A Woman’s Worth

November 3, 2008 by jhenz  
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As a woman, are you truly aware of your worth? As a man, are you aware of a woman’s worth? If not, them this may be the right time to open your eyes and be touched by this simple quote about a woman’s worth…

I personally value women not because I am a woman myself, but because without women, the world is empty. Empty in the sense that it seems barren with the lack of a woman’s presence; no beauty and most of all, no nurturing happens.

Every now and then, my heart swells at the effort of other women who empowers their worth amidst all the challenges they encounter in their own world. I feel real proud at the achievements of women who made a difference not just to themselves but to the whole world as well — making a stand that a woman is equally worthy.

This quote struck me most about a woman’s worth:

The Hebrew Talmud says: “Be very careful if you make a woman cry because God counts her tears. Every tear a woman shed is equivalent of a man’s sacrifices in life. The woman came from a man’s rib — not on his feet to be stepped on; not on his head to be superior, but on his side to be equal; under his arms to be protected and near his heart to be loved.”

I don’t know about you but everytime I read this quote, it makes me happy. It perfectly describes a woman’s worth with simple words but striking to the depth. It constantly reminds us all, not just the women for its worth, but also men to value a woman’s worth.

This is not a campaign, but rather a simple reminder to all of us who might seem to forget what truly is a woman’s worth.

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20 Responses to “A Woman’s Worth”
  1. nobert soloria bermosa Says:

    nice post-i agree that men and women are equal

  2. Lauren Axelrod Says:

    I second the motion. We are all equal in the eyes of God

  3. Ruby Hawk Says:

    This wisdom is beautifully written. Men and women are equal but different.

  4. Writer Shirley Lopez Says:

    Hello jhenz,
    I very much like this article. We need more articles that portray the value of women and men as creations of God. In order to inhabit the earth we must remember that we are all of equal value under the eyes of God. I believe your thoughts were well written and that is important to all women. Keep up your writings!

  5. jhenz Says:

    thank you all guys for the kind words and encouragement. i really appreciate your time and effort in reading my articles. thank you again and God bless all! :D

  6. Will Gray Says:

    I agree with everything you said. This is a wonderful article!

  7. eddiego65 Says:

    Beautiful piece! And yes, God created man and woman to compliment each other, and therefore equal. There should be no such thing as the weaker sex.

  8. Matt H Says:

    Great reminder :) I agree with you!


  9. iakul Says:

    Hi, your article was plagiarised and posted on Mylot, a paid to post forum. Link to offending article–> http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/1932766.aspx

    If that address leads to a non-existent article, it has probably been deleted after being reported. If it’s still there, just wanted to let you know.

  10. jhenz Says:

    hello iakul, thank you for your warning, i really appreciate it.

    in fact, i’ve been receiving reports these past few days regarding my work being plagiarize. and it’s really alarming.

  11. Shay Says:

    Jhenz this is a wonderful article and I would like to maybe use it with permission for teaching and on my website.
    I would like to see if we could connect.

  12. jhenz Says:

    hello Shay! sure… that would be great. i mean, it would be very flattering. just don’t forget to give credits. thanks! :)

  13. miles Says:

    hello jenz!
    can i quote ur article in my speech regarding women?i really liked the article… tnx

  14. jhenz Says:

    sure! thanks for dropping by… ;)

  15. Ben Says:

    When god made woman, a very important part of man was removed. Some say it was a rib, others say a part of his soul. But if man wants to know what it REALLY IS, he must
    Find himself a REAL GOOD WOMAN because she holds the key to his perfection.

  16. tiny2nsVERDUN Says:

    the only word i can say: in every man’s success there’s a woman behind and that’s the real essence of a woman ^_^

  17. Ivy of Cebu Phils. Says:

    hi thanks for writing this article, i liked it so much that i almost cried. This is an eye opener to those men who do not give women the utmost love and affection they deserve.

  18. JB Sy Says:

    The underlying notion that this article conveys is that you’ve been with men who have not treated you well enough. here’s a good quote to play devil’s advocate.

    “You are what you attract into your life.”

    Now think for a moment. What is it about you that attracts the wrong type of men into your life? Always remember that you would have to “allow” people to treat you the way they treat you. They can never impose anything upon you without your consent – conscious or unconscious.

  19. jhenz Says:

    @JB Sy: You are what what you say. :)

  20. DKS Says:

    My god! Who comes up with this stuff?

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