A Misogynistic Woman?

February 27, 2012 by J.N.R Dutton  
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It may seem like a contradiction, but warped as it is, one blogger appears to be just that.

Recently, I was surfing the net when I came across a shocking blog. The blog (supposedly posted by a woman) perceived women as objects, as an allegedly lower lifeform. The person who posted the blog also stated that rape should be legal etc. I have no earthly clue what the woman (if the poster really was a woman) was thinking.

The blog appeared to be a misogynistic manifesto, and the woman who posted it appeared to have been sincere in her views, deranged as they were. I wonder how many other women think as she did, and what would cause such a warped belief system.

I am here to say she is a prime example of a person who while sincere, can still be sincerely & severely wrong!

Men and women are BOTH created in God’s image and likeness, Men are told to Love their wives, not treat them as inferior beings or abuse them.

I just decided to write on this topic because it appears that the woman is PROPAGATING her warped viewpoint to the masses, and I don’t see how she could be so misogynistic (woman hating) when she is a woman herself.

Maybe she has suffered abuse, but still that’s disgusting.

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  1. Karen Gross Says:

    It’s just the nature of the internet – anonymity breeds insanity.

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