A War is Going on Against Women and Children

November 16, 2009 by J L Hart  
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A week does not go by without a child being kidnapped or a women being killed.

Not a week goes by that a child or female are either kidnapped, missing or found dead. I just don’t understand what is going on in this world today. Are there that many people losing their minds? Why is this continuing to happen each and every week? This week alone there was one  2 year old girl taken by her Father after he beat her mother up. This happened in Maine. She has since been found alive and the father was arrested. Then there is a 5 year old Shaniya Davis taken from her Trailer home in North Carolina. They have arrested the guy who kidnapped her but he is not saying where the poor little girl is. Then in Oregon a 31 year old mother of 2, Jayme Austin went missing after she went to her moms house two doors away from her place to take a shower. She was having water problems. Her mom was at work. She had called her boss to say she would be late. The boss calls the mom hours later to tell her Jayme never showed up. The mom went home and found that her daughter had taken a shower, there was water on the bathroom floor but  the daughter was not around. That is because she was killed and found buried in a gravesite. The brother-in-law has been arrested. When is this war on our children and females going to stop? How much more are we as women going to take?  What can we do to stop this war on our female population  and our precious little girls?

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5 Responses to “A War is Going on Against Women and Children”
  1. Lorna Grae Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to notice this! I have two little girls and am extremely overprotective about them; to the point that I WILL NOT allow them in the backyard alone. Nice article.

  2. J L Hart Says:

    I have two grown daughters myself. However, I now have a granddaughter and yes we are all overly protective but that is what the world has caused us to do. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Eunice Tan Says:

    Save women & children. Stop the violent.

  4. Unknown Says:

    I think men are over anger, either that or they married the wrong men as usual. Over beating.

  5. Valerie Parkhurst Says:

    I have long proclaimed this war is real. Your the first other person who I found that actually states it also. Not only are the bad guys our enemies, but the Justice System and Law Enforcement doesnt do much to help hold the violent tide back against women and children. I have tried to advocate that women must stand against those who harm them. Its not always the man in an alley with his fist raised. He is a symptom of our society that has let us fend for ourselves. A successful society reveres their women and children, ours is increasingly throwing us to the wolves and tossing the dice.

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