends and people Im close to. If someone near me that Idont know is experiencing strong emotions I can pick up on it, but not as strongly. I know when people around me and people that im close to are experiencing pain because I feel it to. Its horrible, it also takes alot out of me sometimes and leaves me drained when Im around alot of negative energy, this can make me ill. Oh well its cool to creep people out by saying the same thing as them. :)

  7. emede Says:

    well i have alot more twisted an severe than this. being that some very telepathic carnivors looking to use others as waht or ever they cane have crossed my path. i have had some very severe path crossing wtih some severe people and its realy invasive when i can feel someone rifling thorugh ur head invasively and its not for your own good welfare or to make sure ur all right its to find ou twhat u have between ur head and ears they can use to benefit or other.
    this has happened to me in last years wtih mostly black people from caribbean and yet not limited to artist musician of a certain genre…
    its gotten to where i cant go to sleep and know that someone is trying to prove they know where u are and what u are thinking one person followed me from one town to next and was at my door and where i was , every day…
    right now its driving me to mental problems to keep myown throughts down and not panic , because panic gives them a way in and more thoughts.. adn more issues.. its a sick form of rape . its psychological rape to have someone in ur mind who is not invited. or welcome for their own good . itsl ike fucking somene when they dont want u there.

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