American. Female. Muslim. – The Agenda with Steve Paikin – Video Review

October 22, 2010 by Zaaynab LeVon  
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An hour long segment that delves into the diverse aspects of being a female American Muslim. These videos shine light on the diversity in race, traditional practices and dress, job titles/leadership roles, and even ways of practicing the Islamic faith.

Would you believe me if I told you that there are many clashes within the Muslim community? It’s true. For some odd reason, non-Muslims seem to think that because a group of people are Muslim that they just pleasantly get along all the time and they all do the exact same thing. Misconception. Here are some videos that illustrate some of the similarities and differences amongst Muslims. Hear the perspectives of 6 Muslim women from various backgrounds.

Many Muslims in America feel like foreigners in their own country. How can you “go back to your own country” when you’re already in it?

Covering the hair doesn’t necessarily make the perfect Muslim woman. Some cover completely and some cover loosely or not at all but they all label themselves as Muslim women.

Is not being an American Muslim a complete contradiction? What is allowed and what is forbidden? Alcohol, sex/dating, and cultural issues discussed here.

Ostracism is a common feeling amongst American Muslims and Muslims outside of the West. Being different and having the courage to show that difference every day of your life is not an easy feat.

A sister gets tongue-tied when trying to explain exactly why she chooses not to wear the hijab. The panel discusses why they feel it is mandatory or obligatory to cover their hair.

Are Muslim women the property of their fathers, uncles, husbands, etc? Are they oppressed and confused or independent and commendably pious?

What portions do you agree/disagree with? If you’re a Muslim woman, how does this make you feel? Non-Muslims, were you enlightened? Comment, talk to me.

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    great share

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    Very very interesting. I am going to look over these videos again. Keep up the great work.

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