Alcohol Abuse and Domestic Violence

April 8, 2011 by qazzaqvaz  
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Traditionally, the consumption of alcohol is accompanied by a high risk of changes in the behavior of individuals, which may lead to the growing aggressiveness and unpredictability of actions of individuals. At the same time, the alcohol consumption may be widely spread because of the accessibility of alcohol drinks to customers.

 In such a situation, it is practically impossible to control the consumption of alcohol that leads to negative outcomes. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the problem of domestic violence, which is often provoked by the alcohol consumption. What is meant here is the fact that the consumption of alcohol decreases an individual’s ability to self-control and increases aggressiveness of an individual. As a result, the behavior of an individual becomes more aggressive and his or her actions become unpredictable and can often lead to violence against other members of the family.

Basically, the problem of the domestic violence cannot be limited to the problem of the alcohol consumption. Obviously, the problem of the domestic violence is consistently larger and involves a number of issues. In this respect, it should be said that the domestic violence is primarily determined by socioeconomic and cultural background of the family. To put it more precisely, the low income families are more susceptible to the risk of the domestic violence because the financial restrictions do not allow members of these families to improve their standards of living. Being restrained financially, members of such families tend to project their socioeconomic problems on members of their families[1].

In this respect, it is important to underline that socioeconomic problems can provoke violent behavior within the family, especially from the part of males in relations to children or females. The low level of income naturally evokes considerable problems within the family because the earnings of the family do not meet its needs. In such a situation, conflicts between members of the family occur because of the material problems of the family. For instance, the redistribution of material resources within the family may be unjust and evoke dissatisfaction of some members of the family, which may outgrow into an aggressive behavior and result in the domestic violence. Moreover, the lack of financial resources and low level of income can provoke a significant psychological pressure which may result in aggressive and violent behavior because the failure in professional life of an individual may be extrapolated on his or her family life. As a result, an individual attempt to “compensate” his or her professional failures by means of oppression and abuse of members of his or her family. For instance, a father or mother can abuse children to improve his or her own self-esteem as he or she cannot realize his or her full potential at work or simply because he or she turns to be in the position of an outsider. The same trend may be traced in the relationship between spouses within the family. In such a situation, the use of alcohol can increase dramatically the risk of the violent behavior and aggression within the family. Obviously, the failure in the professional life

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    mostly happens in weak families

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