A Management in a Minute Book Overview of Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman by Gail Evans

This summary and review of the book, Play Like A Man, Win Like A Woman, was prepared by Amanda Warren while a Business Management student in the College of Business at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.

Executive Summary

    There are many ways to define the characteristics of a woman. There are different versions of a woman and the way that women should act in life. “Play Like A Man Win Like A Woman” by Gail Evans is an amazing book that explains the rules and game of being a woman in the male-dominated business world. She teaches women how to play the game to make it to the top, without changing who they are. I really enjoyed reading this book and learning so much. I didn’t just learn the rules of the business; I also learned many things about myself as a young woman. Gail Evans begins this book with the object of the game of business. The object of the game is to win. At the end of the day, everyone must remember that in order to succeed in the business world. So many women have different reasons for playing the game, besides winning. Women tend to focus more on other objectives such as making long-life friends and making everyone happy. Men are very different from women. Men are focused on one thing, winning. Also, Gail Evans gives the four ground rules needed to succeed as a woman in the business world. Just like any other job or game, there are rules. Women have to learn certain rules in the business world in order for them to stand out and become winners. Because men and women grow up differently, they look at things differently. The aspects of life and work are completely different. Gail explains how women are supposed to use those aspects of life to become successful. Later in the book, Gail explains how to prepare to play the game. Without preparation, most things that people try to achieve in life are unsuccessful. Being prepared is crucial and very important in the business. If you are not prepared, someone else is. The business can be very dirty and dog-eat-dog. So it is very important to always be prepared. As the book continues,  it discusses keeping the score, Playing the Game: 14 basic rules for success, 6 things Men can do at work that women can’t, He Hears, She Hears: 10 Gender bender vocabulary words, How to enter and exit the game, and the 2 final rules. This is the information being explained in this book. It is the guide to helping women become successful in the male-dominated world of business.

Liked it
3 Responses to “A Management in a Minute Book Overview of Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman by Gail Evans”
  1. Dana Says:

    Sounds like such a great book I am definitely going to make a point of reading it one day. First of all I was drawn in by the title, I’m a woman myself and I absolutely love playing like a man because I am not fearful of taking on anything that a man can do. I believe I can handle just as much as a man if not more at times. I especially like how she speaks about preperation is one of the keys to success, i completely agree. In both life and business you must be full prepared. Great Job!

  2. Elizabeth Bee Says:

    I think this book sounds good for women who are getting into the business world. They need to realize that they can act like a man in the business world but they can still be able to win like they’re a woman. Women also can do things their own way if they are still able to win.

  3. victoria bergeron Says:

    I would actually really like to read this book. I knew that men and women were different in many ways, but I never put two and two together that it would be different in business. I liked the part about the different roles women play in business; as wife, daughter, mistress, etc. This really sounds like an interesting book.

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