Are Women More Attracted to Alpha Males?

January 28, 2011 by vijayanths  
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It is believed that there are two types of men basically. One is the alpha male and the other is beta male. Alpha males can easily attract women. Is it true?
Are women more attracted to alpha males? Please read more….

Who is an alpha male?: What is the meaning of alpha male? It means “The dominant male animal” or dominant man in a group. The smartest ape (note, not biggest) is the alpha male as it dominates the ape group. So a very confident  man who can dominate in a group may be called as an alpha male.

The characters of alpha males: An alpha male is very confident and is ready to lead a group with his actions. He can dominate a discussion and a group of men easily. He is very smart. He has vast knowledge on different subjects and can take a lead in a group discussion. He has good manners and stylish body language. He can steal a show with his immense enthusiasm and wisdom. He can crack jokes instantly and make the people around him laugh. He smiles beautifully very often.He is bold and can approach a woman easily. He can easily express his interest on her and move forward quickly. He can easily turn on most women. He can even influence the woman towards sex quickly.

Who is a beta male: A beta male is just opposite of alpha male. He is not confident. He is not comfortable in a group. He can’t approach a woman easily. He won’t take the initiative to express his interest in a woman. He may be a turn-off to many women. But some women may take pity on them and fall for them.

Summary: In short a confident, smart, dominant man is an alpha male. He can definitely attract many women. He can be a big turn-on to most women. But what do Triond ladies think about this? Let us have your views please. Triond men can also share their experiences, thanks for reading.

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26 Responses to “Are Women More Attracted to Alpha Males?”
  1. tonywriter Says:

    nice share,Thanks

  2. vijayanths Says:

    Thanks tonywriter for your response.

  3. Wizard Brown Says:

    Very cool article. I agree with many of the points. I think females are find confident males more attractive

  4. vijayanths Says:

    thanks Wizard Brown for the response.


    YEAH.MOST FEMALES ARE ATTRACTED to alpha males. we are programmed to want the best man and alpha males sit right at the top.

  6. CHIPMUNK Says:

    well shared good points

  7. vijayanths Says:

    oh, thanks CRYSTAL EVANS, for the feed back.

  8. vijayanths Says:

    Thanks CHIPMUNK for your comment.

  9. jemialbert Says:

    wow grt share

  10. vijayanths Says:

    thanks jemialbert for your comment.

  11. LJ Spain Says:

    You got it! The love of my life was a guy who was a carbon copy of Clark Gables disposition in Gone With the Wind.
    I loved your video in the article on Tom Cruise. He was so cool in it.

  12. vijayanths Says:

    oh, L.J.spain, thanks for sharing your life, glad you liked the Tom Cruise video,

  13. bhavna nair Says:

    common females like us prefer good kind men .. goes to say .. dominant men are respected but seldom loved, they are … well respected rare but unloved … sorry !! alpha males deserve alpha females and if they dont find such women they go thru the rest of their lived unfaithful to their partners.;which is sad

  14. Ruby Hawk Says:

    I think a man a little in between both types is better. We like a confident man who is able,kind, courteous, and fair minded, not somebody to boss us around and take over the whole show as the alpha male is apt to do.

  15. robertito Says:

    nice information i like it

  16. vijayanths Says:

    yes, Ruby Hawk , a confident and kind man will be a big turn on to any woman, thanks.

  17. vijayanths Says:

    hi, robertito , nice to note you like this article, thanks.

  18. vijayanths Says:

    hi, bhavna nair that is a good point, thanks for sharing.

  19. anndavey650 Says:

    Yep alpha males all the way… except arrogant ones. I like my man to know his own mind and have his own opinion but I don’t want an aggresive alpha. Great share.

  20. vijayanths Says:

    hi, anndavey650 , thanks for sharing your views.

  21. Hendrik Says:


  22. samgoldencoffee Says:

    well, as a female…i think it depends on the ladies’ taste on men…
    some like alpha male, some like beta male.
    i dont really know which one i like coz i my relationship with men so far are juz as friends…
    but good post.

  23. vijayanths Says:

    Thanks Hendrik for responding.

  24. vijayanths Says:

    hi, samgoldencoffee Yes I do agree it depends on the woman. But most women seem to like alpha males, thanks for the feed back.

  25. ivy Says:

    I personally,dont like alpha men,coz i’m kind of an introvert,it doesnt matter if he cant control a group of other men and make them laugh,what matters,is me and him can live in our own world free of everybody

  26. vijayanths Says:

    yes, I have mentioned it too in the article, thanks.

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