American Idol: Females Compete for Semifinals

February 14, 2013 by fifileigh  
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013.

Female contestants wake up early, pack their luggage, and travel to Hollywood. The judges arrive,

Occupella Round: In groups of ten women, each group go on stage, and each woman takes her turn singing a song. Victoria and Angela make it, but not Mariah and the other seven women. Ashley, Ann, Sarah, and other women don’t make it either. In the next group, Janelle and Rachel make it but the other eight women don’t make it. More women are cut as well as some make it through to the next round. By 4:30pm, Candice, Lauren, and Shira make it, but Megan doesn’t make it. More women are cut as well as make it. Kez Ban, Briana, and two more women make it. In total, seventy-six women make it from the occupella round.

Group Round: Female contestants are place in groups of four females who have to perform together in harmony and sync. Randy Jackson has left the judges panel. By 8:30pm, all seventy-six contestants are working together, choosing a song, learning the lyrics, creatubg a routine, and practicing their song. They struggle to choose a song that they all agree on. Some of the women don’t fit in with the others in their group. Some decide to go to sleep early, while others practice all night. Kez Ban is starving, and she decides to eat dinner, while her members get tired of waiting for her and they decide to go to sleep.

By 5:45am, they wake up early and get ready to perform, although some of them haven’t gotten much sleep, such as around forty-five minutes. Some of them had only four hours to practice, and they worry that they will forget their lyrics or they are just not good enough. (This feels like final exam week in college.) Candice, Melinda, Denise and another female perform. Keith loved their overall performance. All four women make it. Lauren, Brandy, and two other women make it. So does Daysia, but Savannah, Lizz and J’Leigh don’t make it. The other three women are pissed because they felt that they worked harder putting together the harmony as well as helping out Daysia when she forget some of the lyrics on stage. Between 9:00pm and 4:00am, many were practicing all night. Nicki Minaj enjoyed Kriss, Janel, Cristabel and another female performance, mostly because they were entertaining how they messed up the words. Janel feels that she doesn’t fit in with her group. All four women make it. Other women don’t make it. Sarina, Aubrey and two other females make it. Seretha doesn’t make it, but Tenna, Kiara and another female makes it.

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