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September 14, 2012 by ritsharma  
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This article is on the violence that has been spreading after the release of an American film; which has been declared as an Anti-Islamic film by many Islamic organisations.

An American origin film has conquered the headlines of every news channel, across the globe. Islamic organisations have tagged this film as an Anti-Islamic film. It has been told that this film has made fun of Islamic all mighty. People from Islamic countries are coming on road. Their anger towards this film can be clearly seen.

In many Islamic countries, incidences of violence have also occurred. In these countries, US embassies are attacked. Recently, six people including US embassy were killed in a violence that took place in Libya. Some are telling that this violence was pre-planned but the controversy of the film gave a chance to those culprits to complete their evil plan successfully. In Yemen also some anti-social people tried to enter in the US embassy office. To check their entry, policemen were forced to fire. After seeing these incidents, USA has asked every country to tighten the security of US embassy in their respective countries. But the fire of violence is spreading like a forest-fire. This violence is rapidly spreading to other Middle East countries.

What may be the reality behind this violence ? But it is not good at all. People should understand the fact that the act of violence has not been given any place in any holy book. US embassies should not be attacked for a so called guilt that has been done by others. People should settle this issue peacefully. Violence should not be encouraged in any form by anybody.   

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