Are Most Jamaican Young Girls Gold Diggers?

July 2, 2013 by CRYSTAL EVANS  
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With the advent and flow of free money in Jamaica, ordinary men are complaining that most Jamaican women are gold diggers. They claim women love money too much and it is the scammers who are "broking" them bad by spending exorbitant amount of money on Young girls.


I got the idea for this article from the blog ” Black Men Confronting Lies and Distortions” the writer makes a very relevant point that is applicable to this situation in the western hemisphere with men and women of African Descent.
” Well I will say that the easy defense against this accusation exists for one important reason; that reason being that the accusation is NOT TRUE. Black women are no more likely to be gold-diggers than any other group of women and probably less likely. Is the accusation a mass fabrication by black men? Are black men en masse delusional on this point? My answer to both of these questions is NO. This statement is not a fabrication nor a delusion, but rather a misnomer

    It is said that Jamaican young girls love money above all else. They will do anything for money and sleep with any man for money. Some people might call this a gross generalisation but the reality of it depicts that majority will sleep with just about any sullied fellow simply for money.

 Young girls want money to keep with the latest trends in hairstyles, clothes and accessories, very few young Jamaican women are interested in starting a business. Even so called college women are fixated with landing a wealthy man to supplement their lifestyle.

  Are young women really Gold Digger or is their behaviour towards men, sexuality and finances simply a reflection of the fragile economic state of our society?  Women will contest that men often take girls for granted who engage in copulation with out insisting ON financial subsidy.

 Moreover the new subculture affirms that if a young woman allows a man to sleep with her without satisfying her economical needs then she has lowered her self esteem and social value and he will no doubt tell him friends about her. When a woman establishes that she refuses to sleep with men if they cannot take care of her then she weeds out the  no-good men.

 But this may not work, in fact it is a defunct because men simply know that in order to get with this particular chick, they need their money,  Men will simply save their money and then request coitus. Some will trick her into thinking she will get the money only to sleep with her and don’t pay up.

  The new wealth of the notorious scammers have ante this gold digging trend by young women. Some people claim that most young women are being spoiled by these scammers who give them their ill gotten wealth in substantial amounts. These women are having the same expectations of ordinary men in Jamaica.

   What has resulted is women lowering their standards just to be with men who are rumoured to have money. The man then ends up having several unfathered children and serial relationships that he is often incapable financially of supporting.  Some critics might say that men call women gold diggers when they cannot afford to finance their lifestyles. I know for sure that men who have the financial means often do not complain about when a woman needs to do her hairs and nails.

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